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  1. Best of Luck Chris. You've had some good advice as well as lots of good wishes. Well time for some practical advice. As you're in UK you should know, even if you don't need the extra money, that you should consider applying for Disability Living Allowance. It's a non -means tested benefit. When I used to help people apply for this a dozen years or so ago an HIV+ diagnosis guaranteed being eligible for the Care Component of DLA. It may help you in purchasing other things which would benefit your condition. As I said it's non-means tested so you could have a decent income and a wedge in the bank and still get it. Hope things work out for you.
  2. "A stitch in time saves nine" Nine what? :: So, if I'm out jogging and get a stitch does that mean I'll save 9 quid when I go down the offy to buy my weekly supply of lottery tickets? Or will I get 9 quid off dog food in Aldi? :: Or is it something fiendish to do with the law of relativity and black holes? ::
  3. "You can take foxes out of the country but you can't take the country out of foxes." This is plainly nonsense. Unless foxes have micro countries in their insides. Perhaps that's why Lionel Blair and his Trotskyite cronies want to ban Squires, and the Welsh, from foxhunting? Next we'll have micro asylum seekers. Tut tut, where will it all end? ::
  4. Re the "ordinary" tourists visiting sleazy places I agree. I know of one old bird here in the UK, knocking on 60. She's going to LOS for the first time in a few weeks. She'll be staying in Bkk for the first few nights before going onto Phuket. She mentioned to me where she was staying, down Soi 22 off Sukh Rd, i.e. not far from Soi Cowboy. I gently skirted around the issue of go-go bars pointing out that she can get on the BTS to visit the shops, or pop into the local upmarket shopping malls etc. Extolled the virtues of Jim Thommo's silk gaffe, told her that she can go to the weekend market for bargains etc. And do you know, all she wanted to know was how far she was from Patpong. Well, then I told her that she doesn't need to go that far but just down to Asoke corner and onto Cowboy if she's looking for some honest-to-goodness filth. She is absolutely thrilled about it. Some of these respectable looking couples/oldies are real ravers underneath it all.
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