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  1. Best of Luck Chris. You've had some good advice as well as lots of good wishes. Well time for some practical advice. As you're in UK you should know, even if you don't need the extra money, that you should consider applying for Disability Living Allowance. It's a non -means tested benefit. When I used to help people apply for this a dozen years or so ago an HIV+ diagnosis guaranteed being eligible for the Care Component of DLA. It may help you in purchasing other things which would benefit your condition. As I said it's non-means tested so you could have a decent income and a wedge in the bank and still get it. Hope things work out for you.
  2. As my post said there are people in our own countries up to the same sort of thing. It's more widespread than one would imagine. Both instances I mentioned about the two grown women with learning difficulties had been abused by their own father as children. The press always like to demonize races/countries for whatever reason. I'm sure that what you say is true but it probably also goes on in other poor countries in South America, Africa, Eastern Europe etc. Maybe just not so obvious. As a westerner in an Asian country locals assume you have more money than them and thus gravitate towards you for scams/immoral purposes. I'm sure there's some sort of economic law/rule which defines such behaviour.
  3. To no one in particular. There are sickos in every country. However the press/media continue to portray SE Asian countries as havens for sex offenders. Obviously this continued portrayal of these countries continues to attract scum. I used to work in a poor community in UK in an advisory capacity and I know of a number of instances where social services/police did nothing. One woman had the mental age of a child but looked normal. She had been passed around by a number of blokes amongst themselves, had kids taken off her into care etc whilst these assholes still did what they did to her. Cops and social services knew. Another prick came to see me with his "girlfriend." She was about 20 but again had a mental age of about 8 or so, from memory. Turns out he was her uncle. Living with her and his brother at his brother's flat. His brother was the father of the woman. Both of them were schedule one offenders - i.e. beasts. The idiot was complaining about the fact that the social services were going to take their child into care. Apparently the police took him in for questioning after they'd been alerted to the girl's predicament but because she was of legal age, and in theory consenting (though God knows how they thought she had capacity), and thus they were not able to get involved. In other words they couldn't be arsed. Who protects adults with learning difficulties? Apparently no one.
  4. To no one in particular. It all comes down to what your own personal needs are. I don't care for the finer things in life. Expensive clothes, cars, gadgets are all distractions from real life. I'd need enough for some books and perhaps music but not much else. Maybe a decent bottle of scotch every so often. Been on the corporate route to high wages, saw people getting fucked up on coke and booze. It's not all it's cracked up to be. A simple life is much more pleasant. Money's not so good but hey nothing's perfect. A guy I'm on very good terms with here has just got himself a brand new S class Merc. His missus has a rather snazzy Merc sports car. Owns stacks of property/land. Companies registered in tax havens. A real old fashioned millionaire. He's not particularly happy. Stressed out. With the cash comes envy. I think he finds it difficult to trust people to see whether they want to know him or his greenbacks. Loads of court cases against him for all sorts of bollocks. His needs are essentially very simple. He lives fairly frugally, doesn't go in for flashy clothes or expensive habits, apart from the motors. When we have a bevvy it's not in the latest happening restaurant but in straightforward old fashioned boozers. I reckon he'd get by on 2-3000 US in Thailand with ease. Personally, I'd probably be alright on 1000 US. Happy in old clothes and with a beat up computer.
  5. The Holly Willoughby I lust after presents CD-UK late nights and also a kids programme on a Sat am, which I sometimes watch purely for her if up early enough. (Well, alright I do sometimes ring in to see if I can win prizes donated by McFly. :
  6. I suppose riding a moped to Morecambe doesn't quite count then. Still, it's the freedom of the open road, flies in the teeth and watering eyes. And a 99 at the end of it!
  7. Malvern in Worcestershire? Home of the famed water, Worcester sauce, Morgan sportscars and Elgar. Happy days. I'd just head straight left till you get to the M40 near Evesham/Aylesbury and then follow the signs. ( Was round that way recently. Managed to wangle a few hours in Oxford on way back from London the other week. Great pubs where Tolkien used to hang out: The Lamb & Flag, Eagle & Child.)
  8. Only one thing keeps me in England: GIRLS ALOUD! nnnngghggggh nurse Sorry, I tell a lie. HOLLY WILLOUGHBY on a Saturday morning dressed as a French Maid and shouting "Ram it!" :: 'scuse me while I change my pants. Actually, since the July bombings have had to go to London twice. Both times I'm amazed at the amount of gorgeous women around. Lots of them Asian. So, there are fit burds here. (Course, had to travel 200 miles to find 'em). The UK's a great place to live. Tons to do here. I'm in a position now where I could finally flog my gaffe and piss off to Thailand to blow my inheritance. (On off girlfriend finally moved out and definitely off. Just had an email from a little cutie I met in the Philippines last year telling me that she's had a baby. Born 9 months after our liason. Waiting now for her to tell me I'm the daddy. Which would be nothing short of a miracle since she was a cherry when I met her and a cherry after our night of lust.) However what would I do? (The thought of building up a window cleaning round again fills me with horror. Have to buy new ladders for a start!) TEFL? Maybe. I think it would be enjoyable but how sustainable is it in the long term? A guy can't get by on 30k for ever. Having a PGCE and teaching in an international school is one option but ain't got the quali and the thought of spending more time in college obtaining more post grad certs ain't that appealing at the moment. So without a cross transferrable profession/skill other than TEFL I'd be whistling dixie with a tin cup on an overpass in Bangers in no time. No, you've got to look past the road ragers, the litter, the chavs, the bureaucracy, the high taxes, the rules & regs, the lardy ladies, the stockbroker/golf club tosser belt, the piss awful reality tv shows, the food, the rain in August, the price of petrol etc (Jeez I'm depressing myself ) Think about the quaint English pub with real "real ale" brewed on the premises in Shropshire. The majestic vista from Scafell Pike, the Western Isles of Scotland, the green valleys of Snowdonia, . The culture. Theatre. Music. Chasing large cheeses down hills in Gloucestershire. Morris Dancing in Kent. Dogging on Studland Beach in Dorset... A place can be heaven. A place can be hell. It's all about attitude and what you make of it. (now where's my passport? :
  9. "A stitch in time saves nine" Nine what? :: So, if I'm out jogging and get a stitch does that mean I'll save 9 quid when I go down the offy to buy my weekly supply of lottery tickets? Or will I get 9 quid off dog food in Aldi? :: Or is it something fiendish to do with the law of relativity and black holes? ::
  10. "You can take foxes out of the country but you can't take the country out of foxes." This is plainly nonsense. Unless foxes have micro countries in their insides. Perhaps that's why Lionel Blair and his Trotskyite cronies want to ban Squires, and the Welsh, from foxhunting? Next we'll have micro asylum seekers. Tut tut, where will it all end? ::
  11. Joan Bakewell when she was shagging Harold Pinter, but obviously not at the same time. The dark haired burd from Robin's Nest. Googie Withers in the 1950's, well before Within these Walls. Salma Hayek. Ursula Andress in Dr No. Audry Hepburn circa Roman Holiday.
  12. Re the "ordinary" tourists visiting sleazy places I agree. I know of one old bird here in the UK, knocking on 60. She's going to LOS for the first time in a few weeks. She'll be staying in Bkk for the first few nights before going onto Phuket. She mentioned to me where she was staying, down Soi 22 off Sukh Rd, i.e. not far from Soi Cowboy. I gently skirted around the issue of go-go bars pointing out that she can get on the BTS to visit the shops, or pop into the local upmarket shopping malls etc. Extolled the virtues of Jim Thommo's silk gaffe, told her that she can go to the weekend market for bargains etc. And do you know, all she wanted to know was how far she was from Patpong. Well, then I told her that she doesn't need to go that far but just down to Asoke corner and onto Cowboy if she's looking for some honest-to-goodness filth. She is absolutely thrilled about it. Some of these respectable looking couples/oldies are real ravers underneath it all.
  13. quote: Originally posted by rastus: Rusty, To go once changes your life forever,but to try and explain that to someone who has never been there is impossible... I reconcile myself with the fact,when Im pissed off or something,that I know something that 99% of the population doesnt, and that is quite simply BKK/Pattaya! Here, here. Damn right. First time I set foot in SE Asia was 5 years ago. Not a day goes by that I don't dream of upping sticks and setting up home there. Gotta get my shit together here first though. And boy oh boy it's a long, arduous process.
  14. Sukhumvit

    A new PC

    Still running a '96 pentium clone, 133 clocked to 166. Had a bit of extra ram slotted in. New soundcard fitted. 17" monitor at the start of this year. Runs okay but it's a bit noisy. Anyone interested in starting an old computer club? Nah, didn't think so.
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