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  1. The thing transmits at 500 watts? 😳 How does this thing work? If it runs on 12 volts, and puts out 500 watts and is 100% efficient (it's not!) that's about 41A !!! eek !!! I'm guessing this is some sort of pulse device so fairly minimal average power. Curious
  2. I'm not sure that English proficiency in England would score so high these days either.
  3. Thanks for that, interesting. It does mean though that the vehicle has a means to upload data somehow as it does have to transmit that. I don't think a full satellite transponder is on the cards for most cars so it must be using existing infrastructure, cell sites I would imagine though for trucks it could certainly be a country wide system such as TETRA or other that allows wide area networking, I guess most trucking companies have dispatch systems with controllers and significant management software. That raises a couple of points. cell companies don't usually do free so someone is paying for the data, maybe in the car purchase price. There must be hardware in the vehicle which can (will) fail and go obsolete.
  4. The banks and businesses might be Chinese but the automatic barriers of the MTR seem a bit of a stretch. I was in HK last week, some signs that "things" have happened there but at least during the week it all seems normal and peaceful enough. Lots of the MTR barriers have their LCD screens smashed. Octopus cards still work but you can't check your balance so easily. A number of the subway advertisement hoardings are covered now due to damage, same with some outside ATM's. All have signs saying they are damaged and out of service as a result of vandalism. I was staying close to the Jordan MTR station on Nathan Road and traveling the MTR to Tung Chung near the airport every day. All very normal and typical HK. Airport was a bit different. Only passengers now allowed access to the departure and arrival areas. All the shops in T2 are closed. Airport quiet and easy to pass through, no immigration queues. Hotel room rates a bargain. Great time to visit but maybe stick to weekdays for now.
  5. It might be my lack of knowledge in these things but it all seems a bit of an odd idea. The GPS unit in my car tells ME where I am. It has no ability to tell anyone else where I am. It receives signals from the constellation of various satellites orbiting planet earth that provide location data to ME. Provision of that information to another person would require another network, or system of some sort. In the sense of suggesting it can be done with simply adding a GPS receiver to a vehicle then these are the words of a buffoon in my opinion. Admittedly my phone can provide such by virtue of its inherent 2 way nature. This might be a possible 5G application but it will need infrastructure and devices compatible with the whole process. My guess is pretty firmly in the "not gonna happen" category.
  6. And likely 23 different opinions as to the correct answer.
  7. Colour me stupid but I don't see how a cafe or restaurant is an internet provider. Internet providers are True, 3BB, Loxley etc. I'm sure they keep all necessary data and can even identify from which location traffic entered and left their system, at least I would hope they can. This rather sounds like a Digital Economy minister knowing about as much about about the Digital economy as Somchai's mothers noodle boiler. What's next, every petrol station must record the mileage, registration and name of the driver for every vehicle that fills up, just in case said vehicle was used in a crime they could then identify where it was.
  8. radioman

    Any New Jokes

    Hey this page says 404, so how come it exists?
  9. I think it’s more just a Thai slang word. Fuck buddy, no strings, maybe hang out friend and odd times companion but no intent to pursue a relationship in the way of Mia luang, primary, major, wife Mia noi, small, minor, wife Mia chao, short time, rented, wife
  10. Potholes reduce traffic speed so less accidents. Potholes are actually helping achieve government promises of improved road safety 🤣
  11. radioman

    5G available?

    One gigantic development will be the remote virtual sex market. With a suitably modified garment, think wireless EMS suit https://www.vision-body.com/en/powersuit-eng and internet connected, there will be a lot more online touch and feel.
  12. Why does that transcript read like two nine year olds playing pretend? It seems deeply offensive to any citizen of either country that their highest elected officials talk about, well, nothing! Like zero substance! That they have such thumb twiddling time in their daily schedules just seems wrong. It might be a phone call as opposed to a face to face meeting but you would expect some sort of plan, an oob of some sort, not that kiddie drivel. The world makes more progress when I phone my Mum!
  13. This rather highlights another issue that some, certainly me from time to time, are likely guilty of. Certainly the non-regional expats are seen to be perhaps the more vocal when it comes to matters of immigration and certainly when what we might consider common sense appears to be nowhere in sight. I suspect though that Thai immigration devotes probably well over half of its resources to regional immigration matters, being Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and perhaps to a lesser extent Malaysia and the slightly wider ASEAN bloc and this is where the focus of their "management" is. Essentially anyone from outside the ASEAN region represent a much smaller group. I've been to Pathum Thani immigration a few times the last couple of years and they essentially have 2 buildings one for ASEAN (workers) and one for the rest of the world. ASEAN folk get to sit outside, usually in large numbers whilst ROW is accommodated inside the other building. You do see people of obviously ASEAN descent and nationality inside the ROW building but these tend to be students or teachers, I think. Certainly in PT much of the Immigration resource is directed at managing the ASEAN work force that get to enjoy the fresh air immigration facilities.
  14. But it's the one pesky foreigner they now have to be sure to register that could upset that apple cart. Imagine the income from an 8 story, 12 apartment per floor block. Currently the owner might escape any degree of scrutiny. His renters are all Thai with up-country addresses and essentially freedom of movement. Along comes Johnny foreigner needing registration documents et al and suddenly the owner is recognised as a renter. Tax records are checked but no record shown, hmm. Investigation starts and owner dude is deep in the doo doo when it becomes clear he's been running a rental business for 15 years with 90 odd rooms a month income. Assuming an 80 room average rate at a low end 4k a month and that's about 57 million baht in rent over 15 years. I don't know what the statute of limitations is for tax payment but I can well imagine someone wanting a slice of that.
  15. That, right there. It's not so much about the lack of control and knowledge as it is the ability to collect money.
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