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  1. I hear you brother. fully supporting WHME day. Which reminds me, it's fast approaching. March the 14th is at least a little payback, Steak and Blowjob day, be sure to get yours! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steak_and_Blowjob_Day
  2. Yeah, you'd think the equal rights fuckups would be all over that.
  3. radioman

    RTAF museum piece crashes

    Aha, more erudite wisdom, and I was perhaps a bit tongue in cheek with my comment. I would agree women of a certain age can indeed offer an exemplary performance when compared with some of their younger sisters. I'm not at 47 yet though, mid 30's through to early 40's is my preferred field of operations and I don't doubt they improve further. I still like a respectable 10-15 year gap though but I'm sure I will get there.
  4. radioman

    RTAF museum piece crashes

    This is true, I believe some 70 of the original several hundred remain in service however they are massively modified and probably unrecognisable other than the exterior. Certainly the airframe has lasted well. It seems in the case of the B-52 you have to think about what the need for such an aircraft truly is, certainly it's mission has changed dramatically since inception. Plenty of other older aircraft in service but lots of much much newer ones as well.
  5. An AU23 Peacemaker crashed down south Tuesday afternoon https://www.bangkokpost.com/news/security/1639594/old-air-force-plane-crashes?utm_source=bangkopost.com&utm_medium=article_news&utm_campaign=most_recent_box That these planes are flying on active service with an air farce that has probably one of largest numbers of senior ranks says something. The thing is 47 years old, I don;t sleep with women that old! It fits though with what I have seen on visits to active sites here where equipment typically averages 40-50 years old and in some cases older, the 66 year old beacon at one site being a case in point. Though some equipment gets upgraded from time to time it's usually on a cheap scrag end budget leftover. So much of the military, the air farce in particular, is totally crippled with nothing more than a hobbled museum of hardware. Whatever the military budget might be its utterly wasted.
  6. radioman

    Global RIP thread

    Keith Flint 49 😔 Way way way too soon
  7. No doubt so much of that sort of childish playground tormenting was done without any thought or consideration, like you said, really mean. It's interesting that people use language without any real thought for where it comes from, its origin and background. Pussy is a good one. Hands up all those who simply view calling someone a pussy as referencing them to female genitalia when in fact the word is Pusi and is a simple shortening of the word pusillanimous. It's really okay to call someone pusi if they fit the meaning.
  8. Yeah I think the slur aspect lasted for a good deal longer than the shit was being prescribed. I'd agree with Mekong that mostly the over 50's would know it but certainly would be recognisable to under 50's, maybe some even younger with less recognition of how it came into use. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thalidomide
  9. Indeed 😀 My mum was offered it when I was brewing but she'd had my sister a few years before so knew how to handle the symptoms. Never been one for meds meself either.
  10. radioman

    Princess Ubolratana: Thai royal to stand as PM candidate

    No surprises. It would likely have upset the carefully crafted plan
  11. It's long been the case that these have been "illegal" and I think their proliferation on the stalls of Sukhumvit is in someways just a bit super tacky, and wholly unnecessary for the most part. This current action is purely a tourist event however, the markets of Ban Moh and Klong Thom are still stacked with these if that's what you are after. There's another aspect to this though. The quality, as available in Thailand is abysmal, most products being inferior replicas of the original. I mean here the original electrically powered version as opposed to the original in its more, er, human state. Build quality, durability and power are three key areas and most locally available products simply do not compare. It seems likely that much of this stock is simply shipped cross border from a junk factory located in China. Hand carrying from a more liberal country whilst it might still be illegal, though I'm not sure if stated for personal use should anyone question it, is a superior alternative. In an IoT world bluetooth and even network connected toys are a reality and provide another level of control, and I've not seen those on Suk.
  12. radioman

    Cowed By Social Media, Bangkok Taco Bell To Add Beef

    Moved from the sub soi off 11 to a sub soi off 19. Otherwise much the same.
  13. radioman

    Smog forces all Bangkok schools to close

    Sorted, number 3 on one and number 8 on the other 😊 Like a lot of people we probably only use one car on any given day depending on whats happening. Such an idea definitely fits in the FAU category.
  14. radioman

    Smog forces all Bangkok schools to close

    So the large industrial drones they have pictured appear able to carry about 1kg of liquid. To make an impact on the problem I would expect to see a plague of these things covering the entire city. Seems that doing something, no matter how ridiculous is preferred to, taking professional consultation and formulating a plan that, a works, b, is practical and c, restores confidence. I guess that's not going to happen so instead they take the elephant hunting with a pea shooter approach.