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  1. The gut feeling is take whatever China says is happening and multiply by 10, or 100. They 're not known for transparency and I don't think much has changed. Lock down of a city the size of Wuhan, pretty much all of greater Bangkok as an idea for size and you can see they are trying, but it must surely be way beyond out of control for them to faced with such face-losing actions.
  2. It may just have been a bad translation but I saw him referred to in one online report as the school "firearms coach". That definitely caused me a WTF! moment.
  3. radioman


    Ah yes, the troubling Chinese finger pussy, the more you pull out the tighter it grips. Relaxation until normal service can be resumed usually works.
  4. radioman


    Okay, maybe not so fake after all. But using penis and rapid blunt force in the same sentence suggests my own 'experiments' might not be so extreme.
  5. radioman


    Just what exactly is a 'snapped penis'. I've tried some pretty off the wall stuff in my time and I cant imagine any scenario that could result in anything snapping. Sounds like fake news to me.
  6. radioman


    He already commented on it, bad form indeed.
  7. The knock on from the plane shoot down seems to have played well into the Trump regimes hands. That the Iranian military are clearly shown to be a bunch of bumbling buffoons could not be more beneficial. Who'd a thunk that killing a general could reap such a reward.
  8. radioman


    The expulsion of Iran's ambassador to the UK would seem an appropriate response.
  9. True Detective Series 1 Superb performances from both Harrelson and McConaughey. Some nice T&A in places. Worth the watch.
  10. That just says he was not apprehended when boarding in Bangkok for Japan. He was caught in Japan. Scanning facilities in Thailand are generally pretty weak, or at least they have been. Another reason to suggest that the detection of contraband in luggage in these cases is less than likely through due diligence. Who's going to say what really happens to a senior police generals (bagman) luggage when it is checked in?
  11. Never mind arriving in a country with a piece of live ammunition in your baggage, checked or hand carry. The bigger question is what country would allow anyone to board an aircraft with a piece of ammunition in checked or hand carry? I would certainly like to be aware of any countries with aircraft boarding security for persons or luggage that is so weak. Getting on a plane with the knowledge that someone somehow managed to get who knows what on board should be the real concern. Maybe next instead of a bullet we can go for just a small incendiary device.
  12. radioman


    Point well made 😁
  13. radioman


    Written by a two year old as well it seems.
  14. radioman


    So not exactly the kind of guy I should trust with my pocket fluff?
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