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  1. radioman

    Now WTF is Hotmail up to?

    Now wasn’t that trivial. (For the non New Zealand students) http://youtube.com/watch?v=L4I-M3jzs2o
  2. radioman

    Now WTF is Hotmail up to?

    You can use aliasing and redirection through gmail so you never need touch hotmail.
  3. radioman

    Guess where I am?

    HKT, international 3 letter code for Phuket Airport
  4. radioman

    Major changes to tourist visas coming up

    I agree. Up to a point. They could have just tweaked the ASEAN agreements if it was just about the neighbouring countries. I think this might be about a bit more, but for sure not Mr Farang who I also don't think registers much with immigration on any level. Lots of Chinese cross the land border from Laos and if this is just restricted to land crossings...
  5. radioman


    The Irish. Then the Sots. And to some extent possibly the Welsh. Likely the Cornish too in time. Twas ever thus.
  6. radioman

    90 Day Online Check In

    Provided that's the province you are registered in.
  7. radioman

    Is Japan F*cked?

    It's too squeaky. Grates after a while. Though I do agree, otherwise, innovative.
  8. radioman


    Home to the only official Apple store in Thailand to date. For whatever that is worth.
  9. radioman

    Brits dilema proving income?

    The people who don't do things worry about stuff. Those that do just get on with it. Here endeth the lesson 😊
  10. radioman

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Yeah I think they milked that one all the way.
  11. More pertinent in this case was whether or not he is pro Brexit? Is he a Scottish nationalist? Does he support an independent Scotland? The report said "...or another food spread", surely it woulda bin haggis spread.
  12. It seems that the dog actually ate the meat which raises an interesting question or two. What will the guy do for fun from now on? Will he go all out and get the full cut? Is there a market here for dead dudes dicks? Will there need to be a separate tick box on the donor form?
  13. radioman

    I am out

    Twas always thus man. Hang loose, sup on t'beer n tabs, t'll be awreet. Get thee a BJ n'all fer good measure 👍
  14. radioman

    New Zealand Thread

    One mans perversion is another mans pastime.
  15. radioman

    Usa Thread

    Shit! If, as a man in my fifties, my future included only American women I'd be pretty suicidal!