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  1. radioman

    Any New Jokes

    Hmm, invisible sky fairies.
  2. radioman

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    Jolly conkers what!. Man from Lao? What the deuce? Hehe, 🤣 Pilipinoids no like walky walky too much either.
  3. radioman

    Nation - is set to shutter its printed editions

    Which is all perfectly understandable, but walking? Where is the efficiency man? This is Bangkok you need to be pulled, pushed, trolleyed or otherwise perambulated.
  4. radioman

    Kitchen applicances

    Try Verasu (GIYF) maybe. They have a number of stores in and around Bangkok and carry a variety European products.
  5. radioman


    I think for kids, to be involved with creating a 'thing' knowing that 'thing', their 'thing' is 100's of km in the sky travelling at batshit crazy speeds and when it goes overhead they can track it, extract data from it and maybe do the same for other similar 'things', well for some I think they might still find that sort of thing pretty wicked. Of course some of us have been 'fiddling' with satellites since the 60's, mostly LEO types https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amateur_radio_satellite but currently the first geostationary for such use is alive. https://amsat-uk.org/satellites/geo/eshail-2/ Both transponders require ground transmitters on 2.4GHz and receivers on 10.4GHz so a fair bit of kit available to bolt on a dish and away you go. As the next step up from something like the Ambasat which hopefully just kicstarts (sic) the interest.
  6. radioman

    Global RIP thread

    Hmm, one too many hamsters🤣
  7. radioman


    Outstanding 😊
  8. radioman

    Global RIP thread

    Pesky Russians eh!
  9. radioman

    Return of the dildo

    I just couldn’t go with those ready mades for my ready maids Its the geeky maker in me you see 😂
  10. radioman

    Return of the dildo

    So I was out this last Tuesday evening having been away working for a while, yippee! I see that the great clear out of the junk Chinese plastic toy sellers has dissipated to the extent that dildos and vibrating things once again form a large part of the available merchandise on lower Sukhumvit of an evening. Seems its taken them a shorter time to recover than usual. I guess a bill got paid. Or maybe someone got moved 🤔
  11. radioman

    Any New Jokes

    Aha a Viz fan. Top banana
  12. radioman

    The Anything Goes Music Thread!

    Watch Jeff when she opens up, around 1m 29 sec. Lassie is true top shelf 😎
  13. radioman

    The Anything Goes Music Thread!

    Been here before but damned if I can remember Post a link to a YouTube video but it shows as a link, not embeded video. I stripped the s off https already . Buggered if I can think what else I have to do
  14. radioman

    Any New Jokes

    It wasn't so much the sunglasses as the who katoey look.
  15. radioman

    Usa Thread

    Surely this should be in the Sri Lanka thread.