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  1. radioman


    I suspect they would tell you it's more the Independence from India than anything. History can be so selective.
  2. The cotton wool of beers, pfeffh!
  3. Your folks getting in a fuzz at the Canadians then: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-53706732 A Canadian brewery has apologised for unwittingly naming one of its beers after a Maori word that is commonly used to mean pubic hair. Hell's Basement Brewery in Alberta said it released its Huruhuru pale ale two years ago, thinking it meant "feather". But Maori TV personality Te Hamua Nikora pointed out the common interpretation of the word in a Facebook video. The brewery's founder said the product would now be rebranded. "We acknowledge that we did not consider the commonplace use of the term huruhuru as a reference to pubic hair, and that consultation with a Maori representative would have been a better reference than online dictionaries," Mike Patriquin told Canadian network CBC. The Maori tribe protecting New Zealand's sacred rainforest What high fashion is doing about cultural appropriation Why this face tattoo has got NZ talking "We wish to make especially clear that it was not our intent to infringe upon, appropriate, or offend the Maori culture or people in any way; to those who feel disrespected, we apologise." Mr Nikora also criticised a leather store in New Zealand for using the name Huruhuru and said he had contacted both the store and brewery over their use of the word. "Some people call it appreciation, I call it appropriation," he said. "It's that entitlement disease they've got. Stop it. Use your own language." A spokesperson for the New Zealand leather store told the RNZ news site they had meant no offence by the name, which they had intended to mean wool, or feather or fur.
  4. Well obviously the books and manuals that say you can test too much, isn't it obvious. As a percentage of all books, our books, which are very good books, the best books, are clearly the ones with the right information, and its very good information, the best, best ever information. Look here on this chart, it's all green, that's good right, and its a long line, the best ever line, very green. But not China, then I'm going to ban Tik Tok and they will sell it to someone, I don't know, might be Microsoft, lets see, then the treasury gets some money so the Chinese virus will go away. Then when its gone everyone will know how I fixed it.
  5. radioman

    The Covid-19 thread

    In 1960, during my gestation, my mother was offered Thalidomide but as she was not generally predisposed to taking any drugs of any sort unless absolutely necessary she refused it. I think that's called bullet dodging, but it does tend to make you appreciate different things, like arms and legs. I don't think anyone of 70 or over would object to medication just because the effects 20 years on might not be known. It would be a much greater concern for someone of 40.
  6. Word seems to suggest a figure of 390 million Baht as the price of freedom
  7. Well of course Thailand had the red scarves but I suspect they were no match for the bamboo telegraph, Worlds most efficient "Dob you in the shit" alerting system ever.
  8. Quite possibly, you have been warned 😂
  9. Able Baker Charlie David England Freddy George Henry Italy Japan Kentucky London Mexico Norway Oboe Peter Queen Radio Sugar Tango United Victory Whisky X-ray Yankee Zanzibar. Authorised UK government phonetic alphabet for secure transcripts.
  10. Jack Charlton, 85. One of The Greats.
  11. Given I would probably have to give her half the question should be, would she stay with me?
  12. That's very nice. Interesting to observe the 11 year cycle in a somewhat real time change. The peak of cycle 24 around 2012-13 when you see the most activity in the form of active sunspots, the dark patches, was actually one of the lowest peaks on record, nothing like cycle 19 around 1956 or even cycles 21 and 22 in the 1980's and 90's closer in fact to the lowest known period f sun activity known as the Maunder minimum. Indications are that the next peak, cycle 25, of which you can see the first few spots right at the end of the video from late last year and early this year, will be an even lower peak.
  13. Bubi will be much habby to know that 😃 Maybe hab special ricence from porice?
  14. The last few months police make everything close
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