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  1. radioman

    Global RIP thread

    Sarn't Major 'Shut Up' Williams, Windsor Davies, 88. Great actor, RIP.
  2. radioman

    Days Till Siam/nep/pattaya

    Some very telling words there: Behind these walls, behind these doors, it is vice that reigns, here is sin at home. At the same time one feels magically attracted to these places, because here the glamour, the eroticism, the sexuality, the sensual lust is celebrated - supposedly. Great stuff indeed, I rarely venture to Pattaya these days. After a friend who lived there died I've had no real reason to go, and I don't miss it. With two teenage kids and all the imagery that goes with living in a Thai university I really can see no need. Okay so it's not on the beach which I suppose is the one thing it doesn't have. For the rest I'm good where I am.
  3. radioman

    Taxi explodes during gas refill

    Yes, but fixable. My friend me him spanner monkey velly goos 😂
  4. radioman

    Saudi moves into th 21st century!

    It's hard to guess if Canada would be a better or worse choice than Australia. My guess is that's a first world type of problem not really relevant to the issue. Canada does have a large immigrant population of multi ethnic backgrounds none of whom seem poised to invade the USA. That said there are likely one or two whack jobs on Canadian soil ready to make good with her family. Irrespective of whether the lass in question really does fear for her safety or if this was just a princess tantrum the simple fact she got out and hopefully stays out, and safe, should be seen as a beacon of hope. I think pretty much every revolution starts with just one voice saying "Enough of this shit!"
  5. radioman


    Can't think this helps greatly in these cases.
  6. radioman

    Usa Thread

    You have to wonder if some people have come to consider cats a more balanced political force than anything else they see right now. Oh, and yeah, Mueller, hmm 😊
  7. radioman

    Usa Thread

    Historically America had laws that specifically did just that.
  8. radioman

    Usa Thread

    These are documented and seem well reasoned and backed by resources that "appear" legitimate and to a large extent FACT based. They do seem to follow with the graph published earlier, which was from PEW research. These apparent facts were found at illuminateourworld.org which might well be a product of satanists and other assorted woo-hoo's. I doubt ALL their references are though.
  9. radioman

    Who To Believe

    One persons abuse is an other's good parenting.
  10. radioman

    Usa Thread

    Who really cares. It's not like illegal immigration is such a big issue, or at least it would seem it shouldn't be. Given such data you have to wonder if making such a big noise about it isn't some sort of smokescreen for other really bad shit.
  11. radioman

    Saudi moves into th 21st century!

    Not sure she can consider Australia safe. They have raggers there too and for sure one or more will view her apostasy as an affront to their pure and virtuous clean living and will retaliate by slaughtering her, Kashoggi style no doubt, in the purest belief they are doing the right thing and will be rewarded in some non-existent afterlife with the invisible sky fairies.
  12. radioman

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Many thanks for the list. The Orville and HF0 are my two
  13. There's some interesting stuff on the WP page. At Jupiter New Horizons was managing 38kbps, at Pluto the data rate was down to 1kbps. Add another 1.6 Billion km and I guess they need to drop the rate a bit more. Note that b is a small b for bits not Bytes. Images are 12 mega pixels with lossless compression down to 2.5 mega pixels which at Pluto were being sent back 125 Bytes per second. And you thought you had internet speed issues!
  14. radioman

    New Years Resolution

    Good man, stick with it. A month in you've cracked it. Especially if it was a true dead stop. Give in to some of the other urges, at least for a while. For me it was Jam sarnies and Wrigleys gum. A few weeks of that and I was essentially clean. A bit like recovering alcoholics you'll never be completely free, but free enough. I'm about 13 years in now, still get the odd times when, damn I could just go a smoke, then of course I realise I'm a non so its just not an issue. Life will be interesting the next few months, lots of things that will suddenly smack you in the face.