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  1. But it's the one pesky foreigner they now have to be sure to register that could upset that apple cart. Imagine the income from an 8 story, 12 apartment per floor block. Currently the owner might escape any degree of scrutiny. His renters are all Thai with up-country addresses and essentially freedom of movement. Along comes Johnny foreigner needing registration documents et al and suddenly the owner is recognised as a renter. Tax records are checked but no record shown, hmm. Investigation starts and owner dude is deep in the doo doo when it becomes clear he's been running a rental business for 15 years with 90 odd rooms a month income. Assuming an 80 room average rate at a low end 4k a month and that's about 57 million baht in rent over 15 years. I don't know what the statute of limitations is for tax payment but I can well imagine someone wanting a slice of that.
  2. That, right there. It's not so much about the lack of control and knowledge as it is the ability to collect money.
  3. radioman

    The TM 30 form

    Not to mention that in 1979 there were probably 2 dozen expats on long term visas/extensions in Bangkok and a handful more spread around upcountry. Hardly a logistics nightmare.
  4. radioman

    The TM 30 form

    I use the PT immigration ofice and when we went there earlier this month to extend Mum's visit visa we got essentially the same thing. That despite there being signs up, only in Thai, that suggest this has to be checked and done now. It's the law, and it's a legitimate requirement but like so many other laws, once the full realisation of what that means kicks in the backtracking starts. Not too long and it will be back to as before, just another law that nobody bothers with. Unlikely to be removed as it could be useful when you want to screw with someone who is otherwise clean.
  5. radioman

    Wifi for iPhone

    Compass or a pair of compasses?
  6. Hehe, done by the same people who did the Koh Tao DNA testing ?
  7. radioman

    No Bar Fines On Cowboy?!

    Thermae has a vast selection across all demographics at a nominated 2k a pop. If you are non Japanese you might get a discount better than even that.
  8. radioman

    No Bar Fines On Cowboy?!

    Yes, I bet it's cheaper there but not many tourists to Bangkok come from there. Er, I think. A number of Middle East countries have large numbers of Asian and African LOTN. Basic straight sex ST runs in the US$150-200 region depending on situation.
  9. For the first case the key word is OR, so you need either 800k on deposit OR an income certificate showing monthly income of 65k or more. It's and either OR case. Option 1. 800k Option 2. 65k per month Failing that you have a third option which is to combine the amount you have on deposit with a monthly income wherein together they add to a combined amount of not less than 800k per 12 months. An example might be a monthly income of 40k equaling 480k per year plus 320k on deposit or an income of 50k per month plus 200k on deposit. If you have 800k in the bank and its been there for 3 months or more then I don;t expect any issues. They will however most likely want a very current and up to date statement.
  10. Yeah, my bogusometer is deep into the red zone on this one. I take it the document centers on human development and performance , most likely of public officials.
  11. radioman

    The TM 30 form

    At least one group off the list
  12. Started to detect some increasing odour on this one. Not that there wasn't a great stinking pile to begin with but now it seems the shovels are out, heaping even more onto the pile. So we find that the esteemed Dr Thamanat holds a Phd and that his dissertation document shows it was submitted to Calamus University and California University (CUFCE). This raises a couple of points. The first, Calamus, is a known paper mill, money in degrees out, end of. The second might, or might not, be the real thing. It seems there really is a California University (CUFCE) in California but that its activities seem to be restricted to issuing equivalency awards. Another California University CUFCE exists in the Philippines with an entirely different business model (ahem!). I'm not a great education expert, my official studies finished after tech school so I am happy for someone to explain. From the picture http://static.bangkokpost.com/media/content/20190912/3324524.jpg It seems this dissertation was submitted to both institutions, would that be normal. The CUFCE (real one) says it just issues equivalency awards. If this CUFCE is indeed the real one and legitimate, is it reasonable they would be comfortable appearing alongside unaccredited institutions? Also interesting is it possible to read online such documents. I would be utterly fascinated to read this dissertation. I presume it was published in English.
  13. radioman

    Strife in Hong Kong

    Say that again.
  14. radioman

    Usa Thread

    I recommend the BBC documentary series on the Vietnam war. Made over a period of ten years it is quite the body of work. There are currently 10 hours worth on iPlayer, possibly available elsewhere, and provides a very interesting take especially with a lot of recently released material, government phone conversations etc. Scary to think that senior people in the US knew in 68/69 there was no way out and no way to win. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b096k7q7/episodes/guide
  15. I opened mine on a 30 day visa exempt entry but was able to show mail arriving at my Thailand address in my name so the embassy signed off on my address and the bank accepted the stamped embassy letter.