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  1. Er, so are all the statons open now? Normal service? Google is my nemesis!
  2. The problem here is that if you give them too much once they have bought all the toys, baubles and bangles they might spend the rest on education, and that's dangerous!
  3. As I read this, and I think I get this because it passes as 6th grade economics. Give the proles more money to spend and they'll spend it. The more they spend the more we (the gov) make, ergo, higher salaries equals higher gov tax income. Why is this so difficult to grasp, it's barely 5th grade economics? If the gov also collects tax on interest earned, ala UK, then savings are essentially also taxed to the benefit of the gov. Should we wake up or keep living in dreamland. Either way the worker pays.
  4. Normal high school maybe not but Thai private schools do cover it. My 9 y.o. daughter has already done basic human biology. Gotta love kids matter of fact way of explaining just how they got here once they've got all the info.
  5. I like small(ish) too. I'm not a fan of no boobs though, I suspect there is a gay connection to liking no boobs but I'm unwilling to push that further without an OH intervention. Small(ish), pert, firm, decent sized but not overly so, nipples that harden to the touch, a generous curve to the under half with a ski slope like upper resulting in slight upward turn of the nipple. These are how I would describe my perfect breast and I look everyday at as many as I can, purely to avoid any negative medical impact of course. Here is darkest west Africa such breasts are hard to cum by but at least my TG gives me a good daily skypeage of what I'm missing. Oh thank you so much for True 3G.
  6. Did this grenade have an M number? Need to get all the relevant facts.
  7. I'll be in Lagos a few days from now. I can go collect it personally for you. I could then hand deliver it (less my fee) to a tropical paradise of your choosing.
  8. I went down this road (a little way) sometime back. I was being almost encouraged to organise something very similar but on reflection decided that it was not something I wanted to pursue. I couldn't rationalise to myself why I wanted to do it but I did recognise that if such an 'event' took place it would change the dynamic of our relationship. Not being certain that this would be positive also counted in my descision. Her recognition that I really do not want anyone else in our relationship at any level is playing out very positively. Remember that asking a question does not guarantee an answer and even getting an answer does not mean it isn't wrapped in something else. Proceed with caution and take no advice but your own.
  9. Hmm same same, no such file, fox365 site seems a bit crappy. Did you mean this one
  10. Thanks guys, we did the small Thai restaurant in Orchard Towers. No problem with the sights and sounds of such a place as girlfriend enjoys checking out the chicks as much as any guy. We did a couple of bars and counted a large number of TG's, seems they outnumber the Flips at the moment. GF wants to know what the rates are for ST and LT, don't think she plans on buying however Will do the Golden Mile complex in due course. Cheers
  11. Where? Anybody have a notion where I might find (half) decent somtam for my girlfriend whilst we are in Singapore. She's getting with-drawl symptoms that are affecting her otherwise stellar performance
  12. Oh wow! Time to open a bar maybe. Last I heard of that place was from a Brit who spent a couple of years there but left soon after his daughter was recued, she was kidnappped and held for several months apparently. Sounded sort of South American scary to me. Perhaps a new section in Regional Sanuk. How about a trip report? Cheers
  13. Hey, 'd take my Mum to Spicey, why not, something for everyone. BOT This Lighthouse place sounds interesting enough for a chancer. Anyone been?
  14. Forget Port Moresby, no known go-go's and the blow jobs, er, suck, like.
  15. What's he on about 'presumption of innocence', a quaint euro term not generally thought applicable here. At least that was my understanding.
  16. Hi, Well just realised I could sort of check this out myself by connecting laptop to EDGE through wireless router in my cellphone and then with desktop machine connected through normal ADSL line. Skype texting works fine and voice does work but the delay would likely prove annoying in real usage. So I guess it's a 50//50 thing. Will look more at the 3G365 offering and take it from there I think.
  17. DS, your cheap Charlie method sounds like it might work but I have a couple of questions. Do you use Skype, mesenger , or other text message and voip/video application? If so do you find the EDGE connection adequate for voice calls pc-pc? Wondering about the modem, I see a number of different 'dongles', no obvious brand names, am I likely to find all will be as good as each other? Thanks
  18. Thanks for the inputs so far, looks like there is a way to make this work pretty much as I thought. A Thai friend just told me about 3G365 which I think is TOT, he says it covers much of the city area now but from what I can find on this interweb thingy it only works in Thai.
  19. I'm sure I'm being terminally dumb here but just wondering if somebody can point me in the right direction. About to buy a laptop for a 'friend'. Primary purpose will be web activity and Skype but thing is 'friend' has no landline and no wireless in sight of the location it will be used at. I have used my mobile as a wireles router to GPRS EDGE and it works okay though sometimes unreliable and needs fiddling with to get it working again, reset laptop or reset phone or both or re-enter some configuration detail etc. Friend has a phone but I'm not impressed by this method and it somewhat precludes phone calls whilst surfing. I have seen a number of USB 'dongles' that seem to take a SIM card and provide internet access. Are these more reliable? Need something that just works! Is the sort of likely connection, GPRS EDGE around Suk 22 and Rama IV likely to be good enough for Skype audio? Video? Do True have 3G coverage in this area? If so can I buy a True 3G SIM card and use it on a pay as you go basis? Thanks
  20. Last time in HCMC I checked out Caravelle, it looked nice enough in the lobby area and the roof bar was pretty busy, didn't see the rooms though. Is the Sheraton significantly better? Any other options at that price?
  21. P.M. I heard the same. Cannot imagine why there would be such a delay though. I don't know about the price, have you got some official document that shows this official figure? I have only seen this PR process story which states 191k for singles or 95k for married. It says this was in 2004-2006 though updated in 2008 with no change in costs. What gives?
  22. Well it likely will not get cheaper so start saving. Does not have to be paid until issued and that will be likely 18 months after application. Is it 90k now if you are married? Not cheap but to avoid the damned 90 day crap, plus they will never take it away once issued. If you plan to be here then I guess you mean it to be for a good few years. Every 90 days for the rest of your life seems a reasonable trade.
  23. If you've been here 12+ years and presumably have a WP, why not PR, would seem worth it just to avoid the 90 day hassle.
  24. Sukhothai is really quiet. If you ignore the old town it is a small place. I'm headed there tonight with TG who comes from there. We have found one place in town, hotel with disco and live band, forget the name but if you ask around people will know. Also a nice restaurant across the street and about 100 metres away. That's about it. If I remember I'll get the names later when she wakes up. P'lok, more happening. Same TG went to uni there and again hotel discos plus one or two other possibles. Like CW said, just ask around. Most of the available will be early to mid 20's, possibly uni girls looking to make money or more likely find a boyfriend so if you are a 50+ balding, larger, farang it is going to be harder work. Of course TIT so nothing impossible.
  25. Ummm, nice to get them like that. One a long termer been through the grinder and all but shredded coming out the other side. Takes a bit of effort but show them something other than the regular kiss me, lick me, fuck me routine with a bit of me smoke you in between and even the jaded ones can come alive. The other more farm fresh type can be fun too if you can beat their expectations, the worst of that is they will expect it from all punters and rapidly lose heart. My bet is that both improve with effort. The problem will be to stop them turning into anything like before, HINT!!!
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