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    The Covid-19 thread

    Should be no issue if she's a proper sub.
  2. radioman

    This'll fix everything

    Something which does nothing can do neither good nor bad, it just does... nothing.
  3. I thought that was true only at the time, the statement was made and before the virus had passed through intermediaries that mutated it such that it became transmissible between humans. That's what can happen with such organisms. It was the truth when it was true even though its no longer true.
  4. The problem is some people are just so full of shit! 🤣
  5. radioman

    The Covid-19 thread

    I read somewhere yesterday that the World Health Organisation has determined that Covid19 does not transmit from humans to dogs and accordingly is recommending that here is no need to quarantine dogs. They suggest that any dogs in quarantine should be released. Literally, WHO let the dogs out!
  6. radioman

    The Covid-19 thread

    The less you test the less you see. Easiest way to make the problem go away.
  7. Wouldn't it be easier to pop up the map a bit to PNG. They have similar (sort of) there 😀
  8. radioman

    The Covid-19 thread

    Must get down to Thermae and offer a few purples around, see what I can get 😀
  9. radioman

    The Covid-19 thread

    Once they can I'm up for a spot of splicing, woohoo!
  10. Funnily enough I did the same, but early on, around 5:30pm. Not much happening around that time and the available company was just a knats cock shy of atrocious. Hopefully it is better later on.
  11. What better way to reduce the number of infected people than to limit real testing. The UK has reported a few hundred cases, far more than Thailand, but they have also reported that this is from testing some 20,000 people. In Thailand the number of people tested is ...?
  12. There are no tourists so not worth the effort involved. Thais mostly go home for Songkran.
  13. Couple of other interesting reads https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2002–04_SARS_outbreak https://www.businessinsider.com/china-wuhan-coronavirus-compared-to-sars-2020-1#a-new-study-that-looked-at-the-3d-molecular-structure-of-these-spike-shaped-proteins-found-that-the-bonds-between-the-new-coronavirus-proteins-and-human-receptors-is-10-times-higher-than-we-saw-with-sars-7
  14. It seems the instructions or recommendations or absolute inviolate instructions are still a complete mess here in Thailand. This last 7 days was a mix for me of UK, Qatar, Hong Kong and Thailand. I have had no symptoms and still do not. Even if I wanted to report my condition to anyone I would not know how to go about it, no information available on that. If they activate a hotline, website, email address within the 14 days I could do so, but I think its not particularly likely any one will, and even if they do it will not work, be overloaded or in some other way irrelevant. I'm almost in the Trump camp on this one, at least I have a certain fatalistic attitude toward it. Understanding the various influenza types gives you a bit of perspective I think. It seems that though this influenza type has a higher mortality rate than the typical type A influenza treatment is both reasonable and practical with the exception of a lack of inoculation opportunity (so far). I also perceive that the chance of becoming infected with this particular strain of the influenza virus is far less than might be the case for other types. After almost 23 years here I don't recall a flu problem ever. By comparison in the UK it's almost an annual activity. Seems as if maybe the same is true of the US. Easy reading without too many big words https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/cold-flu-difference/ https://www.healthline.com/health/influenza-a-symptoms#influenza-a-vs.-influenza-b It is also interesting to note that this particular influenza epidemic is actually SARS, with some (significant?) variations. Online information suggests that the names used to identify this particular strain have avoided referring to SARS "in order to avoid panic". Seems that might not have worked out as planned. The low rate of infection in Thailand seems odd, relative to other countries and suggests one of two things. Either the virus significantly dissipates in this environment, combination of heat, pollution, somtam, etc or testing for this particular strain of virus is either minimal or ineffective.
  15. And yet... From the BP at 21:03 March 5th 2020 The government on Thursday announces new compulsory quarantine measure for arrivals from four countries and two territories in a bid to contain the spread of the coronavirus. The move came as the Thai postal service began disinfecting all packages received from overseas, although the World Health Organization has said it is safe to receive post from badly affected countries such as China. The quarantine announcement, published in the Royal Gazette on Thursday, classified South Korea, China, Macao, Hong Kong, Italy and Iran as "dangerous communicable disease areas". This means that all arrivals from these places, including those that transit through them, will have to provide the authorities with their address and travel plan and be self-quarantined for 14 days. "Thais and foreigners who came from these places will have to go through self-quarantine for 14 days at home or in a hotel room, where they have to report themselves to the authorities every day or officials will come to check on them," Public Health Ministry spokesman Rungrueng Kitphati told Reuters. Those that breached the quarantined will face 20,000 baht fine, Mr Rungrueng said. Arrivals who display coronavirus symptoms will be send directly to government hospitals. The order will be effective from Friday. Thailand has also prepared facilities for the 14-day quarantine of thousands of Thai workers gradually returning from the South Korean province of Gyeongsang and the city of Daegu, currently epicentres of the virus outbreak, the government said. The country has recorded a total of 47 coronavirus cases since January, with one fatality. Thirty-one of the coronavirus patients have recovered and returned home, while 15 are still being treated in hospitals.
  16. From the twitting thing a little while ago
  17. This was Hong Kong yesterday morning, peak rush hour time on Nathan road. Looks like everyone left. Looking south toward Jordan Looking north toward Mong Kok
  18. So I guess if you are under 37.5 C and hansum man then no ponpen.
  19. I entered last night from Hong Kong. No questions, no testing, apart from forehead height temperature cameras in the common arrival area, finger and thumb prints still required, no sanitizer or wipes in evidence. Few people in the airport, immigration was a breeze, absolutely no queue. Welcome to Thailand.
  20. Good info, more updates as and when much appreciated. Hopefully gets worked out. I would think a replacement passport is the only real option now, after claiming loss with the embassy as seems to be underway.
  21. Yet still they all want that cheap labor.
  22. I have a good friend who sits firmly in the Trump camp and fully supports the removal of illegal immigrants. However he, like many others, has made significant use of the labor force available outside the local Home Depot over the years and is now seriously upset that the dwindling number of guys available for his "illegal work force" are now demanding significantly more for their time. It's clear to tell he is really wrestling with what the concept of these practices really mean for people such as him.
  23. Now that I could have some fun with 😁
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