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  1. Now that I could have some fun with 😁
  2. We are already doing a pretty good job of advertising our presence. In today's world most electronic devices are powered by switching supplies and other than expensive carefully filtered types most radiate a wide range of crap typically in the tens and hundreds of kilohertz. Together with harmonics the cumulative global effect of these is to cover much of the radio spectrum with a fog like a giant electronic fart and engulfing the planet. I don't doubt that the hyper life form on planet zedzed-tharg have already identified us as planet fart! This seems eminently fun. Can think of a simple phone app with a menu of choices, just touch the button appropriate at any given moment. You could have pages for different situations. An eating set, a shopping set, a bathroom set and a bedroom set. https://www.zapsplat.com/sound-effect-category/cartoon/
  3. No one in the known universe has the answer to this quandry, which is not uncommon. I suggest investing in SETI as the answer is surely out there and probably represents the best chance of finding a solution. All addictions are dangerous, and suggest a lack of engagement elsewhere. Needs to be more busy. So far as the cartoon sound effects are concerned my own research indicates that they are not obviously recognised by those engrossed in the stare-athon on screen, they become oblivious to them. I wonder if it possible to post process the audio and remove them, similar to the way in which voice is removed from music for karaoke, things.
  4. I think it would certainly depend on the renewal and visa type. Either way can't see how they can lose it if its a simple in-out visit. They would be turning the place upside down to find it if they did that to me. If your passport needs to remain with immigration for any reason they must issue a receipt, since it is illegal to be on the street without I.D. The flimsy sheet of paper with no photograph does apparently count, since it is issued by immigration themselves. But then, as always, TIT.
  5. He does however have a receipt from Immigration for his passport, of course, so the onus is on them. In view of the fact that they cannot return the passport for which he is surely holding the receipt they will have to issue a document that they are attempting to recover it and any immigration sanctions as a result of their mishandling will not apply.
  6. There are suggestions emerging that the Thai prison system might be a hotbed of the coronavirus though since this was published in The Sun 🤔 https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/uknews/10942974/coronavirus-drug-dealer-prisoner-uk-jail-outbreak/
  7. The motive for the initial impulse is possibly clear to some extent being the bad land deal though the rest of killing seems much less clear. That said I think it would take some seriously heavy duty psycho analysis to uncover how it played out. What is it that drives some people to such an incredible fit of rage that they can commit a murder in the first place? I really can't imagine it. Having been pushed to that point and gone through with it I would guess the brain is in some people super overloaded with all sorts of input and data to the point pure irrationality takes over.
  8. Absolutely. However the whole question of military security seems a major concern here, especially when so many seem so enamoured with the "commando" lifestyle. Do all "security" personnel really need to be garbed up like some sort of black ops ninja's in order to feel they are taken seriously? That's pretty insecure. You have to hope that serious mental health investigations of all people trained as "sharpshooters" or with in depth weapons knowledge and access are now pv'd in depth and certainly any with any kind of debt should be ruled out. Ought to be illegal to offer any kind of private "loan" outside of a registered financial institution.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Estimated_number_of_civilian_guns_per_capita_by_country Thailand 50 out of 230, one above Australia, 30 below New Zealand. England & Wales at 127. Thats as a rate of gun ownership per capita. In sheer number terms the table lists registered and unregistered. The US with the highest per capita rate by far has a fairly low registered ownership number around 1 million but a staggering 390 million unregistered, compared to India, 61 million, China 49 million and Pakistan 38 million. Thailand comes in 4th place for registered guns at 6.2 mililon behind India 9.7 million, Brazil 8 million, and Russia 6.6 million. In terms of unregistered gns the US leads by a country mile and more with a host of other usual suspects some way behind. Even on this list Thailand manages 14th place though many countries don;t report such numbers and I'm pretty sure they can't be anything more than a bit of a guess.
  10. My fathers family are predominantly fen people back a couple of hundred years, March, Ramsey, Manea, all hair and teeth people, though the countryside is all flatland and low lying the people would have much in common with those from the more rural parts of Arkansas, with the exception that fenlanders normally do wear shoes. The furthest my paternal family tree extends as known today are some baptism records for two boys from 1584 and 1588 together with a burial record of their father from 1620 at Thriplow in Cambridgeshire and indications are he originated from France. In the latter 1880's several emigrated to America and settled in Nebraska around Geneva and Fairmont, later still relatives appear in Iowa and Colorado.
  11. I think the old English version was more along the lines of "Owt for a groat"
  12. I think that low a percentage is a bit of an uncertainty factor in that most people likely have some degree of what they are calling "Oceanian" since there is a commonality trait. My take is that it means you share a 0.61% genetic trait with others who are most definitely classified as Oceanian. Same same for the East Asian.
  13. 😀 Have been called other things.
  14. The Baht is on the move but seems it is being "managed". Hopefully more to come.
  15. Learning curve, for me okay, 5-10 mins, good website help pages and good online support. has both standalone app and browser plugin. I run it on my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone. Apps for all devices. Also run it on a Windows PC though I am less familiar with those these days. You can also set it up to work on your router if you have one that is DDWRT or TOMATO enabled. I run DDWRT on my routers but though I have had the vpn running on the router I have found the performance hit to be too much for me. And of course it is a lot more involved to set up. Security, always going to be a gamble but unless you are doing something really naughty is this really a concern. Looking at T&A I think is unlikely to raise much concern, unless said T&A are particularly youthful! 😡 Though it can use L2TP, it no longer supports PPTP, that is seen as weak generally and the much preferred OpenVPN and IKEv2 are both also supported. Split tunneling works so you can exclude things from using the vpn, like perhaps your mail client or other specific apps. I can't say I have any real information on who, if anyone is really able to unwrap VPN data. Trust, a hard one, I've used them for a couple of years, seems fine and lets me go where I want online without restriction. No blocked websites. There are local servers which can help with speed or a good choice of global servers that allow you to place yourself pretty much anywhere. I have the regular 12 month subscription and I recall its about $100US a year. p.s. (ish) It also allows voice and video calling using apps like Skype, WhatsApp, iMessage etc to and from areas that regularly block these, Middle East etc.
  16. Have used 3 or 4 over the years but have been with ExpressVPN for the last 3 years or so, excellent, just works, anywhere, even in China mostly. It also comes with a DNS redirector for Apple TV later versions so you can do things like watch BBC iPlayer no matter where you are. Satisfied customer, 5 stars 👍
  17. Okay, well that's not a bad start, provided you can keep up. Next is to get more creative. Find a point of resistance and force the issue. A little private/public humiliation often works. You just need to find the pressure points. Done the right way you turn the negative (messy bathroom) into a positive (fun and games)
  18. A firm spanking!
  19. That's the thing with medication, you need rigorous testing in a well regulated environment to be sure that what you want to believe is really true.
  20. Worth a read https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/1846734/virus-outbreak-comes-at-the-worst-time Comparing SARS, Thailand and the state of play in 2003 against the situation today. I will say that I think the enhanced fear in the current situation is perhaps in large part due to the extended time frame to go from infection to the display of symptoms being up to 2 weeks in this case as opposed to almost immediately with SARS. Everyone fears the hidden.
  21. Wondering if I should go to Hong Kong next week 🤭
  22. The gut feeling is take whatever China says is happening and multiply by 10, or 100. They 're not known for transparency and I don't think much has changed. Lock down of a city the size of Wuhan, pretty much all of greater Bangkok as an idea for size and you can see they are trying, but it must surely be way beyond out of control for them to faced with such face-losing actions.
  23. It may just have been a bad translation but I saw him referred to in one online report as the school "firearms coach". That definitely caused me a WTF! moment.
  24. radioman


    Ah yes, the troubling Chinese finger pussy, the more you pull out the tighter it grips. Relaxation until normal service can be resumed usually works.
  25. radioman


    Okay, maybe not so fake after all. But using penis and rapid blunt force in the same sentence suggests my own 'experiments' might not be so extreme.
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