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  1. Large numbers of those now protesting know nothing of life under colonial rule. I can only imagine it is the grasp of embers or some perceived idea of how it was.
  2. Either way it has my project there on hold and generally messing up my income stream ๐Ÿ˜ค
  3. Used to be a frequent visitor, 2-3 times a year going back to my first time in 1988 through until about 5 years ago. I've never really played much there other than a few ladies met over the years in hotel bars wherever I've happened to be staying. A few Filipinas and one or two Thai. I found the Filipinas to be mostly the ones in search of the long con whilst the TG's were more business oriented but some Thais would drop the price, especially after a few drinks. One was very nice and became a sort of semi-regular. I would see her on visits there and we would hook up on occasion when she was home on "holiday". Was there in early July, just as the noise level started to rise. Just a week, peaceful and too busy working to do any playing. For sure they are still there but like a lot of that sort of business much of it has gone online. Websites like OK Cupid, Date in Asia, Thai (or other nationality) Friendly etc. apps like Tinder of course. Much more cost effective as they don't need to be warming a bar stool dressed to fuck.
  4. This is just so good, definitely in the Bleriot league in my book. So many possibilities once this becomes mature tech. Crossing the Atlantic, at about a mile a minute, that's a long time stood up, and a big backpack full of paraffin. Getting Libyans across the med though might be on ๐Ÿ˜ƒ and I wonder how high the wall needs to be now to keep Mexicans out?
  5. It's okay though right because a lot of people are saying their thoughts and prayers are with them. That's got to be such a comfort, right? I wonder what sort of thoughts they have at times like this. I know what I think. And what about those prayers? Invisible sky fairy on speed-dial maybe?
  6. I've got nothing to base this on other than a hunch but I feel that these big banks, money machines, related organisations and such, criminal though they maybe are not inherently dumb. They have learnt from the ups and downs of the last 30 years and have applied serious computational effort toward "managing" this. End result being that any crash, drop, dip, recession whatever, will be carefully and deliberately managed so as to appear otherwise.
  7. Keep it as is. Quiet as it is itโ€™s still half decent. Cant be doing with all the โ€œI fucked a TG now Iโ€™m in loveโ€ b.s. Would rather read another Trump thread. Better yet the likely forthcoming BoJo thread.
  8. Here's a fine offering to keep you going for a day or so. Highly topical too of course โ˜บ๏ธ https://www.hq.nasa.gov/office/pao/History/SP-4204/contents.html Add more ๐Ÿ˜€
  9. Huh, so I can't NOS my ride?
  10. More a part of this thread perhaps than where I would ordinarily put it in Movies or shows but there is a series on You Tube, History channel production, called The Fifties. A look at that decade in the US, it's in 7 episodes and covers a range of topics but does give some insight in to just how bad things were there back then, how they improved, and how nothing has really changed. Worth a watch on a wet Wednesday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QtPdlAX4K2o&list=PL4w-2j6Q0Qj7kHqyyAu0wUxTw88gwLD9y
  11. Be careful, you might be getting a visit from people interested in how you already knew the outcome! ๐Ÿ˜‚
  12. You have to wonder if this will not start to become a regular occurrence. What's the chance they fiddled with the sand/cement content to better the profits in some places?
  13. I'm not up on current Chinese trends, though I think in part their increased presence has led to the Baccarat situation where you need to buy a drink before you can enter the bar, keeps the gawkers and the 1 beer between 5 crowd out, Do Chinese bf? I think they are more into the idea of mechanical sex, with some sotr of humanoid form, and have almost zero interest in any sort of gfe (whatever you want that to be). Would 1500 tempt more of them? Not sure about that. 3000 Baht ST seems high by international standards? Hmm, not sure about that, seems its about US $95 at the moment. Not many countries that tourists come from have rates that I can imagine would be much lower.
  14. I barfined a girl from Shark about 2 months ago, no issues. Gave her the cash for the BF one night and arranged a meet up another night about a week later. This was just for some research, no sex, though I wouldn't mind, just wasn't part of what I was doing then. But no issues with the BF. If the whole Cowboy M.O. has changed it probably wont last, one or the other. But today all you need to do is spend a night or two hitting lots of bars, find the ones you like, collect the phone numbers and connect through some sort of platform. If that's what you're looking for you could probably spend 2 nights in bars and the rest of a two week holiday fucking a different girl every night without ever going near another bar. P.S. Thermae is a current favourite. Still plenty of Japanese guys but lots of cuties and and most willing to go with Mr white guy for some much needed respite.
  15. Tehran, Beirut, both big party towns back in their day, maybe not quite girls gone wild but pretty close. Made up stories by dumbass old men about invisible sky fairies has them proper fucked ever since.
  16. Definitely., and most likely that could be part of the plan, I think they call it leverage!
  17. A lot will probably depend on your demeanor and attitude. Remember, this is a test! Of course if suggests you get one to share...๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  18. Well, its, er invisible, init!
  19. Abso-rutery Except not the Bangkok Bank app which was set up on my 6 to use fingerprint sensing which the new Xs doesn't have. And of course BKK bank has not got as far as dealing with Apples face rec. Well not that I can see at least. It's logged me out and and I can't get back in cos I don't have the login details. I do have several Alzheimer's protection systems in place but nay feckin good when I don't have the data to store. Rest assured that once fixed I will be sure to obtain the necessary to record for future feck ups
  20. My primary wish is to reset the user ID and PIN for the mobile banking app. After a change of phone I need to login again and I donโ€™t recall ever having the details, pretty sure they did it at the bank. A call to their phone banking support was less than helpful, take passport and go to branch. Cannot am in desert. Sorry sir no solution for you. Great. So now I have a window Iโ€™d like to get it done. Failing that at least withdraw all my money
  21. I'm outside Thailand at the moment but arriving late Sunday with a very short window. Can anyone confirm if banks will be open on Monday June 3rd? I know this is a holiday but I have had a suggestion that they will be open and I have some important business to do first thing Monday morning if at all possible. Thanks
  22. radioman

    Any New Jokes

    Hmm, invisible sky fairies.
  23. Jolly conkers what!. Man from Lao? What the deuce? Hehe, ๐Ÿคฃ Pilipinoids no like walky walky too much either.
  24. Which is all perfectly understandable, but walking? Where is the efficiency man? This is Bangkok you need to be pulled, pushed, trolleyed or otherwise perambulated.
  25. Try Verasu (GIYF) maybe. They have a number of stores in and around Bangkok and carry a variety European products.
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