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  1. Long time or short time? doh! <<burp>>
  2. I've been using BearShare and it's really been great. While the selection isn't as good, the throughput has been pretty awesome and I can still surf the news with my dialup connection. <<burp>>
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    Smirnoff? Oh well, if that's what you like... Smirnoff, 510 baht for a 700 or 750ml bottle, whatever size they come in. Finlandia, 455 for a 750ml bottle Absolute, 559 for a 700ml bottle Quality stuff like Belvedere. Can't be found no how, no way. Least not by me, and not yet On a side note, I was walking on Ruam Rudi and saw a small wine store. Well, I went in to drool over the wine as I used to follow wine avidly. Anyways, I saw they had a rather decent selection for a small shop (although they tended to the quality "name" brands). But still, I thought the choices shown were reflective of some very good taste. So I was curious, I wanted to know what the markup was on good wine. So I ask the salesgirl about the cost of importing a case of good zinfandel. Could they do that? Her English was quite good, but she went on to try and show me a Zin they had in stock. I said no, this would have to be special order. Something like a Renwood Old Vines Zinfandel. She looks confused for a second, and they she starts digging into some boxes. I said, "no, this would have to be special order..." Holy fuck'n shit if she didn't pull out a Renwood bottle that I would recognize anywhere. I was flabbergasted. Zinfandel no less, but not the right bottle. This was Shenendoah Valley. Not a bad bottle, but not as good as the Old Vines. Anyways, it was year 2000 and they wanted 2300. That's a pretty hefty premium for such a young wine which should wait a few more years for drinking. Anyways, she went on to say that this has been a very good seller for the shop but to a limited number of customers so they only stock a case or so at a time. Amazing!. If you hunt, there just might be gems to be mined out there!!! <<burp>>
  4. Wow, cool information. I only peripherally investigated the option of opening a Company under the Treaty of Amity. Didn't know about the shareholder and director requirement. I am curious though about the shareholder requirement as to me it doesn't make sense especially if the other six shareholders are Thai, but then again, there is so much that doesn't make sense over here, lol. Any nationality can own 100% of their own company if they can get it approved by the BOI ("Board of Investment"). Manufacturing concerns seem to have the easiest time to get approved. Additionally the BOI bypasses things like Work Permit ratios and capital requirements but then you need to justify it to the BOI. As for employing Thais in a Company established under the Amity Treaty... Actually, I wonder if there is a requirement for employees. Course, if you want a work permit, you still need to follow the Thai law and have four Thais per foreign work permit and 2 million of capitalization per work permit (translated to mean liquidity if they want to get ugly). But technically you can own the company and only have 2 Thai workers. Just can't do any work I know I know, no one loves a smart ass <<burp>>
  5. No way, no hell, no how. If you do it, and especially if you are successful at it, your competitors will rat you out. No doubt!!! Even if your wife does all the talking and you are just following the group, they'll get you. A guy got clipped doing exactly this. He was doing motorcycle tours of northern Thailand. Think this was about 2 to 3 years ago. Persona non grata now. He's got a Thai wife too. <<burp>>
  6. gummigut

    A new PC

    Wowzer: I know more than my fair share about spreadsheets, feel free to drop me a line describing how you are setting up the sheets (or send me a copy with dummy info if it is context sensitive) and I'll give you my comments. You mention you are continuously looking for the last cell in a range. Is the left hand side of these ranges dates? If so, you can use vlookups in conjunction with If statements and customized formatting to get what you want. You can get fancy with macros as well (I know VBA as well). <<burp>>
  7. gummigut

    A new PC

    Wowzer: You should notice a HUGE increase in performance, from starting the apps to Excel calculations. Your PC should be on the order of 2x to 3x faster in calcing stuff. If you have a large spreadsheet (I run financial structuring spreadsheets) it really should be self-evident. If it is not, then something is wrong. Problem is that it could be any number of things. Probably why folks haven't said anything is that it is difficult to diagnose something like this over the internet cause there are lots of stuff: Fixing the virtual memory so it is a constant instead of fluctuating; making sure video drivers are up to date (this is extremely key especially for TNT2 machines); proper settings in the bios for memory, cache, HD, etc.... yadda yadda yadda. Sorry to hear you are not getting the performance you should be getting, but it really should be like moving from an Ford Escort to a street Ferrari. AMD vs INTEL: My experience with AMD's is from the K7 to the Athlon. Neither my friends or I have had any problems with the AMD's at all. We run the standard office suites, adobe graphic packages, and a few of us black box financial structuring software. We have not had problems with overclocking, acting as gaming clients or servers. Would not hesitate in buying either. True, there are programs that specify Intel for support, but have had no problems (including some legacy DOS based products). Plug-n-Play: yes a huge improvement, although over 3/4 the time I have to download updated drivers from the net for optimal performance. <<burp>> [ May 29, 2001: Message edited by: gummigut ]
  8. gummigut

    A new PC

    Oh my god. 150 mhz to 1300 mhz? That's taking a few steps forward Athlons heat dissapation problems? Not really, Intel has the same problem. The foundations for your hearing of this problem could deal with gamers (who are vocal) / overclockers. With Intel, the key thing to do is to have your heatsink contact the cache memory chips as well as the CPU. With the early Athlons, you literally had to break the case to overclock and add a custom heat sink (got to add a custom heat sink for Pentiums as well to get good overclocking). Because overclocking is easy, but breaking the case of your CPU makes some folks queasy, thus armchair overclockers/gamers would say the Athlon had heat disspation problems. Been out of touch the past few months, so the new Athlon thunderbirds could be a bit different. Athlons have no problems, unlike some of the earlier pentiums that couldn't divide properly, lol. <<burp>> [ May 28, 2001: Message edited by: gummigut ] [ May 28, 2001: Message edited by: gummigut ]
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