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  1. Not a wonder to love Hua Hin. A fantastic place. Have they finished that road from BKK to Hua Hin? It was hours of traffic jams. For years like that.
  2. Maintenance fees: 20,000THB a year for a great swimming pool, tropical garden, jogging track. Lifts, cleaning of common property (I think 20 cleaners a day), security 3 x 8 officers in uniforms, video surveliance. Many condos, that is why it is not expensive per individual condo.
  3. Thaksin, himself, was sent out with "Here is some money, run". After confiscating the great deal of his wealth (2.6 bil USD), they let him out with 800 million USD. Why would the junta risk yet another scandal, they simply want all of them out. Hence such a convenient and quick acceptance of guilt by their own ranks. Nobody goes to jail and everything to the tune.The government can display a disgraced high rank commissioner but what they wanted was - as many of Thaksin family members out of the country. And no country in the world today expels their own citizens.
  4. Good move BB, hope that deserved retirement years will feel nicer in the tropes. We go to Hua Hin every year, we were there 1st week of August 2017. We are all in Japan, permanent residents, can get Japan passports if we wished to. Our daughter (now 13) might do that when out of age.
  5. Amazing, what humiliations you are going through. My family, wife and daughter, Thai nationals and myself (Australian passport) got permanent residency in Japan without anything other than submitting tax pay,
  6. I don't know what you think, could be a no-no to talk, but Stick's parting shot was at Thaivisa. Well said, I think he could have said more, he knows more.
  7. Unless you are a Moderator, I can just ignore your post. It is not you to stick a value on what I post.
  8. This is important : You are talking about democratically elected governments, but you are against people voicing an opinion What other people have a voice if not those who have elected the government? They may protest. Is the government killing them ?
  9. No, not my intention to attack any Board member. I even enjoy seeing different opinions. Unless they are a junk dragged from the net. Without personal opinion.
  10. Quite good. Japan is not a mickeymouse country. Doing alright, nobody sent me here, my own merit, Local hire. Nobody can recall me. Can stay all my life if I wish. What did you want to know? How do I protest against the JP government? Do I have to protest? I am not a parasite here, Just look the posts above. "peoples court", As you being an American, I would expect you to say something more substantial. You said nothing,
  11. But he appears to be against the government, democraticaly elected. Caring about the place is not equal to supporting anti-governmet moves. Thais can and have to do that. Not us. We (farangs) should be silent and not participate in the uprise.
  12. Flasher, better to stop dumping rubbish, understand that Thais have a government democratically elected in the country where you are nothing, Not more than a guest. Those you might think would have any sympathy for you , would not. They would be the first to see you out. It is Thai business, why are you enganging in that? You have no rights there and never will.
  13. What I am coming from is a stupidity that many have heard. Like this one : www@...... radio or whatever announcers, have been parroting that, stumbling to pronounce "www", You don't need that "www". Web sites work without that. Just say "thaiairways,com" , that is enough. But that's what uneducated media people do not understand and serve to the public, similarly clueless lot. Same with the airline tickets. The common knowledge is that you have to have a return ticket. That is where we profit: 2 one way tickets far cheaper than 1 return. A fad. I believe they (airlines) profit on that misconception. Nothing surprising. The airline business is the worst managed of all human activites on the planet.
  14. Who is the government, democraticaly elected, with a land slide at that? Thais may be a way off from being a tragicomical country that the world ignores (like the Philipines), they are not there, yet, But sliding into it. Street with coreographed protests is against them, the military is against them, the reactionaries too. What is the point of any elections in Thai if it goes like this? Can you imagine Tony Blair being ousted by UK military and sentenced to jail in UK and confined to exile?
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