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  1. Or think negative, keep on smoking, and end up like formerly great snooker star Alex Higgins:
  2. Smokers, great news!! I bought a beer in Carousel Bar, top floor Nana Plaza left side, this evening, because the first sight I saw after entering was a flashback to how this bar (and others) used to be a decade ago, in the Golden Era, before the Toxic social order crusade of Purachai, that still keeps Nana down and struggling. I was so stunned at seeing this glorious flashback sight that I didn't realize that another blast from the past was about to hit me in the lungs. Yes, Carousel Bar this evening was the smokiest bar I can remember ever having been in. Smokers were happily smoking their cigarettes all over the place, but the new feature that made the "air" even murkier and filthier than ever before was the smoke machine. In Nana's glorious Golden Era, there was no smoke machine in Carousel Bar, or in any other Nana bar. These abominable machines in a few bars are a recent addition. For you smokers who need to breathe foul air, I can report that you only need to go into Carousel Bar after 10 pm. any evening. With your fellow smokers fuming freely, along with the hyper-active smoke machine, the air in this bar is the smokiest that I have ever experienced. Enjoy!
  3. This is just another of the "useless posts" that those of you who like to think that you control this forum so enjoy. Useless to you, perhaps, but possibly useful to any others. Soi Cowboy, generally acknowledged to be the best of the three Bkk. gogo bar areas, is still mostly non-smoking. Sorry about that, smokers. Fume away....
  4. To update, most Soi Cowboy bars are still smoke-free in April 2009. If you need to blow your smoke in other people's faces, Dollhouse, Cowboy 2, and Baccara (upstairs) still allow you to flout Thai law.
  5. Yes, lazy one, I chose to ignore your post because it is off topic. This thread is about cigarette smoking in bars. Of course there are many other sources of air pollution in the world. Jumbo jets are indeed a source of pollution and global warming. But inside bars, I do not encounter jumbo jets. I do encounter cigarette smokers poisoning the air in venues I otherwise really enjoy. If it is any consolation to you, lazy one, I live in Bangkok, and never have to resort to a polluting jumbo jet to get me here. Skytrain and Subway suffice.
  6. I can assure you that no one else is sorry that you've been absent. Mr. Munchkin, you are wrong again. I missed bunthom, one of the few non-addicted posters on this thread. Welcome back, bunthom. Who knows, we could even regain control of this thread, and bring it back on topic, which would not please the nicotine addicts, who are obviously uncomfortable trying to defend their relentlessly disgusting addiction.
  7. On my recent visit to the smokers' paradise that is Patpong, I accidentally discovered a use for the ashtrays. Yes, Patpong bars continue to ignore Thai law, at their peril. Ashtrays are everywhere, and there are a few smokers, tho they are now in a small minority, even on Patpong. So, I was sitting in Kings Castle One, watching a few decent-looking dancers, and fending off the ashtrays that the waitresses kept offering me. Suddenly, I had an inspiration. Grabbing an ashtray, I asked a waitress for two more. After checking to see that the three ashtrays looked the same, I caught the eye of a girl hovering nearby. I produced a 20-baht note, showed it to her, folded it up, and put it under one of the three ashtrays on my table. Yes, it was the old hustlers' shell game, also known as Thimblerig, as practiced on the streets of NYC; only here in Bkk., I tried a much friendlier version. The girl, and several of her friends, caught on quickly to what I was doing. They all watched like hawks as I shuffled the ashtrays around on the table for a few seconds. As I am no NYC hustler, once I stopped shuffling and arranged the three ashtrays for the girl to choose the one covering the precious 20 baht, she and all her friends pounced on the valuable ashtray. They were, of course, correct. The chosen girl enthusiastically grabbed her 20 baht, smiling with delight. All her friends were then jumping up and down, demanding an encore. They were showing even more enthusiasm than for the jaded throwing of the ping-pong balls. Luckily, I had a small pocketful of 20-baht notes. When I produced another, folded it up, and tucked it under an ashtray, the feeding frenzy had well and truly begun. I ramped up my ashtray shuffling skills, attracting ever more attention from the hungry girls, but never managed to fool any of them (not that I wanted to). Each girl who muscled her way into my queue came away with her much-desired 20 baht, usually assisted by several of her friends. This was so much better than throwing ping-pong balls around the bar! I got more attention for each 20 baht, the girls seemed more enthusiastic about this new and unexpected sanuk experience. Each girl got the full 20 baht instead of 10 baht from many bars' ping-pong ball scam, and in the end it cost me less than buying a bucket of balls. Thanks, smokers!
  8. From "Tis the Season - Support the Board" "3. Add Good Content: And no, replying to a thread with (a smiley) or (another smiley) does not count. Write a review, a trip report, make a meaningful contribution to an interesting discussion. All of these make the board more interesting, which drives up traffic and adds to advertising revenue. Thanks RChapstick" Thanks, RChapstick, for your needed plea. To The Munchkin and his small group of furiously smoking mates, it's a pity that your knowledgeable discussion of pudding, whisky, and cigars, copiously accompanied by inane smileys, is hidden on this unrelated thread. Why not this post all this on another thread, where those interested can read all about it? As this thread is about smoking in bars, I will try to add a little "Good Content", risking the fierce wrath of the Munchie mates. Nana Plaza continues to lead the way in catering to both factions, tho I would have to say that non-smokers have a significant advantage. As I reported previously, before being overwhelmed by a barrage of irrelevant posts, the major players in Nana, Crown Group and Rainbow Group, seem to have decided that obeying Thai law is wise policy. But smokers can find refuge in bars on the top floor, and in bars like Pretty Lady and Erotica. The two Mandarin bars seem to have their own policy of catering to both factions. The original split-level Mandarin Bar, was smoke-free on my recent visit, tho this could be misleading, since I was in there early (9 pm.) and there were only a few customers. But the other Mandarin bar, Mandarin Table Dance, clearly allowed smoking. So take your pick. The no-smoking law is being followed in other hangouts of mine; pool bars and restaurants. Overall, I would say that non-smokers are winning in most Bangkok venues, tho smokers can still foul the indoor air in some places. Pattaya seems more smoker-friendly.
  9. Bangkok Traveler, thanks for nudging this thread back on topic. Yes, you can smoke on Thai golf courses, for obvious reasons. Maybe more smokers should take up golf. Faustian, thanks for your insight on nicotine fits.
  10. The current hot topic is "Lurkers, why don't you post?". Sadly, the #2 reason, with 30% of respondents, is "I don't want to risk getting flamed/ridiculed." I can relate to that. khunsanuk states "as the board owner I do have an interest in getting as much posts (preferably quality ones ) and posters on the board. It grows the board, expands the total knowledge base and opinions, etc.; all of which in turn attract more people to the board." I can agree with that, and also with a couple of relevant comments from this hot topic: "Afraid of being ridiculed seems to be a problem but it only comes from a few cyber thugs, why not sort these guys out? I said hi to someone a few weeks ago at his request and was called an 'asshole' -will not be posting again as he was not told off for the insult.I guess lurkers just don't need the hassle, so just read for info." "Simple, the stars that wrote the real content stopped posting and the anklebiter wannabees that only snipe at others took over. Those individuals who didn't belong to silly cliques/groups/friendship s made posts and created a vibrant environment that compelled others to want to post their own experiences and share their thoughts. Take a random sample of the usual suspects that only surface to take shots at guys. I find it amazing that they have such a very stalker like pattern. They exist to attack but never to share. I remember a time when I used to be more active and no matter what I posted the same 5 or six guys would come and just make negative comment after never comment, never criticizing the post but rather always attacking the poster. I particularly didn't mind because I had immense fun with it and found it rather entertaining. I was never one that sent PM's to the mods complaining about people and bitching and moaning although I know that these intolerant wankers did when I retaliated, hurting their little feelings. Many here have yet to learn the difference between criticizing a post and attacking the poster ." "If you get to meet some of the members, you will be surprised what a bunch of nice people we really are. When we hide behind a screen, sometimes the worst comes out. Hopefully we will change for the better." Well, I hope so too.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that forums such as this are primarily for sharing information that may prove useful to others. So I would like to report some positive developments at Nana Plaza that I observed this evening. It wasn't looking too good on my last two visits there, with smoking allowed inside just about every bar. But this evening, I was able to enjoy unpolluted air inside several big bars, namely Rainbow One, Rainbow Three, G-Spot, and Lollipop. Yes, it seems that both major groups in Nana, Rainbow and Crown Group, have decided to obey the law of the land. There were numerous lovely angels dancing in all these bars. Still, do not despair, smokers. Nana is a mixed bag, which is perhaps how it should be. I stepped inside Carousel, formerly one of my favorite bars, and was quickly driven out by the reeking air. I was informed by the hello girls, and/or dudes, at Erotica, Pretty Lady, and Spankys that smoking is allowed inside, so I just walked away. I couldn't check every bar in Nana in one evening, but am very pleased to see that non-smoking venues are making a comeback. I will go back there again soon, and hope to report further good news.
  12. Well, Munchy, you and your five mates seem to have huddled together in a group effort to hijack this thread. I hope your irrelevant posts made you all feel a little better. Some of you might be interested in reading thaivisa.com's Stop Smoking forum, in which smokers, ex-smokers, and non-smokers are helping one another to quit this wickedly addictive drug. For example: "I don't think I truly believed that cigarettes were hurting me. My Dad is 86 years old and has smoked all his life. Last week I got the little motorbike almost stuck in the mud. It took a lot more effort than I am used to doing to get it out. It took at least 10 minutes to be able to breathe normally again. I just couldn't catch my breath and was actually afraid that I might die. I think that was the wakeup that I needed. Fear is a great motivator."
  13. The list of non-smoking gogo bars in Pattaya is shrinking. I recently talked with the manager of Sweethearts, who was smoking with his mate inside his bar, and asked him if there were any non-smoking gogos in Pattaya. He replied yes, there is one: Rodeo Girls on Soi Pattayaland 2. Well, I never made it there, but was pleased to see that the law is still observed in the best gogo bar (if you like lovely dancers), Super Baby. As I was enjoying the eye candy there, and breathing the clean air, three Asian dudes came in and sat down. One of them lit up and got in exactly one puff before being quelled by the wait staff, dancers, and even his mates. Still, my many years of trying to avoid inhaling second-hand smoke in gogo bars in Pattaya and Bangkok help me to see light at the end of the smoky tunnel. The no-smoking signs prominently displayed in just about every bar are having a beneficial effect. Believe it or not, some smokers actually seem to respect the laws of the country they are in. I definitely think the number of smokers, and the amount of smoke in the air in most bars, is down noticeably from years past. The smokers who knowingly break this Thai law are a minority. I would compare them to the lunatic fringe of motorbike drivers who drive on the wrong side of the road, going the wrong way, not wearing a helmet, without a headlight at night, driving with one hand while pressing a cellphone to an ear with the other. Of course this is idiotic and potentially dangerous to others who are obeying the law, and common sense. But, TIT, so "mai pen rai" and the inconsiderate lunatics go their merry way unhindered, until they smash up themselves, and possibly others. Death from cigarette smoking is much slower, and quite possibly much more agonizing, but the fuck-you attitude toward innocent bystanders, and toward the law, is the same.
  14. Soi Cowboy bars continue to abide by the law quite well in most cases, so much so that I have pretty much stopped going to Nana or Patpong, where venues are smokier. Dollhouse is one Cowboy bar that seems to allow limited smoking. Three guys were sitting together on the seat right in front of the DJ's area. They threw lots and lots of ping-pong balls all over the bar, giving away plenty of money for nothing. Then, all three of them lit up. In unison, they began puffing away madly, quickly fouling the air around them. No one else was smoking in the bar, only them. It seems they paid an expensive price to be allowed to smoke. A two-level bar like Dollhouse could put a smoking area upstairs, like in Baccara, and keep everyone happy. They could even put 2 or 3 dancers on the minuscule stage up there to keep the smokers from coming downstairs. At least that would be better for them than sitting outside in the heat. So, smokers, be prepared to cough up baht for ping-pong balls if you want to make the rest of us suffer.
  15. Smokers, more good news for those of you who would like to get out from under your addiction, and let those near you breathe! From Bangkok Post 4/8/08, page 4: NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SCHEME New drug to be made available to help smokers quit APIRADEE TREERUTKUARKUL An anti-depressant drug, proved to be effective in tackling smoking addiction, will be offered under the universal healthcare scheme to encourage long-term smokers to quit the habit. Prateep Tanakitcharoen, deputy secretary-general of the National Health Security Office, said Nortriptyline would be added to the national drug list to help reduce the cost of treating smoking-related illnesses. It will be offered to patients under the scheme to help them quit smoking. The drug costs only one baht a tablet and each smoker needs 270 tablets over a period of three months to increase his chances of quitting, said Somsri Pausawasdi, president of Healthcare Network against Tobacco Consumption. ''Although Thailand has been praised worldwide for its efforts to control tobacco, the country could still do more to improve access to treatment among smokers,'' she said. An estimated 11 million Thais are smokers. Each year, about 60 billion baht is spent on treating smoking-related illnesses, such as lung cancer, bronchitis, heart and cardiovascular diseases. More than 50,000 Thais die of tobacco-related diseases each year. Katha Bunditananukul, president of Thai Pharmacy Network for Tobacco Control, said Nortriptyline had more side-effects than newer drugs, including dry mouth and throat, and headaches. However, the newer ones were also more expensive. Tests over 20 years had shown that the drug could help tackle long-term smoking addiction. Many domestic and international studies show a strong link between depression and smoking. He believed making Nortriptyline _ a second generation tricyclic anti-depressant marketed under the trade names Sensoval, Aventyl, Pamelor, Allegron and Nortrilen _ available under the universal healthcare scheme would strengthen tobacco control efforts. In February, authorities imposed a ban on smoking in entertainment outlets. The ban covers air-conditioned bars, pubs, discos and clubs. The Tobacco Control Research and Knowledge Management Centre at Mahidol University is studying its effects. The number of young Thai female smokers has increased by 10%, according to a survey of 3,093 female students. New smokers are as young as 12 years old. Staporn Jirattananon, campaigner for the Action on Smoking and Health Foundation, or ASH Thailand, said tobacco companies developed sales strategies such as offering flavoured and thin-sized cigarettes to draw females. Few anti-smoking campaigns focused on female smokers. This resulted in an increase in female smokers not only in Thailand but all over Asia
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