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  1. Dumsoda

    The Ashes

    new rule....Coin toss...Heads, Tails or Head Butt.....LOL
  2. Dumsoda

    Server Problems

    Is that a promise.....555
  3. Dumsoda

    Hugh Hoy Coming To Town!

    Hi guys....really sad that I can't make it tomorrow....still recovering from Kong's 40th....555555....Farrrrkkkk is it that long ago....gettin' old Bro Cav...please pass on my very best wishes to Tom Hope you guys have a really great day....have 1 or 3 for me Cheers DS / DC
  4. Dumsoda

    Soi 7 Beergarden To Close?

    WRONG BuBi ...If my old memory serves me well KS is a "Pepsi" man Cheers DS / DC
  5. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    Is that Drool.....or Dribble?? 555
  6. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    Is that those guys we met last year??? The ones with their walkers parked next to 7/11\ Remember.....they would not let share a beer 'cos ours weren't in brown paper bags....LOLOLOLOL
  7. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    55555....you talkin' bout me boy...... I'm told there are a few that are not pased their use by ode....but I wouldn't know
  8. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    Sure is mate. hope you're keeping well. We moved since last time you were here, No Guest rooms any more but better location and building. Fast coming up 4 years in Nong Khai ...tine flies ! All is well here...a great lifestyle.....new restaurant has some stunning photo's hanging on the walls Stop by next time you're going "over the eiver" Cheers DS / DC
  9. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    Airport mini bus ....Udon airport to NK is 200 baht door to door, Going back 150, but leaves from depot, not door to door pick up. Approx 50 minutes each way. Would love to catch up again...It's been a long time since Bradman's
  10. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    G'day mate, hope so....Might even give me an excuse to cross the River. Hope you're both keeping well. Give our love & best wishes to the Boss Cheers DS
  11. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    Just to conform....all details are now correct on Trip Advisor, Facebook & Google maps Jing Joe Nong Khai\ Cheers all
  12. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    Mate, will be great to see you. Looking forward to catching up on all the goss.... I'll put a botten of Jack aside for the celebrations Cheers DS / DC
  13. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    NIKE.....Just Do it.......5555
  14. Dumsoda

    Dumsoda Is Still Kicking!

    Thanks guys.....It was great to catch up with Cav and chew the fat over a few cold ones It's been a long time Been up here 4 years now....and loving it Busty boy...thanks for the kind words....been a long time mate....Hope you're keeping well Waerth....for God's sake man this is LOS.....never too far away from a kitten or 3 Me....retired...Monoggy mouse for 5 years now....never been happier in my entire life We are working our butts off....but life is good To all our old buddies....YES....Cav & I talked about you all....LOL Hope life is treating you all well and you guys are as happy as I am Anyone coming up to the Border....give me a call and let's down a few cold ones Cheers DS / DC
  15. Dumsoda

    Dogs At The Table

    555555555555555555 busty....busty....busty..... Cum'on mate.....how many times have you been sat at a table with a "Dog" on your lap lolololol Maybe the tiger should post some pics......hahahahahaha Beer goggles and all