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  1. All I see there is one ugly 28-year-old NBA player relaxing with a couple of basketballs.
  2. Guy Himmaparn

    Global RIP thread

    How do you think he felt about JFK?
  3. Guy Himmaparn

    Soi 7 Beergarden To Close?

    So glad to hear all is well on Soi 7! (What still remains of it... )
  4. Guy Himmaparn

    Thailand Offers Course For Women Who Marry Foreigners

    Anyone who buys that has never set foot in a bar in Thailand.
  5. Guy Himmaparn

    Bad News, Guys

    It seemed to me that place had been going downhill for the last 3 or 4 years. The quality and attitudes were so bad that I didn't bother to finish my drink the last time I was there in February.
  6. Guy Himmaparn

    Thailand Ranked Among The Cheapest Places To Buy A Beer

    That's 3 they missed... how many more errors in this survey? I guess that's what happens when you get your data off the internet instead of doing a bit of footwork.
  7. Guy Himmaparn

    No More Stickman?

    Thank You, Goodbye It looks like it really is the end of the stick... Please keep your fellow BMs posted on your new & future escapades Kuhn Stickman!
  8. Guy Himmaparn

    What's Going On With Korean Airlines?

    Try EVA Air. IMO better than Korean, Japan, Cathay, or any of the US carriers. https://www.evaair.com/
  9. Guy Himmaparn

    No More Stickman?

    Say it ain't so! https://www.stickman...he-end-is-near/ I'll miss your photos and unique insights... been a fan since you started around the time of the old Friday meetings at Woodstock. Fingers crossed...
  10. Guy Himmaparn

    North Korea's Latest Missile Test

    Looking at that graphic it appears the launch site was closer to Japan than N. Korea. This pudgy douchebag keeps pushing the limits of what the rest of the world will tolerate as he continues to starve his people. Any predictions from BMs on the outcome of this escalation?
  11. Guy Himmaparn

    Who/what Is This Woman?

    Michelle Carter Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter, waiting to hear from the judge how long she's in for...
  12. Guy Himmaparn

    For Fucks Sake You Cunts

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ She appears to have adopted an AMERICAN diet....
  13. Guy Himmaparn

    Bill O'reilly Sacked

    Rumor has it that Maxine Waters will not only step up to fill the time slot but also be singing the new "Factor" theme song: "it's a Man's World."
  14. Guy Himmaparn

    Alonso To Miss Monaco Grand Prix For Indianapolis 500

    And another DNF for poor Fernando...