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  1. Dear Foxy, Thanks for all of the information. I was thinking of staying at the Sandy Springs but it would have been in 2 weeks time!!!! Once again thanks for all of the info. Fatbastard33
  2. Thanks for the replies. Is the Sandy Spring guest friendly? Cheers Fatbastard33
  3. Hi guys, I have not stayed in the Pattaya Centre Hotel, Soi 12, Pattaya for several years and it was then "guest friendly". Is that still the sitution now? Cheers Fatbastard 33
  4. RugDoctor36 wrote: "Pussy is gold!!! Why else would you fucking wankers fly off to some shithole like Bangkok? You go for the pussy! Pussy hairs pull fucking trains. Fuck, the Thai people have built a whole fucking tourist industry on the backs of the cute little thai gurls. Who the fuck are we kidding thinking that American chicks are sooo fucking evil and satanic. The way I see it, you can have a Thai girl and support her whole fucking family or an American bitch who is ready to tear you up like a paper plate and throw you away like a dirty diaper unless you put up with her fucking arrogant shit. Life just aint fucking fair...no matter how you cut it!!" Dear Doctor, how much do you sell your Angry Tablets for?? Fatbastard33
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