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  1. Is it true that Taxi drivers now have to put their meter on, if not you can take a pick of their photo on the dash and report them for trying to negotiate.
  2. Hi All Any hotel recommendations for this area, as I might be planning a trip in March 2018
  3. Sad to say as I had stayed at this hotel over twenty years some great memories and some sad memories I loved the car park rooms, I was told today the Honey will be closing it's doors on the 30th of September 2017, I know a lot of people didn't like this hotel but they where the same face still working there from 20 years ago. Now having to find another hotel around 900-1000 Bhat a night.
  4. There is a bus from Ekkamai Bus Station leaves 0745 5 hour bus trip and takes you right to the boat station to get across to the island cost around 300 Bhatt
  5. Had a look at some Ekkamai and it looks like there is a bus to Koh Chang so I might go down and have a look when I'm there next week.
  6. Hi All is there a bus from Ekkamai station Bangkok to Ko Chang or do I have to get one in Pattaya. Some hotel recommendations if anyone knows any. Thais say Koh Chang booking.com Ko Chang
  7. I saw that link when I googled it, but I want to hear from people who have been there in person, I'm assume there are bar girls there from some of the YouTube videos I watched.
  8. Hi All like to go somewhere different I'm thinking Kanchanaburi, Thailand any night life and hotel recommendations and is it worth visiting. I have been there for the tigers but there was a little city we stopped at a few miles before getting to the river Kwai .
  9. Alfmaz

    Somboon Seafood

    Thanks all looking forward to it, getting out of Sydney it's too cold shorts and T-Shirts for me.
  10. Alfmaz

    Somboon Seafood

    I was told about the Patpong one from my friend but it looks like a bit of a walk from the skytrain, Ratchada is closer to the under ground and a few stations away from Terminal 21 Asoke near where I'm staying. The other ones in Chitlom and Siam look expensive for the workers crowd possibly.
  11. Alfmaz

    Somboon Seafood

    Thanks Pretendingtobemale I'll try it when there next month I usually go to Rama 9 shopping center only two more stops, was the menu in English knowing the area it would have been mostly Thai's
  12. Alfmaz

    Somboon Seafood

    Hi Stickman did you go to the one in Patpong
  13. Alfmaz

    Somboon Seafood

    Hi All Has anyone been to this chain of restaurants in Bangkok if YES are the reasonably priced or over charging. My friend said it's very good but he would pay high prices. Thanks in advance. http://www.somboonseafood.com/index.php/en/branch/index
  14. Honey Hotel Suk Soi 19 900 Bhatt with pool rooms have been painted new air con car park rooms are the best avoid reception
  15. When family or friends visit BKK not looking for TG I always recommend City Lodge Suk Soi 19 near everything they have all enjoyed there stay, all my other freinds looking for TG Honey Hotel.
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