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    Thai Public Holidays 2010 - Can You Get A Drink?

    Thank you. This was observed to be correct advice.
  2. rickfarang

    Thai Public Holidays 2010 - Can You Get A Drink?

    Hey...its 2009! What about Saturday, Dec. 5th?
  3. rickfarang

    Availability of insulin in Thailand

    A friend is planning to visit Thailand in the near future, and he is an insulin dependent diabetic. He wants to know whether he will be able to buy insulin without any problems. In the U.S., one can buy insulin and even insulin syringes without a prescription. Can he buy these in Thailand without having to visit a clinic? Thank you in advance.
  4. rickfarang

    Availability of insulin in Thailand

    He probably will, but its important to know if he will have trouble getting more if need be. Thank you for your detailed reply, Spiceman. I think I will ask what kind of insulin he uses and then check its availability with a pharmacist here.
  5. rickfarang

    Carrying Passport in LOS

    Good catch.
  6. rickfarang

    Carrying Passport in LOS

    A few years ago, when the Chaing Miaw immigration office had a website that included form in which Thai Immigration officials answered questions about visas, etc. they mentioned that only immigration officers are empowered to ask to see a foreigner's passport. That was a number of governments ago, but a member of the Royal Thai Police, while empowered to ask for identification, does not (according to that now defunct site) have anything to do with your immigration status. Having said that, as jack_schist points out, the policeman who stopped you to pick up a little cash doesn't care and doesn't want to hear it. He just wants the cash.
  7. rickfarang

    Inter-region fees

    I just noticed an announcement on Krung Thai's website saying that the inter-region fee will increase to 0.08%. Anybody have any idea of the concept behind these fees? I realize it might just be that they charge these fees because they can and we will pay them.
  8. rickfarang


    Mine is usually over 3500 baht per month as well. This is a much smaller house than the one I last lived in in the U.S., which cost about the same for air conditioning (and it was in Arizona!). I chalk up the difference to the poorer or nearly non-existent insulation in the walls and ceilings. I guess you can pay the money when you build the house, or just slowly let it bleed away in increased electricity bills.
  9. rickfarang

    swampooie are of Bangkok

    Swampy-Boomie Airport
  10. rickfarang

    Just booked my flight

    Congratulation! This gives you plenty of time to save up for that dream vacation.
  11. rickfarang

    Penis enlargement pills advert BKK POST

    Look again: Those aren't pills. They're warts! Why do they advertise things that are not efficacious? Because they want to make money, and besides, what harm would it do?
  12. rickfarang

    Airport Smoking Alert

    If nicotine gum doesn't do it for you, you might want to try an electric cigarette. It gets around "no smoking" laws, but you would still have to put up with dirty looks and a lot of explaining.
  13. rickfarang


    Way past insane, nearing mindlessness.
  14. rickfarang

    Will a US television set work in LOS?

    If your receiver can receive and decode PAL/B or PAL/M, then I agree, the answer is "yes".
  15. rickfarang

    Did You Take A Bath Today?

    I just want to know how they are going to be able to determine whether a person has piercings under their clothes...
  16. rickfarang

    Anyone know of a Thai counselor?

    Begging to differ;there is probably a lot more truth to it than not. But that's only an opinion.
  17. rickfarang

    John Galt's site blocked in Thailand?

    Not sure why this is happening, but good. He deserves to loose more traffic. IMHO.
  18. rickfarang

    Where to get document notarized?

    So...how much did Citibank charge you for? And how many documents did you have notarized?
  19. rickfarang

    Will a US television set work in LOS?

    Not generally. "Analog" television in the U.S. is NTSC while television in Thailand is PAL.
  20. rickfarang

    Self Generated income in Issan & small towns

    BKKdreaming, Buffalo_bill summarizes the problems with starting a business accurately. To make more than the bare minimum wage, she has to have some asset that is scarce. If she has the potential to be a good student, you could sponsor a course of study at a trade school or university. Or you could bestow an asset directly, say in the form of a small truck or a piece of arable land (provided she has the skills and ambition to work it), or an internet cafe, given the caveats already mentioned, can be an excellent way to make an income if it could be situated where there is a ready market. Setting her up with a market, small restaurant, or other business that requires little skill to operate is nearly certainly a formula for failure as BB pointed out.
  21. rickfarang

    Settled in Vegas...come and visit

    Good luck with the quest for a State Department job, Dave!
  22. rickfarang

    Issan : survival on 20.000 BHT ?

    Yes. You can start with 10k, and they would be comfortable. Most likely, they will spend all you provide (I would ;-). If you keep 10k/month of the mentioned 20k in your own pocket, then that would enable you to cover the occasional emergency without wincing.
  23. rickfarang

    Bar Girls Tattoos

    It might be, MooNoi, that you are subconsciously attracted to women with scorpion tattoos.
  24. rickfarang

    HIV 1 and HIV 2

    So, that explains why most tests in this country are for HIV-1.
  25. I find your analogy between driving a motorcycle in Thailand and catching AIDS pretty dumb. I had a motorcycle accident in Thailand, yet I am still here to talk about it. Being diagnosed with an HIV infection is life changing and certainly a death sentence.