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  1. I am sorry if this sounds a bit harsh, but the attitude shown in the above post in one of irresponsibility and selfishness. If you might have been exposed, then failing to test means exposing your "next girlfriend" or other loved one to a grave risk. In my book, this is irresponsible to both her/him and society in general.
  2. Thai immigration used to require certification that applicants for long term visas be free of HIV infection, but several years ago (sometime around 2001), they withdrew the requirement, stating that it would not have any significant affect on the country's overall HIV problem. It would be nice if other countries could become more realistic in this sense.
  3. Somebody wrote: "Use condoms properly with adequate lubrication to prevent breakage and the chances of catching HIV are negligible." Just so the message is not lost: Any odds may seem negligible until you catch it. Also as mentioned in JS's OP and in Free2Fly's post above, being drunk or stoned and around scuzzy women is a recipe for disaster. It used to be that a diagnosis of HIV was a death sentence. In the last several years in the developed world, its more like a chronic condition for many. That doesn't make it any less of a tragedy, and any less devastating to to one's self-image and view of the future -just "less physically lethal." If you think the chances are negligible, then you have not read up on the subject enough, or you have not lived though AIDS with a loved one (yet). Be careful out there. Thanks again, JS, for the reminder. It can happen to anyone, even those who aren't punters.
  4. Ahhhh, CRAP. Thank you for the wake-up call. Some people undoubtedly think they are invincible or at least not unlucky enough. Its a lottery, even with protection, and as in your case, eventually every number can come up. I hope your confirmation test comes back negative. Whether it comes back positive or negative, you will have many good years ahead. Keep posting. Keep your powder dry. Take care. Rick
  5. rickfarang

    Longest walk you have done in Bangkok

    Hard to tell. Six or seven kilometers was the longest. And that's a pretty long way to walk without a hat in this sun.
  6. and 5) Modest. Having met you, I can attest to Fit and Slim, but not in a position to verify #3. I agree with your predictions, as evidenced by the fact that many seem to return to farangland for their final days. I suspect that state-funded healthcare is one of the reasons. I do not think it is easy for foreigners to die while destitue in Thailand. Quite simply, there are no government-supplied free health or welfare services availble to foreigners, and for retired foreigners at least, once you can't come up with the 800K Baht in your bank account, you won't be getting 1 year visas anymore. The 3k to 4k/day figure seems about right as a minimum., not counting healthcare costs.
  7. rickfarang

    Holiday From Hell

    "... nope she gives me the finger and calls me a w*nker." I think that one experience summarizes a large part of differences in culture between LOS and the West
  8. rickfarang

    Holiday From Hell

    Your words ring true. I enjoy my visits to the U.S. - especially the time I spend with family. Everything is clean and works. When you buy products in the department stores, the are very likely what they are labeled to be and very unlikely to be cheap counterfeits. If something you buy doesn't work, you can return it for an exchange or refund. You don't have to keep an eye out for gaping holes in the sidewalk, and you can get in a car and drive 40 km across town for lunch, and it only takes 30 or 40 minutes. People wait patiently in the cue at the 7-11 store, you can buy beer anytime of the day between 08:00 and 02:00. The police are there to serve the community, and you can drink tap water without a worry (most months in most cities.) There are more things in common between life in Thailand and in the U.S. than there are differences, yet similar to your experience in the U.K., life in the U.S. seems soulless and with little meaning compared to that in Thailand. Just why it seems better to live in a place that is hot, smelly and noisy, where I have a lower standard of living, worry about being stopped by the police for a random search/piss test/visa check, and where I am an alien who doesn't understand the language, hence often does not understand what's going on around me, I really can't say. Why is it that coming back to Thailand seems like the switch from black and white to color when Dorothy enters Oz?
  9. rickfarang

    The Thai's and food?

    Only too true. When the wife goes upcountry for a visit, eating Isan food seems to be her top priority. When she returns, she brings back bags of food for herself and family in the area so they can stuff themselves to thier great delight. Then she complains that her jeans don't fit the same anymore... In that respect, Thais are much the same as "westerners", only more so. RickF