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  1. Phil Sphincter..... sorry Spector has died in prison
  2. Now I know why we are called the lucky country
  3. That is either the greatest performance ever seen or Michael Moore is genuinely scared. Whichever this is just so fucked up!!!
  4. Meanwhile as the rest of the world carries on.........
  5. But how many have 74,222,958 followers? I refer to those who voted for him nothing else. But that's a scary prospect.
  6. So fucking dramatic .... So if he's going to Scotland will they let him back in to Amerika?
  7. 55555 God Bless Amerika
  8. Another reason I can't stand watching the game.......Show Ponies and Drama Queens Carry on like that in the NRL or a Rugby Test and your team mates would likely slap you.
  9. Visiting the birthplace of the nation was a sobering experience. I still prefer the original name of the nation but we move on.
  10. My driver in Port Moresby carried a Glock. I used to laugh when he walked through and set off the metal detector at Vision City and the security guards would just have this confused look on their faces. Never got stopped once.
  11. The preferred weapon of choice in Mt Hagen is the cane knife
  12. Joe Strummer bought land is south east asia to protect the jungles and it's habitats but not sure if it was in LOS. Some of his best work.....😀
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