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  1. I actually read where the Tourette's community praised Edward Norton for his portrayal
  2. I have put Motherless Brooklyn on my "to watch" list. Anyone seen it? Should I put a line through it?
  3. bust

    The New Yorker Cafe

    Sheik Yerbouti
  4. bust

    The New Yorker Cafe

    I do remember some hostility erupted when fat girls were posted in a certain thread in the member's section
  5. bust

    Nong Khai Bars

    If my memory serves me correct, when I visited Dumsoda a couple of years ago there were a few small bars still among the market on the riverfront
  6. bust

    The New Yorker Cafe

    That's just plain weird ...... both the gif and the fact you posted it
  7. bust

    Prison Tourism

    Been to the women's section of the "Big Tiger" a few times.........horrible place. Nothing appeals to me less than incarceration.
  8. Derek Ho the first Hawaiian surfer to win the world surfing championship.
  9. Washington Redskins
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