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  1. bust

    The Covid-19 thread

  2. About to book a flight to LOS for the end of March. Gee there's some great hotel deals at the moment... Many seem to be cancelling. Thoughts!!!!
  3. Any recommendation for a decent course close to central BKK. Few mates arriving who want to have a round in the new year but really don't want to have to travel too far
  4. Dollhouse New Years Eve is housekeeping's worst nightmare nightmare
  5. Anyone know if Dollhouse are still continuing their New Years Eve tradition? I haven't been since Darel passed away.
  6. bust


    Australia's version of Bill O'Reilly......say no more
  7. bust


    Why am I not surprised to see Steve Price aka (Angry Dwarf) on that Facebook page
  8. Although Kiwis beat Wales fairly comfortably they seemed a shadow of their former self. Could be a time of Rugby Wilderness for the mighty All Blacks
  9. I remember in 2015 England put out a bit of a piss take on the Haka loosely based around the Macarina. Lot of good it did them as they never made it further than the Pool rounds and New Zealand went on to win it.
  10. I think it is more protocol than a rule. The rule is a simple one stating the opposition cannot cross the halfway line at kickoff. The Haka is performed at kick-off.
  11. Not long enough .....
  12. What an idiotic comment considering NZ lost
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