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    Isn't providing false information on your arrival card enough to have your visa cancelled? He signed it and my understanding is only infants are allowed to have someone else fill it out. Apart from that the guy is an arrogant knob. This pretty well sums up your question Coss
  2. Yeah that's because nobody is aware of what he is doing which I have a massive issue with. If I am in a bar on Soi 4 or Nana Car park or wherever I am dam sure I don't what some creep filming me. Bit of a no brainer IMHO
  3. That was an epic trip. I still have all the pics. One of my favorite shots i have ever taken was of Darlek on that trip. Not trying to be a dick just can't help myself 😀
  4. Someone is upset she isn't 12
  5. MPIH Fan of the music not necessarily the person. Some of his work especially his ballads I enjoy rather than his old work. Lindy Morrison is the drummer you are referring to. They also had Amanda Brown on violin. She also played with Died Pretty who had the hottest cellist Sarah Peet. Trying to remember if it was you I was with when we stopped at a Molarn festival with the coyote dancers. Will try and find the pic.
  6. So nice to be discussing someone of respectable age and gender. I won't deny I am a huge Nick Cave fan and the fact he covered one of his songs might just be a testament to his talent.
  7. Didn't he do a series of shows? I am pretty sure Folsom and San Quinten maybe.
  8. Gotta be some mutual respect going on here
  9. Did manage to see them live in Sydney.
  10. David Bridie recently did a documentary on his time in PNG Jah Wobble is working with a orchestra from Beijing.
  11. Always enjoyed a good collaboration between different cultures. MPIH should recognize both of these.
  12. The son of Bette Nesmith the inventor of liquid paper
  13. Nope not just you as you can probably tell......
  14. I'm pretty sure Hendrix or SRV didn't have Youtube channels so hard to say. Petty Rock is a dime a dozen young guitarist but for some reason certain people seem to have an unhealthy infatuation with her 🙄 Only Thai female artists I have every really liked is Yellow Fang probably because I have a liking for indie music.
  15. Definitely same girl but different guitar. Name comes up in the credits
  16. I actually think that girl features in the 100 Stairways video. 6.02
  17. But that's the irony of why he put it together 😀 In Australia it has a long history of being the most overplayed song which is why it became a bit of a joke amongst many There was a show on the ABC called Andrew Denton's Money or The Gun which finished every week with a different artist performing the song. Think even Rolf Harris appeared once. I also put it up there with Hotel California as well as Wish You Were Here
  18. Celebrating 50 years my friend Tom put this together
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