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  1. What's Rangoon to you is Grafton to me! A quintessentially Australian gonzo rant. I will see if I can find a link.
  2. bust

    Musk vs Sagan

    Useful to the rest of us.....himself perhaps
  3. You do realize in certain parts of the world it's only 7 days old
  4. Is this type of example porn or erotica?
  5. That's a very interesting pic 🤔
  6. Behind The Green Door didn't get a mention either. They were released around the same time I thought.
  7. For those interested https://www.oldest.org/people/porn/
  8. Yep heard that earlier..... Still one of my favorites It was Christmas Eve babe In the drunk tank An old man said to me, won't see another one And then he sang a song The Rare Old Mountain Dew I turned my face away And dreamed about you
  9. Noble Prize winning "Warmonger" Henry Kissinger dies age 100
  10. Not a film but a documentary. Andrew Tate: The Man Who Groomed the World? I reckon he may come up near the top of the list if you Google "Misogyny"
  11. bust


    I do like Party gate
  12. bust


    Unfortunately probably spot on. The hijacking of morality 😕
  13. bust


    Maybe because they don't have a voice in most situations which kind of defines the definition of innocence, the absence of understanding or control.
  14. I remember now it was the imbecile welding in the fireworks factory 🙄
  15. Didn't something similar happen recently during another drill or training exercise?
  16. Have been watching this over the past couple of weeks. Interesting to see how it plays out. https://www.irrawaddy.com/opinion/guest-column/revolution-and-the-escalating-collapse-of-myanmars-junta.html
  17. Gee where did you pluck that one from? Under the floorboards 😃
  18. Heinrich Schaefer!!! 😕 I thought it was Aussie Joe Bugner not long after he fought Ali
  19. Evacuation. The exclusive and incredibly moving inside story of Operation Pitting: the British Military's life-or-death race to bring thousands to safety in the evacuation from Afghanistan. How a few people behind desks can have such a life changing impact on so many.
  20. bust

    Any New Jokes

    Back before political correctness went too far and you could punch a dart with Goofy
  21. ? That's odd. Board glitch I see what you mean. Might even be my laptop. I have noticed a annoying lag in it at the moment. I do remember though adding the comment and it not being visible when I returned to the topic so I added it again. Time for an upgrade me thinks Oh and I am not sure how to feel my career? 😋.
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