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  1. How about becoming a board sponsor then...
  2. "I guess when you're tiny like me you can pretty much hang me upside down and drill my little pussy like I was a bag of rice. But I don't mind. The feeling of having a cock gouge into my fuck hole with enormous pounding and pressure is my favorite thing in the world. Then it's up to him where he wants to shoot his massive load. Sometimes in my mouth or on my face, or my favorite inside my tiny womb." Yep....all class
  3. So if I can get some signs put up around SC and NP saying if a strange girl offers to "Love You Long Time" Say No......you will give me credit? Maybe a extra big one at WS....
  4. What a bizzare story. So Feun was shagging Carly while Del Pinto was away...
  5. Yeah like it's going to be in the papers. I do remember one story about a guy being extradited from Taiwan for offing a few farangs and reported to be a member of the Thai Mafia. Think it was the Bangkok Post.
  6. Ummm....didn't someone say that about 40 posts ago. Mate don't know you but to put it bluntly I think your a bit of a dill. Quiet obvious from the beginning this was personal and you were out for revenge. I still don't think you've been up front with what really happened to you. Be smart and count your losses. The only thing you are going to get from your little crusade is trouble.
  7. Isn't it now only 11........I heard they sold one to an Saudi tourist.
  8. Sounds good.....animal vegetable or mineral
  9. Yep....got the new Motorola ready to go.......it does mean we will have to put up with crap OH enters though. Oh well we've survived before.
  10. Hope your going to start with saving yer own soul first.....or was that your arse that needed saving... I forget...
  11. This thread reminds me of a story a Blackjack dealer told me when I was on my first visit to Vegas. He said it was amazing the amount of people who blew their entire holiday budget on the first night in town. Often he said the wife and kids were oblivious to what was going on until thay had to turn the car around and head home. Common denominator......like someone else called it ....greed.
  12. Can't be much left on that axe.... Just out of interest were your nephews scammed before or after you worked for the tour company?
  13. I think it is called street wisdom Munchie.
  14. Nah......I don't think they would try it on besides I eat there 2-3 times a week. Fark they have some cute girls working there.
  15. Fair enough......just thought there was more to your post than met the eye. Reality is you don't have to be in LOS to get scammed. Took my 2 sons to a local Thai restaurant the other day for some Khao neo mamuang. They wanted greasy fries but I stood my ground. Anyway I order and we take a seat. They had a some rather large mangoes on display and the mother (family run) removes 2 from the glass cabinet. So the 2 plates arrive and although there was plenty of mango it appeared she had only cut up one and divided it between the the servings. Minutes later she delivers a single plate of Khao neo mamuang to the Thai couple at the next table and guess what....the plate contains a whole mango. I looked at her and then at their plate and then at the two plates sitting at our table then back at her. She seemed to acknowledge my observation but just looked away. We finished and payed the bill and I will never eat there again. The ironing lady wants to go in and say something to them but not sure if I could be bothered.
  16. This all seems very personal by the OP. Also seems very certain about who he is identifying as a scammer. Does he have proof of this? Big difference between a scammer as someone just out trying to make a baht. Are touts also scammers in your eyes? Something tells me there is more to this than some friendly information... A victim perhaps of some elaborate scam.
  17. bust

    Any New Jokes

    Two guys are arguing over who has the dumbest missus. First guy says "mine so dumb she just went out and bought a car but can't drive" Second guy says " you call that dumb.....mine so dumb she's just gone away for a weeks holiday with her girlfriends and took 4 boxes of condoms and she hasn't got a cock"
  18. bust

    Any New Jokes

    A man named Leroy is drinking in a bar and President Bush is giving an address on the radio in the background. Leroy looks at the bartender and says, "Yeah, me and George go a long way back, used to hang out together and do alot of fun things before he became President..." The bartender looks at him and tells him he doesn't believe him. Leroy asks for the phone, dials the White House and asks for "George". He talks for awhile joking and laughing and presently hands the phone to the bartender who is flabbergasted to be talking to the President of the United States. A couple of weeks later, Leroy comes back into the bar. They are watching a golf tournament and Tiger Woods comes on the screen for a putt. Leroy is like "Yeah, ole Tiger and I go way back..." At this the bartender figures Leroy is full of it so he bets him twenty dollars that Leroy is trying to put one over on him. Leroy grabs the phone and dials and presently is talking animatedly with someone who seems to be named Tiger. Bartender steals a glance at the TV screen and sure enough, Tiger is talking on a cellular phone; Leroy hands over the phone and the bartender just shakes his head as he discovers that sure enough, it is Tiger on the phone and hands over his twenty dollars. About a week later Leroy comes in once again and this time the Pope is on the television giving a televised benediction. Leroy is like "Yeah, the Pope and I go way back, to before he became Pope". Now the bartender is sure that he has him. After the bet the men purchase flights and head for Rome for the moment of truth because the bartender is thinking the phone won't be good enough for this one. They are standing in the crowd at the Vatican watching the Pope and as the Pope finishes the Mass, Leroy works his way through the crowd, up the steps, and the bartender is amazed to see him shake hands and the conversation appears to be that which would be expected between long acquaintances. Presently, Leroy and the Pope come out into the crowd to meet the bartender and Leroy sees the bartender sprawled flat on his back, passed out cold, and looking pale. He splashes water over his face and shakes him until the bartender finally starts to come out of it. "What happened?" asked Leroy. The bartender replied: "While you were talking to his holiness, some little old lady tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I knew who that was up there talking to Leroy..."
  19. bust

    Any New Jokes

    Have you herd about the new Bar Girl mood ring? It turns blue when she's in a good mood, and leaves a red mark in the middle of your forehead when she's not.
  20. bust

    Any New Jokes

    Just for you Munch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQiarWZruCc
  21. bust

    Any New Jokes

    A young boy walks up to his father and says "Dad... What's the difference between theoretically and actually?" The father pauses for a moment, scratches his head and says "Come on son I'll show you." They walk into the kitchen where the mother is preparing dinner. He stands beside her at the kitchen sink and says "Honey, if the milkman came to the door and offered you a $1,000,000 to have sex with him and nobody would ever know, would you do it?" She looks at him smiles and says "I guess as long as nobody ever found out, yep I'd do it." He then takes his son into dining room where his older sister is busy at the table studying. He pulls up a chair beside her and says "Honey, if the milkman came to the door and offered you a $2,000,000 to have sex with him and nobody would ever know, would you do it?" She looks at him smiles and says "I guess as long as nobody ever found out, yep I'd do it." He then turns to his son and says "Well there go. Theoretically we're sitting on $3,000,000 but actually we live with a couple of sluts."
  22. Hi Chris.............sorry to hear about the news. Another board member rang and told me and I was kinda numb when I heard. I am guilty of unprotected sex but I justify it because I am not a punter but the reality is you can never be 100% sure. I have a test every six months as I know there a windows. I have a very close friend who has been carrying the virus for maybe 12 years now. Contracted it from a katoey....but that's a whole other story. They were in a long term relationship and she eventually died from AIDS. He on the other hand made a conscious decision to fight it with all the means available. Like you he is fortunate enough to have the financial resources to get the best possible treatment, but it is a constant effort he maintains and his health is unchanged for 12 years. I believe one day there will be a cure and I believe it is not far off. My advice to you I give knowing how my friend has dealt with his life since he was diagnosed. The first and most crucial thing he changed was his diet. I believe that a healthy body is the first step in addressing this. Secondly a healthy mind full of positive affirmations and a belief in yourself and the desire to fight this battle with all your strength. Surround yourself with positive people and draw on their support whenever you need to. I wish you the best in your journey. Bust
  23. Yesterday during the evening commute, talk radio was alive with seething gun nuts. Their big fix for the mass murder at Virginia Tech was to arm ALL the teachers and arm ALL the students. â??Thatâ??s how they do it in Israel and they donâ??t have that problem!â? shouted the corn-fed, all-American caller. Is Israel the bastion of peace and harmony on the planet? Nope. Not by a long shot. The TV was all awash in hand-wringing, what-ifâ??s and live reports. There are 32 dead bodies in America! The NRA have been lobbying for some time now for all teachers to be armed. The latest comments have suggested arming students as well. If you have the time, watch the Tom Mauser interview. The guy who has led a push for gun control after his son was killed at columbine. http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/
  24. I loved the argument by the NRA that if all the students were armed they could have returned fire. Can you imagine the death toll then. Maybe everyone should walk around with a couple of six shooters slung around their hips.
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