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  1. i want to change my password

  2. Hi guys i have just starting taking a low does of colestorol tablets(rosuvastatin) and the dreaded tablets for gout(allopurinol) question is can you get this medication in thailand, as in do i need to go to the doctor to get a script so to speak or can i get it at the pharmacy. cheers t minus 9 days and counting
  3. what questions should i have asked?. I went in and asked them about visa's, told them i wanted to stay a year or so and then i should be eligible for retirement visa. They informed me about the o visa's and the like, and told me i could only get multiple entry if i was doing business, volunteering, or studying and i would need like a reference to confirm this. so as i said above they told me it was tourist visa which would give me 3 entries each of 2 months. So if i should have said something else let me know if there's a way around it. it would be great to be able to get 2months then an extension for a month and so on , as stated then i could stretch it out to 9 months if thats legal. cheers G
  4. if that is indeed the case then that would be much much better i think.
  5. just been to the Thai embassy in brisbane. They tell me i cant get a multiple entry visa, because im not doing business or volunteering or studying. Tell me i can get tourist visa which will allow me to get 3 entries each of 2 months, so 6 months in total, then i would have to leave the country and go to another embassy and apply for the same visa to give me the extra 6 months. But nothing changes as in its upto that consulate as to wether they will give me another visa of the same to be able to max out 1 year. Anyway around this, ie is this true thoughts help and guidance appreciated
  6. thanks for the replies guys, and oh no i dont want a river view thanks lol. Condo doah never even thought about that great suggestion, as for budget i dont have one really, i just know ill be there for at least a year, 48 going on 49, if i go soon, and stay for just a tick over a year then i hit the magic 50 and can apply for the retirement visa, so in short at least a year, sprinkled with short trips here and there, maybe incorporating them with the visa runs ill have to do i suppose.
  7. Hi guys looking for you opinions on the best places to stay in pattaya close to the action but not to close, have stayed from high end to low end lol, but just looking to stay in a decent place thats comfortable for a long term stay nor wanting to watch my pennies but dont want to waste them on something i really dont need if that makes sense.
  8. thanks guys, clear as mud lol, think my brain is scrabbling already just thinking of the return. The study thing i could see being a hassle if i trip around unless they have the same brand of school in different locations, I wonder if i triped out for a week or two at a time to say lao or burma or the like would they see that as me not honouring my tuitalige?. So im thinking most are leaning towards a multiple entry visa is that correct, and with that every tree months or just before i would have to do a visa run, or say go and visit lao for a week or so, then on re-entry provided i fly i would get anothe 3 months(have i got that right)how long would i be allowed to do that for, and do i go to the thai embassy in brissy to get this? sorry to be a pain guys but thanks for your help so far
  9. thanks for the info so far, im 48 so i miss the retirement visa by 2 years i think? But that is an option once i get to that age for sure. I have heard an O visa or something like that which covers you if you work or study so i suppose i could say im studying thai lol. so with the non imig visa you have to go in and out every 3 months, so how long could you use that type for, i was trying to maybe cut the hassles if i could of doing the visa run thing if possible, for a while anyway.
  10. hey guys, and gals if there are any on here lol. Im looking at triping around thailand for a year or so, have to escape life for a while. How do i go about it. Do i contact our own immigration department(australia) of do i have to go through a thai embassy.Do i get a tourist visa, or O visa, what sort of visa do i need all i know is i want to stay a year or so maybe longer, use it as a base maybe go to burma lao that sort of thing. have been to thailand many times but never longer than 45 days, so just looking at the best and cheapest way to do it. Thought i would ask you guys as im sure there are a few aussies on here who have done it or doing it. costs would be great if you know them/ Sorry for being a pain thanks for the help in advance G
  11. There is a clip on the net, maybe some of you have seen it, its a cartoon with the kiwi bird in it. Well some or all will know a kiwi cant fly, but this one wanted to. So in the clip, the kiwi nails all these pine trees or something like that up the side of the cliff. The kiwi then jumps off the cliff down past all the tree tops, which gives the allusion he is flying At the end of the clip a caption comes up, is this the end, then another one which is apt flashes, or just the beggining. go snatch the pebble grasshopper
  12. thanks for the info guys, i must admit the old beer garden has always been a favourite of mine, and the little enlish place on the left hand side of soi 4, always had a good roast and the best orange juice the next morning or afternoon after a heavy night. forget the name of it, not far past morning/night bar across from an irish pub i think.
  13. Hi everyone, gee i havent been on here on in Los on my own for nearly 4 years now, got caught in the dreaded realtionship with a western lady. Oh how i here or the cat calling and howls now lmao. Anyhow i have escaped plucked up the courage to resume my life whoo hoo. I so feel like a newbie again Can i ask a question 2 really? Is the soi 7 beer garden in bangkok still going, i heard it closed, and once i get my feet wet again on here is there a place to search the old forums, so i dont annoy all the old stagers who hate the same questions getting asked cheers people hopefully gullivers is still happening G
  14. allatsea2000

    Go-Go To Hell

    Stay tuned, i dont think she got away, i think this was the start of a not so nice period. i think we will here more. Magical thai women,have the ability to make grown men do stupid things.
  15. allatsea2000


    Thanks Straycat for the quick response. It says your location is bangkok, is that right, r u there at the moment, if so how busy is it. Last time i bought absolute vodka is cost about $28 aussie dollars, i suppose thats about 15 of 16 us dollars. If you get a chance it would be great if you could check it out for me. thanks again
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