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  1. i want to change my password

  2. thanks for the info guys, i must admit the old beer garden has always been a favourite of mine, and the little enlish place on the left hand side of soi 4, always had a good roast and the best orange juice the next morning or afternoon after a heavy night. forget the name of it, not far past morning/night bar across from an irish pub i think.
  3. Hi everyone, gee i havent been on here on in Los on my own for nearly 4 years now, got caught in the dreaded realtionship with a western lady. Oh how i here or the cat calling and howls now lmao. Anyhow i have escaped plucked up the courage to resume my life whoo hoo. I so feel like a newbie again Can i ask a question 2 really? Is the soi 7 beer garden in bangkok still going, i heard it closed, and once i get my feet wet again on here is there a place to search the old forums, so i dont annoy all the old stagers who hate the same questions getting asked cheers people hopefully gullivers is still happening G
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    Thanks Straycat for the quick response. It says your location is bangkok, is that right, r u there at the moment, if so how busy is it. Last time i bought absolute vodka is cost about $28 aussie dollars, i suppose thats about 15 of 16 us dollars. If you get a chance it would be great if you could check it out for me. thanks again
  5. allatsea2000


    He guys, will be in los in about 3 weeks, and am trying to decide what to bring duty free. I have aquired a taste for vodka and red bull, or vodka and v, am wondering if you can buy it off the shelf in the supermarket and at what price. I will be able to pick up a bottle of smirnoff for about $20 australian, just wondering wether i should bother if i can get it just as cheap over there.
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