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  1. Im not that clever, I work from home, and besides I have no reason to hide my identity. Which is more than I can say for most of you with your clever monikers. Gotta say Munchmaster is my fav, imagine that image. Now, since they say there is none so blind as he who refuses to see, and there appear to be so many here who are blind by choice, I have a couple of interesting studies for you to reject, pick apart, and finally ignore the facts: First, a Scottish study that shows a 17% drop in heart attacks within the year after the smoking ban was enacted there. Second, the fact that lung cancer rates in California, which was among the first states to enact a public area ban, are dropping three times as fast as the rest of the United States. OK blind men, have at it.
  2. I thought KS had cleared that up for you a long time ago. No other board handle, sorry. Not now, not ever. Now then, as long as that's cleared up you're OK with 'discerning gentleman'?
  3. I'd call him a discerning gentleman. Hey, did you all read about Gates and Bloomberg getting together to spend $375 million to reduce smoking worldwide, with an emphasis on developing countries? Sounds good to me, but I doubt even that's enough to get some of the hard core smokers here to quit.
  4. I'll bet bmwk75, even walking down Sukhumvit Rd. with a cig hanging from his mouth and a bit drunk, has managed to get laid a few times in the last TWO YEARS. And he's certainly entitled to his opinion, which is that the Thai people have the right to make laws, which he will then respect. They have now made the laws, the problem is those of you who don't think you have to obey them, and hope the corrupt cops won't make you.
  5. Another feeble attempt at humor from a not so bright good old boy. Who knows, that might actually be you with your penis in your zipper. Fully believable to me.
  6. Problem is Munch can't see through his smoke to read thailien8 correctly. Or he was trying to be cute, I'm not sure which. Pretty sure he isn't working for anybody anti-smoking, just annoys him like it does me.
  7. OK, lets just call it 400 posts then. Now how do you feel? Have another cigar. And remember, smoking causes impotence. Especially if you're at Goldfingers or your 'secret' SC bar with the nude fuglies so you can smoke.
  8. Congratulations, you're the first one on page 40. (Or maybe you can't count?) Have a cigar. And no, sadly, this is my only other passion after the girls. And now they're available in non-smoking. I'll take two cute ones. And you?
  9. Whereas in your case, 'we' means you and your big long Cuban seegar-and no girl. Priorities. Wow, nearly 40 pages. Thanks to Man at Work and Munchmaster for keeping the number up on top for all to see. And Thermae is non-smoking? I love it.
  10. Another somewhat incoherent ramble from the pro smoking bunch. If this is what smoking does to your brain, I'm glad I don't. BTW, I think you want to pass that jerk off advice to your pal Munchmaster, as he is still celibate in Dubai. While you're at Patpong enjoying the ancients ply their craft at SOL, stop by Munchmaster's fav. bar Goldfinger where the cigars are apparently more desirable than the girls.
  11. Thats funny, I called it and they said "we've got protesters marching in the streets, but for 20,000 baht we'll head for any bar where you see smoking." It seems like the ban is finally taking hold, with only a few holdouts for those who wish to fondle and suck their ceegars. Or puff their cancer sticks. Speaking of chuckwaa,did you get laid yet?
  12. Three, each several times. The BIB have visited, and somehow I haven't been murdered by the bar owners.
  13. Maybe you could edit your reply again to spell my name right. Your argument, as well several others in the same vein, has already had a response. However, if you have forgotten, I will explain again. While I might argue the many positives of hookers, it is certainly easy enough to see that their dancing nude-whether vertically or horizontally-doesn't affect me except in a good way and by my choice. A smoker in the same room does, in a smelly way and not by my choice. Simple. Get it? BTW, wrap your used condom in tp and discard in the bin to avoid river pollution. You're welcome.
  14. Amazing, isn't it? Heartfelt thanks to all the smokers and their supporters for keeping the phone number front and center. Your insane threats and over the top verbosity are amusing and frightening at the same time. I guess it goes to illustrate what an addictive substance tobacco is. Its hard to imagine that on this board, of all places, people put smoking above boinking. Or even living a long healthy life for that matter.
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