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  1. Champions??? Where old BG's go do die. Obviously you like the more "mature" style of lady, Asia Fun! Unless it's changed, last time I was there the youngest girl was about 35, and the youngest punter was about 85 !! However, one man's stunner is another man's nightmare - YMMV. For me: (In terms of having a fun night out) 1. Peppermint 2. Sweethearts 3. Happy 4. Baby Dolls 5. New Star In terms of best looking girls - and again, just my opinion 1. Airport 2. Iron Club 3. Happy 4. Alcatraz 5. Baby Dolls Windmill and X-Zone and places like that are kind of too hardcore for me and I find them a bit degrading. I like watching hot chicks dancing and flirting. Not being fisted by some 70 year old fat slob.... yeeeech...
  2. Gee, Gobble... you old fart! LOL! In Pattaya, rising at 10.00am *IS* considered early!
  3. Not much to do in Pattaya during the day??? Let's see.... 10.00am: Wake Up 10.05am: Realise there's some random woman lying next to you and try to remember her name. 10.06am: Work out that it doesn't matter if you remember her name or not, and start rubbing your old fellah up and down her back 10.07am: Fight off her protestations and remind her that "long time means boom boom in the morning too!" 10.08am: Have boom boom 11.00am: Remove girl from room after paying her agreed LT rate, have shower and then head downstairs to breakfast 11.30am: Breakfast 12.00noon: Head off to massage in Soi Honey Inn for 200 baht for 1 hour and 200 baht tip for happy ending handjob. Leave smiling. 1.00pm: Head off to Soi 6 (The world's dirtiest street!) 1.02pm: Get cat-called walking down the street, fight off the occasional ladyboy, find dark bar, go inside, find companion, buy ladydrink, buy drink for yourself, diddle on couch for an hour or so, or go upstairs for a short time. (Room 300 baht, ST fee: 700 baht) 2.00pm: Get baht bus down to Tahitian Queen 2 (Day Time A-Go-Go) on Beach Road and enjoy pole polishing, talking with some cute ladies, and an ice-cold beer for an hour or two. 4.00pm: Back to guest house / hotel for afternoon kip and catch up on email and writing trip report for Thai 360! 7.00pm: Head down for dinner at your choice of restaurant. 8.15pm: Hit Walking Street gogos and beer bars, Second Road Beer Bars, Soi LK Metro Gogos, Soi Buakhao beer bars - wherever tickles your fancy! Nothing to do in the day? Gotta be kidding, people! Ah - 16 days until.. but who's counting!! :thumbup:
  4. GD, If you're going purely for sanook and to meet companions on a day-to-day basis or thereabouts, maybe 4 nights in Chiang Mai will leave you a little ...... lonely? A few massage parlours there, and some beer bars, but not exactly a happy hunting ground for players, unless it's changed since I was last there 3 years ago. I'd be changing those 4 nights in Changers to 8 nights in Patters. Just me - YMMV.
  5. MooNoi

    bj options

    You can even have a threesome on your way from Swampypoo to Pattaya, Munchie! :thumbup: The Devil Mobile
  6. MooNoi

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    36 Below, You've mentioned the main option in BKK - Lolitas. A couple of the seedier bars in Soi Cowboy I've seen blow jobs going on... as long as you don't mind getting blown in public. Moonshine Joint, Afterskool, Toy Bar to name but three. Apart from Lolitas, can't really think of anywhere that specialises in it apart from Lolitas, although I'm sure there are other members here who can shed some (Star Of) Light on the situation.
  7. Same as employees in Thai offices! They're all sitting there on MSN chat, Facebook and Farmville! I remember when I was office manager for my job in Thailand, I blocked Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, Gmail from the staff's computers. There was a Thai version of uproar and they didn't talk to me for about a week. So be it - they're there to work, not play bloody games! I tried to tell them that if they spend 50% of their day working, should they then get 50% of their current salary? Needless to say, this didn't sink in at all and they just didn't get it! One girl actually resigned because I blocked access to those websites!
  8. Yeah. And they get sick all the time too. Particularly in Isaan.
  9. Made my day, that post Frash! Reminded me of when I first moved to Thailand (speaking VERY nid noi Thai!) and lived in Krabi for 4 months then moved to BKK.... everyone asked me why I spoke so fast and spoke "Phassaa Tai" (Southern Thai). Didn't realise I did and had to learn everything over again!
  10. Ah... Country Load! I mean... ROAD! With "Life Music" ... where the band (whom I cristened "The Stiffrods") are SO BAD, they're good! Didn't the old singer in the band have lung cancer a while back? Not sure if he's still with us or not.
  11. Yes, what KS said. If you don't like Apple, the new Galazy Tab looks pretty good. Crackberry's PLAYBOOK (I think it's called) looks pretty impressive too and has had some good reviews.
  12. Ah, Red!! How long's a piece of string? Depends if you're talking about quality of girls, amount of blinding shags in relations to bar fines at a bar, P4P vs non-P4P bars, are you with fellow mongers, non-mongers, co-workers on a night out. Too many variables! Anyway, seeing as the nightlife section of this board is primarily to do with mongering, I'll list my top 5 P4P venues. (Bearing in mind #5 isn't a bar per-se, but hey...) 1. Big Dogs - Enterance to NEP Great place to sit in the afternoon and watch the passing cavalcade of humanity arrive at NEP. Bar 4 down the road is a better bar and has nicer girls IMO, but you can't beat sitting on the corner and watching what goes on around NEP as the sun goes down. 2. Shark A-Go-Go - Soi Cowboy I've found probably the most consistent quality in the whole soi in terms of good looking girls. Baccara next door used to be in my top 5 for this reason, but so J-orientated these days, nigh on impossible to get a seat on recent visits and girls far more interested in chasing the YEN than my little ol' baht. 3. Tilac A-Go-Go - Soi Cowboy Good for eye candy, and always had a good time in here. Probably the most "commercial" bar on the strip, but some really nice looking girls in here and, whilst they can be persistent for LD's, they do move on if you politely say "no". 4. Rainbow I - NEP I know it's a shit hole, and Rainbow 3 and in particular 4, seems to have a better reputation, but I've always had a lot of fun in here, and a LOT of cute looking girls to ogle at whilst having a beer. Again, a lot interested in the Japaense guys, but always seem to be a lot of cuties in here when I've come in. Knowing a lot of the dek serves in here for many years probably helps me get "looked after" in here and avoid hassle. 5. Nana Hotel Car Park Whilst not a bar, an amazing place to sit/stand, drink a take-out beer and watch the sex industry at work at the end of the night when the gogos close. Unvelievable some nights that so much sex can be "for rent" in such a small area. Some of the best shags I've had in BKK have come out of this car park. Ah, the memories! Of course, this list is just my opinions and of course others will differ. Interesting to read other's favourites too and get some ideas for the next trip!
  13. They do in Hong Kong - only place I've found in the world where that great Scottish restaurant does 24 breakfasts!! Great when staggering down Nathan Road pissed at 2.00am!!
  14. So I have all this to look forward to. Sigh. :-( Had a lady in Pattaya last week do a colonoscopy of sorts on me. She wasn't medically trained, and I'm not sure what she found, but she seemed to do a decent job of it!
  15. One of the most friendly and attractive girls I have ever met works in Bar 4. Fantastic English, (married to farang before I think from memory), very VERY attractive, and very interesting to talk to - not your usual "what your name, where you come from" scenario. More than happy to buy a couple of Baccardi Breezers for her and opine on various subjects. :thumbup:
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