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    Typical Thai female. Can't seem to understand what they choose not to. So long, board. It was fun many years ago.
  2. Alohameansgoodbye


    Do a search with you as the author and search for the word "American and/or America" Too many posts to mention here but it's clear. All Americans are obese including the soldiers is one that comes to mind. What a fucken ridiculous thing to say.
  3. Alohameansgoodbye


    My initial question was extremely polite to the point, and totally ignored. YOU are the one without courtesy. And........I am still waiting a reply.
  4. Alohameansgoodbye


    Still waiting for your reply there Thai girl person.............
  5. Alohameansgoodbye


    I'm curious......you clearly hate Americans and America. Why do you constantly post about them?
  6. Unless you're Bruce Jenner......then you can make money on a reality show about it.
  7. Huh?? If by the word years, you mean 5 months, then you are absolutely correct! "In February 2012, the B.E.P. printed 512,000 Series 2009 $2 Star Notes, in anticipation of more regular runs being printed later in 2012. Series 2009 $2 bills were issued to banks during the summer of 2012.[25][26] In November 2013, the B.E.P. began printing a Series 2013 $2 bill for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; these notes entered circulation in early 2014. A total of 44,800,000 notes were ordered for fiscal year 2014, which runs from October 2013 through September 2014.[27]" http://en.wikipedia....two-dollar_bill
  8. What a fucking waste of time scrolling as I'm pretty sure no one will read or even care about a fictional fuckwad.
  9. Fucking Americans. Should be eradicated.
  10. Stall was my opinion from the get go. This reinforces that....... Data point to 'unbelievably' steep climb before AirAsia crash: source http://news.yahoo.com/data-point-unbelievably-steep-climb-airasia-crash-source-132236864--finance.html
  11. Newsflash.......Peter Sellers stopped aging when he died 34 years ago.
  12. For in an individual that has no interest in living in the U.S., you sure post about it often.
  13. Thanks again, Cav. Enjoyed myself and rolled back to my room at 430a and had just enough time to pack and leave.
  14. So far, the turnout is a little small. Me and my Montecristo are holding the fort. Hope I have the right place.
  15. If he's around, please do. I have something for him, unless you can be there, I'll give it to you.
  16. Sometimes there are times you seem like you kinda know what you're talking about then there are times like this. Killing a bear or an elk or for that matter any animal, for the most part, is about killing for food, not for sport.
  17. Rarely do you hear of the former while the latter has to be an incredibly miniscule number percentage-wise versus the number of total flights in the world per day.
  18. Yes.....make guns illegal so that the only people with the guns will be the criminals. Brilliant idea.
  19. Awwwww. Maybe they're kinda like the same people that think it's a nightmare to live in a particular country.
  20. Good info. How about Skyy Hotel on Suk Soi 1?
  21. Anyone have anything good/bad to say about this place?
  22. But how can that be?..............quote.............."Is America really the land of the free, I don't think so must it must be one of the worst place on earth to live."
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