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  1. TroyinEwa/Perv

    Drink !

    Moved here a year ago. Married a filipina about 4 years ago. She wants to visit there soon after the shit settles down so hopefully be making a trek in the future.
  2. TroyinEwa/Perv

    Drink !

    I’ve been looking at this quiet board, except for the USA thread that I never should have created, for a week now after a 5 or so year absence. I saw this thread and thought it the perfect one to post in. It’s not Johnny Blue, Glenmorangie or Glenfiddich but my Leo beer with a lime, my JFR Lunatic cigar and listening to Rammstein is a great way to spend a Thursday evening in steamy Arizona.
  3. TroyinEwa/Perv


    Typical Thai female. Can't seem to understand what they choose not to. So long, board. It was fun many years ago.
  4. TroyinEwa/Perv


    Do a search with you as the author and search for the word "American and/or America" Too many posts to mention here but it's clear. All Americans are obese including the soldiers is one that comes to mind. What a fucken ridiculous thing to say.
  5. TroyinEwa/Perv


    My initial question was extremely polite to the point, and totally ignored. YOU are the one without courtesy. And........I am still waiting a reply.
  6. TroyinEwa/Perv


    Still waiting for your reply there Thai girl person.............
  7. TroyinEwa/Perv


    I'm curious......you clearly hate Americans and America. Why do you constantly post about them?
  8. Unless you're Bruce Jenner......then you can make money on a reality show about it.
  9. Huh?? If by the word years, you mean 5 months, then you are absolutely correct! "In February 2012, the B.E.P. printed 512,000 Series 2009 $2 Star Notes, in anticipation of more regular runs being printed later in 2012. Series 2009 $2 bills were issued to banks during the summer of 2012.[25][26] In November 2013, the B.E.P. began printing a Series 2013 $2 bill for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; these notes entered circulation in early 2014. A total of 44,800,000 notes were ordered for fiscal year 2014, which runs from October 2013 through September 2014.[27]" http://en.wikipedia....two-dollar_bill
  10. What a fucking waste of time scrolling as I'm pretty sure no one will read or even care about a fictional fuckwad.
  11. Fucking Americans. Should be eradicated.
  12. Stall was my opinion from the get go. This reinforces that....... Data point to 'unbelievably' steep climb before AirAsia crash: source http://news.yahoo.com/data-point-unbelievably-steep-climb-airasia-crash-source-132236864--finance.html
  13. Newsflash.......Peter Sellers stopped aging when he died 34 years ago.
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