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  1. On 11/28/2010 at 8:21 PM, khunsanuk said:



    Appreciate your effort in this Perv, but like TheCorithian I do not see this working.




    This was from 10 years ago. Apparently it worked too well. Stop the bullshit. 3 people care. The rest don’t. If someone wants to argue semantics, private me. Otherwise, shut down the back and forth childness. It’s embarrassing for all of you smart people.. 

  2. So I have been observing this thread since I’ve come back. There are three people involved in it. Why don’t you guys go private. And by the way, I started this thread, I’m embarrassed what it’s become. I asked KS to delete it but he said he never looks so he doesn’t care but I do. It’s petty like an old woman’s bridge game. Politics are this...anyone can can do the same shitty job. Stfu. 

  3. I’ve been looking at this quiet board, except for the USA thread that I never should have created, for a week now after a 5 or so year absence. I saw this thread and thought it the perfect one to post in. 

    It’s not Johnny Blue, Glenmorangie or Glenfiddich  but my Leo beer with a lime, my JFR Lunatic cigar and listening to Rammstein is a great way to spend a Thursday evening in steamy Arizona.


  4. Do a search with you as the author and search for the word "American and/or America" Too many posts to mention here but it's clear. All Americans are obese including the soldiers is one that comes to mind. What a fucken ridiculous thing to say.

  5. It was considered bad luck in the USA. The tills had no place for $2 bills so shops hated them. They haven't been printed in years. Less popular than $1 coins! :neener:




    Huh?? If by the word years, you mean 5 months, then you are absolutely correct!



    "In February 2012, the B.E.P. printed 512,000 Series 2009 $2 Star Notes, in anticipation of more regular runs being printed later in 2012. Series 2009 $2 bills were issued to banks during the summer of 2012.[25][26]

    In November 2013, the B.E.P. began printing a Series 2013 $2 bill for the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; these notes entered circulation in early 2014. A total of 44,800,000 notes were ordered for fiscal year 2014, which runs from October 2013 through September 2014.[27]"



  6. Sometimes there are times you seem like you kinda know what you're talking about then there are times like this. Killing a bear or an elk or for that matter any animal, for the most part, is about killing for food, not for sport.

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