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  1. I would say don't get divorced again....it will most certainly end differently.
  2. Well......it's a stretch but I guess it's possible they built the terminal back in the early 70's in Italy, filmed the movie, kept it there until the mid 2000's when they moved it as a whole piece to Bangkok. And I guess it's possible that the 'gay chinese bloke' was in that movie as he actually is a medical doctor and has found some way to use medicine to keep his youthful appearance even at his advanced age of probably 70 or so years old. Yeah...it could happen.
  3. The VP follows the same rules as the President as far as eligibility per Article 2 of the US Constitution.
  4. Are you gauging things to come on Thai behavior? Just as one would watch the animal world in the pre dawn of a natural disaster?? Interesting. Maybe their fortune tellers do know something after all.
  5. I am not a pilot but I can tell you that nothing removes alcohol from your system except time.
  6. I knew what it said....thus my over exaggerated sig. Edit...it's actually still there as of 10 seconds ago.......
  7. I believe the unit was being a bit tongue in cheek as your original post said you were going to be IN Korat.
  8. Oh FFS, who cares?? PM was made exactly for this type of shit.
  9. May or may not be true......each state has their own laws on domestic violence charges. You'd have to go through all 50 state's laws to make that statement.
  10. On topic........your devices don't fuck up nuthin'
  11. Not to mention crew positioning, a/c positioning, mail, etc, etc......
  12. That may have been the best fuckin video ever posted. ...............................NOT!!
  13. Now I can rest easy. Charles Barkley weighed in.
  14. Hey Tod Daniels........My post was referring to the passenger boarding in the origin city, not actually entering the destination country. As far as your personal attack, that is your one freebie.
  15. Passengers do not get on airplanes with expired passports.
  16. Bingo.....agreed. Don't really appreciate those saying it's not a big deal. It is a big deal.
  17. Mekong.......wasn't it you awhile back who brought up that overstays wouldn't be treated with kid gloves anymore????
  18. Do not overstay if you can help it. Make a visa run or get the extension.......1900 baht I think. More than the overstay but no reason to have a little check mark next to your name if you can help it.
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