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  1. I've had maybe 6 or 7 girls like that in 13 to 14 years I've been visiting LOS. All of sudden they, the girls change after in the room like Jackill and Hyde. Their personality change is almost amazing....like in Method Actors. They all do this to get more bht out of us but I usually call my front desk and have them leave. One time the security shows up but was on her side for some reason. I had to give her extra 200 bht. She was calling me all kinds of names. chok dii eee It happens to best of us. You just never know.
  2. eee

    Apartment Rentals In P.p

    Hi guys. I've been doing a lot of research on this topic since I'm nearing my retirement. All I can say is." You can't beat Pattaya" interms of apartments and condo rentals. Abundance is the key word there. I've lived on and off in Patty for a long time to know; however I've been traveling to P.I. and other areas and P.P. cambo came to mind since I was there years ago. Even if you pay $600US you won't come close to what you'd get in Patty elsewhere. I love Patty/ LOS but the attitude of Girls have changed over the years as well as the exchange rates. It's a toss up between Patty and else where...maybe Cebu, Phils. Now if I can find a equally as good accomodations in cambo might change my mind. Subic, phils is another city I'm looking into but the housing leaves lil to desire.I've been there and looked into this matter. good luck chok dii eee
  3. Hey. Have not been back for 10 years now. Many expats there now. Are there many apartments or condos to rent there and if so around how much for a small studio? thanx eee
  4. eee

    RIP Don Meredith

    He was really fun to watch during those good old Monday nigte football days. Was something else especially when he broke out ...singing. Entertaining. eee :content:
  5. thanx guys. Oral quick is what I was looking for. chok dii eee
  6. Want to test the gals! not for me
  7. Hi guys. Just read here from somebody that you can actually purchase a HIV test kit there in LOS.Where to get them and how much do they cost?I believe they are saliva based testing kit. thanx chok dii eee p.s. How long do they usually take for the result?
  8. Hi guys. Have not been to LOS in a few years now and that I've never used hotels wi fi to surf the net. My question is are the connections either by wi-fi or directly in the room fast enough to upload a large files. Just saw a guy traveling through europe and uploading his daily experience into a blog with vids. Don't think they were HD quality but probably around 680x460 level. If I'm able to I'd like to upload hd vids of my travels around 4 gigs a day. Like a travel log. Is this possilbe in LOS hotel rooms? thanx. chok dii eee
  9. eee


    I use it on everything. The aromatic scent is amazing. I put extra in vietnamese Bang Mi and in noodle soup. Scent of SEA and latin ammerca. eee
  10. eee

    RIP Bangkok

    Farewell to my 9 year old Dell desktop as well. In the past I've upgraded it with more memory,Drives,card but it was no match for a vicious virus by a software seller. An antivirus software company demanding for me to purchase it or else never get to use my PC again! I've tried everything but couldn't find the original windows XP software that came with. That could have saved my machine by reinstalling it but in the end I was too tired to fiddle with the machine. Now I got myself a laptop with 500 gigs HDD with 4gigs ddr3 memory,blue ray player,back lit HD 17.3 inch screen. So much better than my old machine. My first Toshiba in 1999 cost closed to 2 thousand us dollar with 4.3 gigs HDD. My Dell desk top with pentium 4 with 30 gigs hdd cost 600 dollars. Yes indeed the price of PC has come down a bit. chok dii heythere.
  11. What do you guys think of IPHONE? Nothing new right?
  12. Yes I have actually lived in thailand for at least 2 years in the last 6 years off and on. On one trip in 2002 I was there for 8 months. And unlike many punters I think I'm pretty capable of adjusting to the Thai ways. Some people busted my balls for wanting shag a couple of girls a day. Well!!!!! I won't have that problem anymore. I'll be there in it,if you know what I mean. People don't understand if you are there for a limited time,you have the urge to do as often as possible. This is in reply to Munchmaster who told me I needed help. I should start a new thread asking how often punters do it a day with a multiple partners.(visitors only) no expats. Not my style. SO my answer to you SKIBUM is that I won't be paying all that much everyday for a P4P situation. eee . No car. As I stated before what my overhead will be. The ocean front place is paid for. thank you. eee
  13. Yes Pattaya 127. Minimum is the key word here. As I stated I have a condo which is paid for. The amount originally posted 2 to 4 grand per month including my social security later. I will have that for my travels, medical,food,booze and YES Entertainment!!!! From the posts I gathered that it is possible to retire there now. As for a couple of years down the road, it is up to the Thai economy. If the exchange rate between the USD and the Thai bht changes drastically I might have to change my ways....Entertainment. Thank you all. Hope to have a cold one with you soon. chok dii eee
  14. Robaus. I guess i wanted to hear from a person with a similar situation. Similar interests and life style. Like I have stated before i did have a ball park figure as to how much was enough. I live very modestly here in the states. eee
  15. Many of you have crystallized my thought eloquently. I simply asked how much funds needed to live in Pattaya....minimum!!!!!!!!! Jasmine. Have you read my follow up post? Many mongers indeed do it with mulitiple girls a day. I don't intend to when I move to Thailand though. Don't need to because????? You are in it!! chok dii.. eee
  16. You know many who visit LOS do it with a multiple girls a day. I do this because I'm there for limited time. Want to squeeze as many as possible into my schedule!! Yes I'm HYPERSEXUAL. Addicted to sex,booze,running,tennis and so on. I know I have an addictive personality.Even after a session if I see a cute girl at BIG DOGS or anywhere I get an instant schwiiiiiin. What can I say. no need for Viagra! A Walking Erection or a Fish ring a bell?Guess I need to go see a shrink but I won't cause I like my life just the way it is, thank you. As for the post, I simply asked how much is enough? that's all.If I do better with the business I have, I should be looking at more like 2,500 to 3000 grand a month or more. Plus my social security in a few years. Forgot to mention that in my retirement, I'd probably volunteer and travel the world cheaply. Maybe backpacking. I don't have bucks like JJ sushi so. I had a pretty good idea as to how much funds I need to retire. thanx chok dii eee
  17. forgot to say tell you I'll be receiving Social Security after a few years too..didn't mean to say $2000 enough? but more like what do I need. the minimum amount. thanx eee
  18. I know. I got the bug. The bug to live in LOS.OK know it all expats. I"m due to retire in 6 years. I'll be receiving my pension from my union. My place in Pattaya is already paid for. I have a girlfriend but enjoy hanging out at bars and will probably Bfine a several a week. You get the pics?. I like to cook at home so will probably eat out once a day only,depending on a girl I'm seeing. So a couple of beers and drinks and a few girls a week. What's the least amount of dollars or baht do I need to live on, conservatively to retire in Pattaya Thailand.? I know! depends on the bht to dollar exchange rate too. Go easy on me for I'm not going to be receiving that much. A ball park figure. The reason why I wrote conservatively is because I hear many people on this board spending so much when visiting Thailand. (but they don't live there) I've been there many times but even with 2 short time and a long time per day I don't spend like many of you wrote in the column " No over head. Can I live on 2000 cabbage,dollars a month$. My utilities and UBC and association fee per month should be around $100 bucks. I know a guy who's living on $600.00 a month in Chaing mai. He is not a monger though. I just can't wait to do this. I want your pro opinions. thanx .... EEE Jen gao
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