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  1. addo

    Nong Khai Bars

    There must be some more information out there on Nong Khai, were to go for beer or a feed or maybe some company. Cheers
  2. addo

    Nong Khai Bars

    Hello ladies and Gentlemen, I am considering going to Nong Khai late in December 2011 has any one go ANY information on the bar scene. I have been there a few times but only on day trips from Udon Thani. I have herd of a bar call the jungle bar but thats just about it. Cheers in advance.
  3. All he did was ask a question, if you did not like the question don’t read it no need to flame. Come on guys it’s a forum he asked a question.
  4. No problems mate as I said I usually drink at the Sugar Shack but I do like to have a look around (so many bars so little time) so we may catch up one day. enjoy
  5. Mate I have had a few beers in the Billion Bar in Soi Pattayaland 1 or 2 I forget which one. I only stayed for a beer and watch the world go by I usually drink at the Sugar Shack on the same Soi but go over to the Billion bar every know and again I found the service to be good and the ladies also good for a chat. A mate of mine a few years ago went with one of the ladies on the premises he said it was good not much I’m afraid I hope I helped in some way.
  6. OK I have not read all the posts your friend needs to HTFU there are lots of places in Phuket for entertainment. Christ on his cross I would be happy Kanchanaburi. Or Lop buri or bum Fcuk now were. Has to be a POM
  7. addo

    Lolitas Pattaya

    All I have been to this establishment once or twice and the service in my opinion has been up to my expectations, it's BJ bar not your favorite local beer bar. At most I have had the time to order a beer and a nice young lady has appeared and has “asked to look after meâ€Â. I fine the room are a lot better then the same establishment in BKK (in pats there is a room with a door) and if after or before the deed you can have a game of pool and bar it self is quite nice to sit around in not that I stay round long AFTER the deed also the price for a beer is not to taxing. IMO its better them Soi 6 not so pushy ( I already know I'm a sexy man, some may say fat bastard) I have seen some very pretty girls on my visits to big L's which as a times impressed me. I have rambled on enough but all I can add if you are in the mood give it a blow I mean go.
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