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  1. I would take something that makes me sick i heard only healthy people are to die...
  2. @ mumch U know why they hide their face ? otherwise there would be no one around if they set off the boms..
  3. tipurai sux !!! there are better places for less money coul try PP VILA just oposite of mcdonalds or peony
  4. @ ng , that is T1, what setts me off there is that silver can not take family member there, just walke 2m more to wards the diners lounge ( korea air 1st class lounge), better service, only smaller what f+cked me up last monday, they stopped service alcohol during daylight (5am to 7pm) due to rammadan...
  5. @ NG: was the the T3 lounge or the one at T1? T3 Is WAY better then the T1 lounge and can only be visted by Gold or business also the Emirates lounge an Swampi is impressive in service but still one off the best lounges for booze i sthe Dinersclub in Dubai .. (T1)
  6. Like the Massage places hier in AT the lassies all have their list kissing y/n 3holes y/n some with extra pricetags attached to it but then again there is NO prostitution the los
  7. NOPE then it would be TIGHT ass
  8. Got money from emirates plus a upgrade coupon to business for my next flight with them. ( iflew business that flight using miles) This was in Suvarnabumi
  9. hey just fucked up imho, take a few bulldozertanks, and start driving at 1 KPH into the compound, lets see if they stay. all you need is a driver that is prepared NOT to let go of the throttle and keep driving. maybee the can rent some from china ( chinamen square)
  10. and gives it to the better customers had some great nights in NN bar. drunk as hell usually. to drunk to fck anyway
  11. time to leave town, going to HuaHin might as well stay there..
  12. the turkey john made yesterday was very good, had some fun, but decided to take the 2 girls out for a night of dancing and sanuk there still here chilling and off course eating the minibar ! sanuk !
  13. good to hear the New disco seems to bedoing fine, re: spice to dark, yes, absolutely true WAY to dark there..
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