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  1. I would take something that makes me sick i heard only healthy people are to die...
  2. @ mumch U know why they hide their face ? otherwise there would be no one around if they set off the boms..
  3. tipurai sux !!! there are better places for less money coul try PP VILA just oposite of mcdonalds or peony
  4. @ ng , that is T1, what setts me off there is that silver can not take family member there, just walke 2m more to wards the diners lounge ( korea air 1st class lounge), better service, only smaller what f+cked me up last monday, they stopped service alcohol during daylight (5am to 7pm) due to rammadan...
  5. @ NG: was the the T3 lounge or the one at T1? T3 Is WAY better then the T1 lounge and can only be visted by Gold or business also the Emirates lounge an Swampi is impressive in service but still one off the best lounges for booze i sthe Dinersclub in Dubai .. (T1)
  6. Well better a Hooker then a SLICER
  7. i just bought Tigers Woods book - My Favourite 18 Holes. then i saw it was about golf! i want my money back!
  8. Why do brides wear white when wedding because most kitchen devices are white
  9. Too bad Ive got no time at hand otherwise a stay in BKK would be nice for a change
  10. well that sue is BONEing 32 KG , no flesh, just bones I have another video from her all theatre .. If you want skiny small one , I suggest go to shark on SC, I forgot her nr, skinny, 39 kg, a little bit larger and a little bit more flesh then thainee.
  11. maybee some extra info on the FL places as well..
  12. if shes dry, use some spit in your finges and aplly that to the pusyy, wil do fine The spitting is just so it looks kinky I guess. like the bitch spitting on the dick when sucking .. suck, don't spit bitch...
  13. I had my share of offers last week on TF when I arrive in BKK I will have al least ( that the score after one week) 3 ladies wanting to meet me after hours ( 8 PM ) for dinner dance , rocking and rolling and föcking and ******* all in their prime between 25 and 30, all had webcams and chatted with me with the webcam. ( even then they still wanted to meet me ) one even insisted on seeing me and wanted to take me back to the north to meet her parents , but that 1 is a little bit to chubby 4 me remember its a GAME and they are game & so am i im not in it for the marriage, just for the fun if one is really good, I might take her a week with me down south , but just 4 a week , then my LBFM from Kanchanaburi will enter town and BOY will she be hot and wet( No money for the last two months eje)
  14. In need for game? just find this on TF http://images.thailandfriends.com/picmanager/albums/So/Sonyabkk123/468a1f2a5cf38_Sonyabkk123.original.jpg
  15. time is need, was invited today to come to the north and visit a 26 year old, with absolutely hardly any english skills. but who knows, she might have other skills just be set up for it, have an MSN account, hotmail and so one, be under cover.
  16. on TF there is deffinatelly game yust involve a little and the offers will come. working a few 25-30 years old now. Must invest some time though.
  17. Yummy Yummy http://www.thailandfriends.com/Pinpapra
  18. try this cutie here http://www.thailandfriends.com/pomelo
  19. now if your nice GTG is so good: be very happy, the few parts that are missing yet like giving head can be dealt with ( just visit Lolitas every now and then )
  20. My wife would die if I pead over her shoes, and I would go bankrupt ...
  21. I pised against the bar while drinking ( being completely wasted) something like a blowjob bar but then different
  22. Bankok dental spa, Dr. Lily Did a very good job on me... http://www.bangkokdentalspa.com/ cleaning was done very good. give her my regards.
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