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  1. I pised against the bar while drinking ( being completely wasted) something like a blowjob bar but then different
  2. Bankok dental spa, Dr. Lily Did a very good job on me... http://www.bangkokdentalspa.com/ cleaning was done very good. give her my regards.
  3. 2 days for Liftoff, 3 days for having my d*ck in som thai p*ssy
  4. @ ulsterman: arriving on thursday 22, will off course be in meeting on 23rd.
  5. 31 days left for 2nd round of the year
  6. Black <> heat Magnet Black ABSORBS the Sunrays intead of reflecting, therefore heating up
  7. never mind comming, it is way to cold here, 29 centigrade only sunshine and no expensive food
  8. guten flug heute ! i bin erst morgen darn und wieda back in town @ 6.1
  9. @Mentors How many days til back in the alps ??
  10. happy landing tell the babes BeeJay will be in town ..
  11. munchy is allready muching by now, lucky bastard
  12. 22 here 3 weeks there, then 6 weeks in Europe and then 20 days again
  13. then we R not in the same plane, I fly with Emirates via Dubai. Hope 2 arrive on 17th afternoon
  14. same same here: 23 days left Welche airline Mentors??
  15. to scare of the cheap punter from England
  16. aint they cute ?? http://www.annajet.co.uk/Photoshopgallery/Payday%20-%20early%20May%202006/target20.html
  17. my 25 th birthday (15 years ago) at the bar I worked in that time about 100 guests: cost USD 1000 (all drinks costs prices only, no win for the owner, personel got paid by me as wel ( usd 200 for 4) had a ball
  18. Hopefully she never catches you fucking off on the job or you may get fired. you mean fucking while NOT on the job ; while on the job i fuck her that is if she takes care of the B job first...
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