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  1. drogon

    The Covid-19 thread

    https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/thai-health-minister-has-a-slash-at-dirty-farang Seems that guy really can't shut his mouth...
  2. drogon

    Thailand or TIT

    First one is kind of hilarious, especially seen from far away https://www.bangkokpost.com/learning/easy/1852809/health-minister-apologises-for-racist-outburst Second one is scary https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1853334/17-killed-as-soldier-opens-fire-in-korat
  3. Some KTV have really amazing talents. Don't know if still open but pegasus QC is incredible and I can say most other KTV (QC + Ermite/Malate) have also top talents (+ AF1 near the airport)... as a sidenote more than a few big KTV also have a soapy massage section...can give more details if some are interested. Most convenient is still ¨burgos, especially bottoms and jools, IME much better than most other places visited in the Phil, Thailand or Cambodia...and nothing in common with AC (AC is IME a dump full of drunk foreigners, me included, and yes you can sometimes find a gem but most of the time you can find nothing...) Other than that the most interesting area IMO is in Malate, Roxas blvd for big 'naughty' KTV but del pilar and mabini streets are filled with Japanese KTV (with a few koreans) and in some you can find ream gems....again can explain the concept to those interested. Last, in QC you have dozens (if not hundreds) of Filipino KTV catering mainly to Pinoys but foreigners are of course welcome and those are the best. Not going to write a full article except if someone is interested.
  4. 2 weeks ago: USA's worst enemy = EU (“I think the European Union is a foe, what they do to us in trade,â€) Today: EU is best friend: “Obviously the European Union, as represented by @JunckerEU and the United States, as represented by yours truly, love each other!†(from POTUS twitter...) Starting to have a headache....but at least I know someone has an even worse attention span than me during my meetings and if I dare say the PP I prepare are a bit more complex too. -> https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-juncker-trade-us-eu-trade-tariffs-white-house-meeting-flashcards-a8467051.html
  5. Mainstream medias?? I am living in the capital of the EU and making use of that since I am working left and right in Europe for now quite some time. Yes, there are better cities than Brussels in the world but not many where I would like to live and work (job opportunities thanks to the EU, international airport easily reachable, plenty of diverse restaurants, efficient public transportation, not feeling insecure, plenty of museums, all the shops needed, balance between cost of living and quality of life, opportunity to continue using my skills including language thanks to +35% of foreigners in Brussels, centrally located, which allows quick travels to every corner of Europe when your company is sending you there). To quote someone: "You go to Brussels — I was in Brussels a long time ago, 20 years ago, so beautiful, everything is so beautiful — it's like living in a hellhole right now," Which is funny considering that 20 years ago some areas of Brussels were really close to that hellhole description while these days things get better. Mind you, trump's opinion is shared by quite a few Belgians (Flemish side) who either never dared go to Brussels or just go there to work.
  6. Quote: "That passenger flight MH17 was shot out of the sky and 298 innocent people were murdered is an irrefutable fact," he wrote alongside a photo of his children Mo, Evie and Otis. "That the plane was hit by a Russian missile has been proven to be an irrefutable fact. "That this killed our 3 beautiful children and their grandfather, and destroyed our life and many other lives in the process, is an irrefutable fact." He added: "That the man whose arse you've just been kissing did this, and continues to lie about it, is an irrefutable fact." https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-44868329
  7. You are right, blind, deaf and dumb.....I meant trumb
  8. Russia: Not really enemy + I love Putin China: Just friendly competitor New axis of evil: EU or maybe (let's hope) he just doesn't know what foe means in English.... Saw Berlin's wall fall but never expected to hear that kind of crap from a US president, guess I was blind.
  9. @Radioman, Your points are of course valid and I would be the first one to question the skills/knowledge of a Pinoy with a 'college degree' from an unknown public college from Davao compared to another who got his diploma at De La Salle university or UPI. Thought English people were speaking cockney, Canadians some sort of French or English, Australians speak Australian, New-Zealand people speak sheep language? (and Americans speak GI slang?) or am I wrong?
  10. drogon


    @Mekong: Relax, I know bashing Britain is kind of fashionable for some people these days and, although I disagree with the way the current British government is handling things, I am not going to start bashing Britain Didn't mean that, sorry my post got misunderstood, was trying to tease Flashermac (and remind other Americans that without the kingdom of France's help the USA wouldn't probably exist today) -> of course all colonial nations (including the USA) are more or less the same, and without the British my country wouldn't exist (we would most probably all be French citizens). .
  11. drogon


    Indeed as if there is no British empire then there would have been no need for France to help the 13 colonies.....and no need for Montcalm to defend Quebec. NZ would be full of Maoris and nobody would have exterminated aboriginal people in Australia. But this is all History and most people don't care about it.
  12. drogon


    Yes UK brought a lot to the world. Now what was it again, the 'special relationship' between UK and USA? https://www.theguard...acks-sadiq-khan https://www.theguard...rexit-criticism (I am not British but since the US President allows himself to comment about UK's internal politics I will follow suit -> anyone thinking blundering boasting Boris Johnson should become Prime Minister is either the worst joker or totally insane)
  13. My wife being Filipina and me having worked there for one year + meeting a lot of Filipinos during our travels + here in Belgium here are my observations. - Educated Filipinos (read with a college degree) have usually excellent to incredibly good English (American version), I met several dozens colleagues of my wife (AIG insurance) and all of them spoke better English than mine although they freely admit their written English is a bit lacking. - Less fortunate Pinoys usually speak some English but many older ones sometimes don't even speak a single word. - Filipinos abroad: Usually quite good English, as usual educated Filipinos can easily speak 5-6 languages, less educated ones can sometimes be very stubborn, met plenty of nannies/house helpes speaking English well but despite having been in one country for sometimes very long they still don't master even basic expressions. As pointed by Flashermac, it seems reaching basic proficiency in a language is doable with 1500-3000 words but I also saw some studies mentioning fluent proficiency would be when one masters about 15000 words.... This said, I sadly met more than a few native English speakers whose written English was worse than mine and I know plenty of native French/Spanish speakers whose written skills are very poor.
  14. Feels bad especially for the kids. This said: 1 Chinese tourists = Not using their brains, like in Bohol (Philippines) me and my family hired a small banca but from a 5 stars hotel + with life jackets + it was just island hopping so never too far from the shore while at the same time we witnessed a big group of Chinese tourists (+some western couples) climbing onboard a bigger banca -> 0 life jackets visible and even our own skipper said that big banca could at most safely carry 30-40 people while the tourists were obviouly many more than 80-100......+ me, my wife and our child can swim. 2 Greedy captains unsafe boats -> TISEA (This Is South East Asia) 3 Read a storm was on its way, is that true?
  15. So others may live.... (don't think I could do what that Thai seal did)
  16. Cavanami I, for one , do not forget the: "Belgium is a beautiful city" and 'Brussels is a hellhole" from your President.... What, if I was prime minister of Belgium and told the world Cavanami's city is the shittiest city in the world? (this without having ever been there even as tourist for a few days) -> and Cavanami you do exactly the same as your President (see your Germany thread). 1 Rant about Europe (and a load of other countries) without any constructive criticism. 2 Your sources are biased . 3 You or your President has not lived and worked, not even went as a tourist. Could you please realise the problem is, you and your President should stop bothering about countries (and their internal politics) they know nothing about?
  17. Congrats to the very brave divers who are risking their lives for the sake of others.
  18. Belgium is in semi-finals....For once I am a bit proud of my country (for a change since we elected a government composed of ultra-liberals and Flemish separatists) Since it is France we will be playing against ->we will just tell them a few Belgian jokes about France and French people (such as, God created the most beautiful country in the world, France, and to balance things out he decided to put the French there) then the French team will go mad and we will beat them...........
  19. Complete nutjob.... Scandinavian countries? Among the safest places in the world....just f***ing check the death by firearms numbers.....rapes and murders? No-go zones? The f**** lying US president couldn't even locate Belgium on the map (when talking about a Belgium being a beautiful city) so don't expect him to know what he is talking about when he spouts hatred and nonsense about no-go zone..... Like Fox news talking about no-go zones in Paris, yes I didn't go to those areas with gold chains and rolex but describing them as no-go zones is hilarious.... Anyway, Trump believes will believe anything, no matter if nazis get elected, racism is accepted and..........the USA will never be the same. Decided to go to Canada on vacation instead of NY and Virginia...since obviously I am an enemy of the USA (European + Asian looking + Anti Trump + have Muslim friends )
  20. Bashing Germany to justify raising tariffs on German cars? Yeah sure, never wondered why we, Europeans, started bashing your President? -> Because he was so interested in the internal politics of supposedly friendly countries and could not stop himself from criticizing them. Easy to pick a few incidents here and there when millions are integrated. And yes Germany has a problem with some refugees, this is statistically bound to happen when you welcome millions + at the start Germany didn't have integration/cultural awareness programs in place -> but I suppose in the USA you don't have violent crimes? Oh and by the way: We mainly criticize your President because he is constantly attacking us and our internal politics + starting a trade war and trying to promote Nazi people here.....I couldn't care less about his internal politics.... Have you ever been to Germany recently for more than airport transit? I have and never felt threatened one bit in Wernigerode....can't say that much about San Francisco or Vegas where, in the first, I was followed by at least 5 men for quite some time (till I took refuge in an hotel) and in the second was offered guns to buy while at a bar.........
  21. -> Approved https://www.bbc.com/...london-44732754 Approval which is not really surprising given the fact London's mayor is not exactly in love with Trump... More seriously --> https://www.cbsnews....-official-says/ Is that for real? Does he really want his own war to show he is the chief honcho??? The USA didn't have enough with Vietnam? Does he really think Venezuela will be as easy as Granada or Panama??? PS: Forgot Trump dodged Vietnam....
  22. I remember every single accident I witnessed where onlookers were more concerned about the state of the car/bike than about the injured/dead laying down....so that fake pity/piety on the scale of the whole country is quite disgusting....
  23. Can't see it either in......Belgium (you know the tiny country just next door to France where part of the population are native French speakers)....
  24. Flashermac: I thought Kiwis had sheep to keep them busy? Trump bashing thread? Indeed but I have never know anyone so worthy of being bashed....of course old bitter conservatives can find shocking we are bashing their 'President'...
  25. His crimes are so sick that I am pretty sure he will not have it 'easy' in jails there, no matter how much money he has, add to that Duterte administration will not go easy on him (no matter what one thinks about Duterte's other policies).
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