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  1. 5k for a non-skimping dinner for two in El Gaucho.
  2. I'm intrigued by your praise of Jailbirdz. I myself have not been inside Nana Plaza for about three years now (though I frequent Hillary 4, Bar 4, etc., and Cowboy and soi 22 when I'm in town). Could you be more specific about what makes it like bars 10-20 years ago? Fun attitude on the part of the girls, I hope? May have to give it a try.
  3. Yes, a hearty second to No Idea...decent food, good wine, convivial owner. And none of that added VAT/"service charge" (+17% on your bill) bullshit. I asked the owner about this once and he said VAT is already figured into his prices (which, interestingly enough, are no higher than similar establishments that DO add VAT), and tip is between the customer and server.
  4. I couldn't disagree more on the QPP bars. Yes, there are some pathetic ones, but there are some real gems, too. Here's the key: do not even think of showing up there before 11 pm. After that, and for some bars, continuing on until 7 am, the place is hopping, the bars are full, the girls are friendly (and in general, not too drink-pushy), and there's a great selection. In my opinion, over the past few years, the place has just gotten better and better. I think right now it's the real hidden gem among the BKK bar areas. Warning: the girls who work in the bars there--the ones wor
  5. I'm guessing your real name is Mark. She begins the message, "Mark, today..." ...and then the rest, which as others have correctly noted, is about getting her period.
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