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    How are things in Patong

    Wow! Some very definite opinions here! I have visited once before (at Songkran this year) and liked the place. Even BC (new one for you - Before Crackdown) I thought the GoGos in Patong were pretty lame compared to BKK or Pataya, but I did enjoy the beer bars. Even in April many of the bars were closing around 2am, but I/we were usually gone by that time (if I'm still in a bar at 2am then she needs to be strong, she will probably have to carry me!). Yeah, I know all the bikes and tuk-tuk drivers are trying to rip me off but as pasathai says *just mention the destenation, and say 20ok*. If he says no then I walk, Its not that far to my hotel. 10 more days of hell then three weeks of sanuk.... maybe I'll get a chance to meet some of you guys while I'm there.
  2. gromit

    How are things in Patong

    I have just been reading the News section on the Rock Hard Phuket site - great news (sic) about only 4 GoGos left open, drinks at 140B and barfines up to 600B !!! There is plenty of discussion here on the subject of BKK and Pataya and the effects of the new *social order* but precious little about Patong. Can anyone share any info on what is happening on the ground right now? Are there really only four GoGos left open? How about all the beer bars in Bangla Road, Soi Easy, Soi Eric, et al. I hope you can help, and thanks in advance, Gromit.