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    Bikinis in bars?

    Nice one mate I like it !!! it should read 'cover all'. Uniformguy
  2. uniformguy

    Roppongi Hills "sexy pub" Tokyo.

    I'm one step ahead of you again Kamui but again thanks for the info. That was the article I read that led me to starting this thread, so looks like I'll have to get some local advice when I arrive. The others seem to be fascinated with the cinema but I wanna find this "pub". Uniformguy
  3. uniformguy

    Roppongi Hills "sexy pub" Tokyo.

    Thanks for the link Kamui............doesn't look like the sort of place that would have a "sexy pub where u can harrass girls" so after I have checked out the cinema where do I go to find this pub???? :: Uniformguy
  4. uniformguy

    Roppongi Hills "sexy pub" Tokyo.

    Wow....thanks Jp1 sounds like a place for me to explore when I get there. Maybe the crowds will have died down a little by then. Is this building taller than the Metropolitan Tower in Shinjiku? Uniformguy
  5. Just read about this new entertainment complex in Roppongi that opened during Golden Week. The place is called Roppongi Hills and one of the places mentioned that sounds interesting is a "sexy pub" called Roppongi Kiss Me. It is a sexual harrasment pub where u can safely touch up all the girls inside............ Has anyone been to this place? If not maybe we can check it out together when I get there in 5 weeks.....arriving 30th June. Unifromguy
  6. uniformguy

    Is Thailand (Bangkok) really that addictive?

    As Oscar Wilde is famous for saying "The only thing I can't resist is temptation" so I challenge you to resist the temptation of Thailand.......................... UG
  7. uniformguy

    Is Thailand (Bangkok) really that addictive?

    We seem to have the same thread running on two boards here, I posted something similar on the Nightlife board at almost the same time. Must have had the same thoughts. is there any point in combining them together KS??? Uniformguy