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  1. Hi KhunPadThai, I'm just kidding with you. Please don't take offence. HT
  2. And you can take that to the bank of your choice. !
  3. KhunPadThai, Yea.......but we're talking about living in the land of Thai girl's. Who the fuck cares about the financial aspects? We are all going to die at some point. While your dreaming about some green colored paper sitting in a steel cage, I'll be dreaming about the Nok and Noi double header I found in the most unreal place. So who wins? .........I do 555555555555 HT
  4. Hi eee, Your question is totally subjective. Subjective to what you require as a minimum standard of living, as you can see from all the responses here. It ALL depends on what it takes to make you comfortable. And those standards are yours alone. Only you can know what that is. 15,000 baht a month will get you a single room apt. in town with a shower (no kitchen), room-mate paying half the rent, BTS pass to work 20 days a month, mobile phone, utilities, decent food every day, toiletries, etc., with enough to send some money back to your family ( :-) ). But above is with NO vices. If you love cigarettes, booze, women (that you have to pay for), or any other vices, then add on accordingly. Basic cost of basic living in BKK is very, very cheap by most Western standards. It's the booze and women that can kill you, in terms of spending. Niether are inexpensive, if doing all day. Which is what most tourists do when there, so don't use that as an indicator. But what makes BKK really great, is that you can still have a really unreal experience there, for very little money. Which can't be said of a place like NYC. You'll never get a gorgeous whore and a beer there, for $20 US. But is possible in the land of smiles. Your question can only be answered by you alone, and what your priorities are in life, and what you want to get out of it. I, for one, would say to go for it. PS.... can get me a job when 'I' come? Please........... HT
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