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  1. I mean all of the websites are probably giving the data away. It is just that what data are can be shared or not. Its like our data is running around in an online casino because it is given to somebody else. And somehow, Facebook is not giving much of it.
  2. Tried to keep myself idled during the pandemic, I really went and ventured out on things that Ididn't new that I would actually do, like work out, play video games, binge watch on netflix, invest in crypto and even learned how to cook.
  3. I agree. So much has changed these past few years and I think it's really sad that future generations can no longer enjoy camping outside anymore. Those were some of my fondest memories too and all I can do now is tell them my old stories.
  4. I know some people who refuse to get the vaccine because they have allergies to it and not because they want to refuse it. I understand the restrictions but I think they are the ones to suffer more from it. It's sad.
  5. I might have to agree that some od the people here tend to be grouchy. Still, there are those people like me who are more friendly and will find time to engage with other forum participants, including those who are new here.
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