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  1. How about old age????
  2. BB, as usually I am 100% with you. This is discusting. And maybe this is the reason, I love these small portions (5 of them) at the foodstalls at Lamai. Tasty, need to eat and a lot nicer waiters/esses! MaW (skipping lunch today)
  3. I'll usually respond "Money? My fliend have key to safe, Letuln tomollow molning!" Wolks velly well! :happyeaster:
  4. Well those If Tomorrow never Comes Ring of Fire Boy Named Sue No Woman No Cry are quite fitting, aren't they?
  5. What is so new about wax-figures in BKK??? I had a few of them in some ST-Hotels.
  6. I have heard, they offer English courses nowadays!
  7. He does not take "massages" from eveyone!!!!
  8. I am dying to go back to Samui!!!!!!
  9. Even better: [color:brown]Elvis in Country Road, SC[/color]
  10. Exactly! My buddy and I are known in the "scene" for our Sanuk-Attitude (without beiing silly!!!). Both of us won't make it on the cover of Mens Health but we do not have any difficulty to have a great time with the gals, be it in the bar or in the bed. Being polite, good tempered, relaxed and a bit submissive always did the trick for us. The only problem with this is the fact, that you get known quite fast. It is almost impüossible for us to hit the scene incognito. Have fun in the kingdom and be thankfull, that you are there!! MaW
  11. Hi guys - I know most of you won't give a hoot, but I just got my flight confirmed. Will be hitting LOS on Jan 30th 2010 and will stay the whole February! :bangit: Life has a perpective again Nice day to all of you
  12. OOPS Now the banners give me a choice between getting to know a Ladyboy and learning my new favorite language! I hate those decisions! MaW
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