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  1. just bumping for the sake of saying hello
  2. Don't know you but if I saw you I'd give you a hug. Easy for everyone to say stay positive but you know you have to. I'll share my beliefs whether people here agree or disagree but you can do what you want with it. Your mind has more control over your body than most people think, people who feel sorry for themselves all the time with a negative mindset tend to get sick more often and you get the opposite with happy and postive-minded people. A book I highly recommend is "The power of your subconscious mind" by dr. joseph murphy. I probably have many other books (psychology, NLP, self help) I would recommend for reading but that one sticks out the most for me. I can't relate and not sure how else to help but if there is anything I can say or do to help then I will. Keep your head and your spirit up! John
  3. k, I'll try out some of those sites before I decide to head down and maybe a month before I get there as well. I still would like to know the places where I can find the english speaking non "working" Thai girls but my guess is that is the University crowd.
  4. "Personal Stuff can i say my cat sausage?? well he is!" I do like that girl.
  5. yes Polly Palsy, she did me around 9 or 10 times in a night and I did take the day off the next day as well. Never got a chance to do catwoman although she stalked me at the bathroom to take her for the night (I said no because I had drinks and wanted to chill despite later going to nana hotel w/ dddave and hooking up I think was girl # 6 maybe). ahh I love this planet. Dubbs
  6. I have been to Thailand once for 2 weeks back in Sept 05 so I understand the twist part, just I know if I made an effort I probably could have gamed some girls back then. I have a friend who moved there recently and has racked up around 20 girls in 6 months without paying (directly that is not p4p girls). Actually he doesn't pay at all but I was referring to things like he had $100 stolen from him and I heard some of his stories but none of them shock me from reading older stories here. That trip back in 05 still doesn't seem real at all. Thanks for the info and if I do come back soon I will be posting again. Dubbs
  7. Well it would be the more holiday fling like coming there for 2 weeks so I would get that message across. Probably the only thing I would want to pay for would be a soapy massage but everything else I can get back home. I am 29 and take good care of myself so I am not the 60 year old wanting the 20 year old YET! I am also not expecting the girls to be major sluts so I know what you mean. I would expect that it would be slightly easier than say picking up girls in europe, providing they speak english as I don't speak Thai. My guess is I want to hang out where the students party/dance but I hear working girls are there as well. I am not flashing $ (I have it but they don't need to know it) nor looking for a relationship.
  8. Haven't been on here in a long time, possibly more than 9 months. If I do make another trip back it wouldn't be until the rainy season is over. One thing that was having to rely on p4p scene to get laid. What I would like to know if it is easy enough to game (pickup without paying) Thai girls, I am sure the answer is yes but I wouldn't mind hearing it from a few posters here.
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