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  1. I am starting a microlight aviation course in november in Huahin. Anyone with experience in that ? BB
  2. a must see series...... ! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt6064882/?ref_=nv_sr_1
  3. back to sleep untill the next one.....
  4. LOL it is thanks to the US that today you can express your weird opinions on a webboard....... and without the US, there would be no Poles or Canucks to liberate you.Think about that first each time you bash a whole country. BB
  5. Simone Veil passed today, camp survivor, and strong womens right advocate ! https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/jun/30/simone-veil-auschwitz-survivor-abortion-pioneer-dies-france BB
  6. 99 days till moving to LOS, finally.....
  7. more flowers, teddybears, silent marches and singing kumbaya will certainly help.......
  8. at least he did not pick mushrooms in the woods !!!!
  9. earlier this week it was a holiday in Egypt = Sinai Liberation Day :) no posters though....
  10. they way you troll here, no wonder no one posts here anymore..........
  11. yesterday was also Armenian Holocaust Day as well as WWII Holocaust Day lest we forget them too BB
  12. you know you can block those sms, right ?
  13. I concur as I did same 2 weeks ago !
  14. well, I met him last night, we agreed to meet on the Cactus terrace, he is now truely f@cked as he has no written contract and his 2 other partners shunned him out of his own business after 15 years.last night the new terror mamasan was not there, so we moved inside, others joined, and he had a hell of a great time last night......and got totally drunk his plans...... no final details yet, but a gentlemens club, naked gals, food, and a cosy floor to meet served by sexily dressed women..... coming soon ? hopefully ! BB
  15. today 30-year leases exist, tomorrow 50-years leases, same same to me
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