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  1. A Thai friend of mine is asthmatic, and the rasping noise they make during those first few moments from leaving an air-conditioned building to stepping out into the Bangkok air is quite disturbing. It can’t be good for any of us.
  2. Boss Tower? The tower near Tesco Lotus on Rama 4? It has/had 100s of rooms. I did stay there again a few years later around 2006, and the cockroaches had taken over and things were falling off. Edit: You’re right. Bumrungrad can afford it. http://bh.listedcompany.com/misc/PRESN/20131119-BH-investorPRESN.pdf Boss Tower on Rama IV road • 23‐storey building in good condition • Land area 3,368 sq.m. • Total building area of 40,650 sq.m. will accommodate ‐ 300‐400 back office employees ‐ Dorm rooms for 1,000 nurses • Total Acquisition Price of 837.5
  3. I couldn’t agree more, but Twitter is used by many people. I notice, for example, former member BangkokPhil uses Twitter presumably to direct traffic to his website, and good luck to him if that works.
  4. It could be the case, but discussion boards in general are struggling now with the popularity of twitter and the like. I’d certainly follow (and contribute to) a thai360 Twitter page. Any thoughts on that, Khun Sanuk?
  5. Was/is there any decision? I must admit I left Thailand over a decade ago and rarely visit the forum, but it’s nice to see familiar posters here. I actually visited the board to see if my old residence Boss Tower in Rama 4 Road was still standing. I last visited BKK in December 2018 and didn’t have the opportunity to check out that area.
  6. Ditto Fair play and well done to Stick for producing such a site and weekly column for over a decade. I started reading when, just like Stick at the time, I was an English teacher in Bangkok back in 2001/2. That life and Bangkok is in the past, but I still check up on his weekly every few weeks, and during subsequent trips to BKK with my family, I tried to win the weekly picture competition, sadly to no avail. I too will miss the Stickman Weekly, and I think the negative comments here are harsh. I felt that the weekly column offered a little for everyone. If you weren’t interested in the nightlife, there would be a Hua Hin or somewhere write up every few weeks or links to another bizarre news story from Pattaya or the like. Good luck, Mr Stick.
  7. JCK


    Asian shops in the UK, e.g. Wing Yip, sell coriander roots, which is a bit of a cheek when complete coriander is sold elsewhere in Europe. I reckon supermarkets factored how much it would cost to wash the soil from roots and decided to bin them instead. I tried growing coriander in the UK. It worked well enough, but greenfly ate the lot. Goes to show that coriander is popular with flying things too so make sure you wash it well to get rid of any pesticides. You can buy chopped coriander in frozen form too. Odd to see cooking themes on here, but why not? Good topic.
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    A lot of recipes use the coriander roots. This is not being stingy, but it's actually the most powerfully flavoured part of the plant. It needs a good wash before use, though.
  9. Interesting. I'm happy in the UK/Europe (yes, it is possible) as an aerospace engineering contractor, but out of curiosity, I wonder what sort of engineering fields in Thailand require expats. If you have a moment to spare, Mekong, please could you add a few words. It may be useful for some and would satisfy my curiosity.
  10. I've only recently managed to log in again after an absence of six or seven years. This was/is a nice easy going forum which was always informative and well moderated. It's a bit upsetting to see the apparent reduction in board traffic, but that seems to be the norm nowadays with facebook and twitter, etc etc, to help fill people's time. Long may things continue and all the best.
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