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  1. Tour packages are something I avoid, as I do like my freedom and time to think about some activity that is there just to make a quick profit.
  2. Its not that bad of a hotel, but I did notice the restrooms could use an update. The A/C and water pressure have always been very good during my stays there.
  3. Trying to get this guy under control while he's throwing shit around, yup, it's going to be a shitty day if you're the lucky one dealing with him
  4. Damn, getting infected in the eye is about one the worst places to get this crap. Having good vision is priceless.I wonder if anyone catches some serious sickness when swimming around the beach in Pattaya.
  5. For me, when in Bangkok, I usually stay at the Nana Hotel. The AC is cold, the shower works fine with great water pressure, and the bed comfort is ok, but I know not exactly the best. The family tourists who are shocked about the Nana and its surrounding nightlife don't seem to comprehend, they wanted an inexpensive place to stay, well, they got it
  6. Used to be I could hang around Bangkok for a few days for some nightlife fun, but those days are long gone. The high prices made it an easy choice for me to hang around Pattaya longer, and travel to other countries. Coyote Dancers are another thing that I don't care for. Pattaya at least still has something to offer for the nightlife, and I don't have to strap an ATM to my ass to enjoy a night out Nasiadai, thanks for the update about Nanaplaza. I might make one last trip there, so I can have a good laugh when I see the drink and ladies prices.
  7. With these silly high prices of ST/LT along with very high priced drinks in Bangkok, I do admit it has made it very easy for me to make a decision to go elsewhere in a hurry
  8. No doubt about it, the way prices have been going up, I've been avoiding Bangkok for the most part for the past few years. Pattaya still has many options which still make it worth to visit for now, along with nearby countries. Some of the price quotes that I got from the dancers in Bangkok go go bars, were quite laughable, and some the dancers wondered why I was laughing I figured I would be a nice guy and let someone else drain their ATM account for the wonderful company of an overpriced dancer in Bangkok
  9. It would be nice for a change if I could get more on the exchange rate when in Thailand. With the baht so strong against the dollar, and the crazy rising prices for girls and drinks, Thailand has been getting a lot less of my money.
  10. Putting up with pissed off people on a crowded plane on a daily basis, flight attendants have some serious patience to deal with this kind of crap. I'm sure the morons who disrupted this flight will have a really bad day once the justice system in China takes care of them
  11. "This old behavior, this old attitue – we all love so much - gives way to a cool and aloof calculative behavior that gears to the profit, the amount of money they can get out of the Farlang." Very true Nasiadai. On my last visit to Soi Cowboy, the price quotes I was getting were laughable from the dancers. I also laughed about the drink prices. Oh well, at least Pattaya is still an option for now. Bangkok and its nightlife has prices that I no longer deal with, as I go to Pattaya and the Philippines for a nightlife that you don't have to spend a fortune or go bankrupt having a good time.
  12. Compared to 11 or 12 years ago, Nanaplaza was an ok place. Now with the prices going through the roof, and having to be sure what exactly I'm looking at on stage, I keep my visits there at a minimum. At least in Pattaya, you can move about pretty quickly and find something to your liking without having to spend a fortune
  13. Just not worth it. That small pickup of course had zero chance of even putting a dent on those truck trailers. I think he got off easy.
  14. Unfortunately, I can see more searches and restrictions happening when going on a flight in the future because of these kinds of things happening. Flying out of the Philippines, they will take your umbrella, if its in your carry on, luckily the one I had was not too expensive. Now when flying, its almost a guessing game as to whats allowed or not to carry on with you.
  15. Last time I went to Soi Cowboy, the drink prices and the prices for LT were very high. I do remember the days when prices were reasonable, but I'll be spending more time in Pattaya, where at least I won't go bankrupt for a good time :-)
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