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  1. Fiery Jack by a country mile. Only other writer that came close was his mate Muff Richardson that also posted once or twice. Oh, and of course that brilliant nutcase Mao Mark (?) from about thirty years ago. That character SileakHunt was very wonderful too. I liked him. What happened to Fiery Jack? He hasn’t posted on here for ages. I hope he’s okay. Jack 🤯
  2. It was negative: not coronavirus, just bog-standard 'flu. I've got a return flight to BKK booked in early March (5th-11th): Thai Airways booked via Expedia, bottom price 'non refundable non changeable' blah blah blah. I had same type of Thai Airways ticket booked (also Expedia) 2 years ago. Had to suddenly cancel 2 weeks before travel. Rang Thai Airways directly (Edited to ADD: NO POINT contacting Expedia, they're fucking useless) and they allowed me to cancel and refunded the money minus US$200 'cancellation fee' (so I got 80% of my money back). Rang Thai Airways just now and they said it will be same US$200 cancellation fee, rest of money refunded) if I cancel my March tickets (right up to 24 hours before departure okay). Bloke I spoke to advised me to wait until 'as late as possible'. Said if this coronavirus thing gets really bad in Thailand Thai Airways 'maybe' will let folks cancel with full refund. Wait and see. Pain in the fucking arse for everybody. Fiery Jack
  3. Thank you, Reverend Khun Sanuk, for everything you are, and everything you do. My life has been better because you have been in it, and I've had a lot more fun. X jack
  4. Ha! yes. Which coincides exactly with when old Fiery Jack first took up residence in Japan! Er... Just saying. jack
  5. Me, apparently. Hope it's something nice. And, while I'm at it, what happened to the little 'signature line' we used to be able to set on all our post? jack
  6. Watching the world through rose-tinted spectacles? (Aren't we all?) jack
  7. I've been posting on here for over 10 years too, and I still can't do that right by the look of it. Hence the double post above. jack
  8. That can't be right. I've been boozing for 40 years and I'm still shite at it. I can't stop breaking stuff and falling over. If anything, I've got worse with time. :doah: And I've been regularly shagging tuppenny Thai tarts for nigh on 20 years, and I'm still fucking crap at that too (according to most of them). jack
  9. That can't be right. I've been boozing for 40 years and I'm still shite at it. I can't stop breaking stuff and falling over. If anything, I've got worse with time. :doah: And I've been regularly shagging tuppenny Thai tarts for nigh on 20 years, and I'm still fucking crap at that too (according to most of them). jack
  10. Nana Hotel? That floor looks familiar. (I've held on to the floor of Nana Hotel rooms a fair few times. ) jack
  11. Too many to mention. But only the bad ones ever seem to find me. Silver linings, and whatnot. jack
  12. Though from about 2000 to 2015 I used never to stay anywhere else, I haven't used Nana Hotel at all during my last few visits. I finally had enough. Like Specialist, I finally realised that, by paying a bit more, I can easily get somewhere infinitely better. So that's what I do now. Last few trips, I've stayed at a different place every time (harvesting 'special offers', and making sure they're all guest friendly before booking). It's so far so good, and I like the variety. Somewhere new every time. I'm in BKK for a few days in July and just booked at ALOFT on Soi 11. Got a hell of a good deal, and it looks great. Looks like Nana Hotel is still coming up trumps with some folks though. 'Highflier' of old London town in the Kingdom of United stayed at Nana Hotel just three weeks ago, and he certainly got his money's worth. Ah, the memories... jack
  13. A rather extreme reaction, to be sure, but, let's face it fellers - we've all done it. jack
  14. Charly Bakwahn Nasiadai, I wish you all the very, very best, as I'm sure will all right-minded fellow questers on this board. My online life's been richer because you have been in it. Be well, my brave friend. jack
  15. Yes. I saw that, and a couple of other articles like it. Seems Marc's friend and business partner (Francis) died suddenly. In 2007, by most accounts. But it appears that Marc was quite seriously ill at the time. I'm hoping he recovered and is still with us, wherever he's residing now. Wish someone could confirm that... Here's hoping. jack PS. This was written in 2013. Mentions Marc twice, but nothing about him subsequent to his friend's death... https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/weekly-column/2013/09/welcome-to-hell/
  16. Relax. Heard today: Eden's open for business, and it's business as usual. Panic off. Original manager was Marc. French. Mellow, affable, charming. Yes, I think he posted on here, possibly as Eden Papa. I had certainly not heard that he died. Sad to know if it is indeed so. Can anyone confirm or (preferably) refute this? Marc left Eden some years ago, and was followed by another equally lugubrious Frenchman, Mickey. As far as I know, Mickey still reigns. He was there last time I visited Eden, which was last December. :hubba: As we were, boys. As we were. jack
  17. Say this can't be so. Is the rumour unfounded? I am hoping. I know I'm not alone. http://rockitreports.com/eden-club-bangkok-closed-police/ jack
  18. Our friend and fellow quester Mr Steven Cho has merely ably illustrated a possible process of which we would all do well to stay aware. It all adds up: crazy/two-timed/short-changed/dumped/betrayed/drunk/ya-baaed bargirl/freelancer/(or more likely) ladyboy + drunk/naive/unsuspecting monger = spiked drink + much subsequent mayhem/madness/disaster/trouble/injury... As you will know well, Gentle Reader, your old Uncle Jack's had a few close shaves over the decades, some very close, but not as bad as Mr Cho's naked public shit-smearing frolic. No judgement here, lads. Hope he was okay. There but of the grace of gods... jack PS. Slightly off topic, but why is he described as 'South Korean' if he holds a 'US passport'? Genuine query.
  19. I heard a rumour. Twice. Closing for 'renovation' around 'the end of April' was what I heard both times, to be precise, but, the way it's going on Lower Suk these days, I'm shitting my pants. It is April now. The cruellest month. I am incoming soon. And Soi 7 Beergarden is to me as star charts are to sailors. Tell me it ain't so. Anyone? jack
  20. Well, here I am. Last night, first time in BKK for six months, and here we go... Soi Cowboy? Why not! Baccara was good. Lots of sexy young birds, doing the two step putting-out-a-fag shuffle, all knickerless underneath wee mini skirts on you could crane your neck and get a good look up. But mostly mainly very obviously out for a Jap bloke, of which there were many in attendance. Had three beers and left. 6/10 Suzy Wong should be renamed 'Old Bangers' and, incredibly, if it's possible to be a woman wearing stockings and not look sexy, my votes go to number 85 and 62. One beer and fuck that. 2/10 The hilarious thing was that in Suzy Wong I sat next to some handsome young German bloke and his beautiful German girlfriend. She was a bit pissed, and had obviously dragged him here as a 'let's go and tut-tut at the sleaze' sketch. He was sober. Soon as the gals start grinding knickerless, his eyes start wandering and her face looks like torn shite. She gets on his case and won't give up. I don't speak German well but I felt sorry for the bastard. Couple of embarrassing world wars lost and all that, and now this. Lighthouse is good too. Mostly dogs dancing but some diamonds in the dustbin. 6/10 Then somewhere else. Drink had kicked in. Some shit place. Birds all over me but uglier than I am. Ended up going back to Lighthouse then in some short time dump with two birds from Lighthouse. One was a wee chubby thing, good as gold and could've sucked a bowling ball through a hosepipe. Other sat there and looked at her phone while I shagged fatty. Business as usual, then. Good to be back. It's still here. jack
  21. Fucking hell. 500! It must be good for you. As if we didn't know. jack
  22. http://www.khaosodenglish.com/life/nightlife/2016/09/12/beam-climax-night-clubs-raided-soldiers/ I heard Climax was open last night. Not wholly reliable source but... Anyone confirm or refute? jack
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