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  1. I think i might be having an internet way back when evening. Logged onto teakdoor earlier as well - my last post there was 2018. Nice to see so many names i still recognise. Hi folks! My excuse, moving back home. Its difficult to keep ties with a place 15 hrs away by plane. you try and keep up but gradually log on less and less. then coming back, its more difficult as the world is a big old place with plenty of places still to visit for the first time. add in increasing flight costs, exchange rates - can we bring back 1999?, covid etc etc. Keep well everyone
  2. shame. f1 needs the wee teams. they sometimes become big teams and new drivers cant always jump straight into a mercedes or ferrari.
  3. Hey folks. These two places have got really good deals on at the moment but the question is - guest friendly or not?
  4. in the spirit of dormant posters - hello! will be in jomtien / pats this time next week if anyone is going to be around.
  5. ultras67

    Coup Declared

    whatever happens - to everyone out there, stay safe.
  6. The street questionnaire girls dont have a clue about the operation. BTW just to stick up for time share - my parents bought a few weeks in the south of spain in the 80s and never regretted it. Went to America a few times swapping their weeks and so on. They had some minor problems but no more than a hotel over the same period. Its sold now because they are retired but apart from taking slightly longer than they thought it was still sold and they made an ok profit. Its all down to the operator. If they are good, then you might not have any problems but if they are bad....
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