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  1. Thailand decides that alcohol cant be sold and non Buddhist cant drink in public on religious holidays too, whether they like it or not
  2. AhTeckLim

    "New" Nana Plaza

    I was there monday 24th Jan and they've put up shelters and fans but there doesn't seem to have any power connection at all! Some hot girls at the last bar from the enterence.
  3. Is this the bar that has that wierd alter praying ceremony every nite?
  4. A bad day is waking up at 5 for a boring 12hrs shift and then going home to a TV dinner watching Simpsons and dozing off........... actually the ending didnt sound so bad!
  5. i remember the tequila girl was the prize! I remember a time where there was a lucky draw and the winner got to suck the salt nipple , then a shot of tequila and then suck the lemon nipple! I just cant remember where it was!
  6. Why dont they just allow the agogos and bars open pass 2/3am again. I remember the days when the gogos never sleep!
  7. Couldnt you just ask the bar for the breakdown? Sounds like they threw in a lady drink in there.
  8. AhTeckLim

    Lady Drinks

    Life's too short ; have a beer
  9. AhTeckLim

    TQ1 burned down

    TQ is an amazing place. I remember stepping in the first time from the glare of the afternoon sun. It took a while adjusting to the difference in the lighting! And when I stepped out , it was a whole new world in the dark!
  10. I guess we have to compare apples to apples- crack whores behind the local diner compares to the 300B condom-on-the-floor Thai whore. Top of the range Bangkok Ktv whores to your Cathouse USD500 per hour whore.
  11. Just what happened to the Living Room and the owner? Graham or something was his name? I rememeber catching a football game at their theater room.
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