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  1. hooper

    Mango Massage

    What is the expected tip for full service from these girls
  2. hi what are girls asking for l/t from nana gogo b/f still 600tb.Advise long time rates please guys
  3. anyone know a good one plus rates looking for a girl that expects about 1500 a day 15 period.
  4. anyone been there i have booked a room for two.Cant see a problem
  5. thanks buddy good to know
  6. I meant what time does it get busy? Do freelancers hangout there? Can I take out the dancers? What type of crowd goes there? I was in my just woke up confused daze Sorry
  7. Whats this place like?Busy prices freelancers the dancers at there pattaya location are bar fineable.
  8. Grace Hotel disco was the late place to go too
  9. i prefer the ones that taste like chicken but smell like fish
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