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  1. Gobble, me too - I'll take Patts any day. It is the best place in the world for p4p. I also saw the Pattaya Free forum on Sticks piece this week and have joined.
  2. Hi, many thanks for the info. I looked for the Aussie bar but could not find a web site for it.
  3. Hi, can anyone advise me if Lee Shamrock is still at the Dubliner and if so which nights he plays. Thanks.
  4. What sort of bikinis are the girls wearing now, are they still allowed to wear g-strings or do they have to wear full bikini knickers?
  5. Hi carew65, Top report...I know how you feel about being a mess when you get home. I also like Amsterdam but agree that Thailand is whole different ballgame. I'm just about to head to bed with a copy of your trip report two that I'm really looking forward to. Have a great weekend!
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