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  1. Sounds like a book, "There and Back Again, A Mongers Tale by Baa99"
  2. Looked a possibility but the Japanese international team were too good. They were actually world ranked 1 place higher than Scotland but now 2 places higher after that result as they've leapfrogged the French (no pun intended).
  3. Your "sketchy little soi" will still be there although I can't recall any that warranted spending any time in them, i.e., any that had any bars in them?
  4. A shame the Scotland v Japan match hadn't been cancelled! 😒 Great match though for non Scots.
  5. Just watched two Tom Hardy movies, The Drop and Warrior (one after the other). Both decent films but although good Tom Hardy's acting is quite predictable
  6. Just confirmed Scotland v Japan is on 👍😂👍🤩 Of course still got to beat them 🤔
  7. If the Beer Bar is still open then the only place I can think of that could handle a number of bars is the open air eating area on the other side of the soi. Mind you it's so long since I've been down there that it could all have changed?
  8. Queens Park Plaza is to close at the end of January next year according to Stickboy Bangkok. He also states that 10+ of the bars are moving to a new complex on Soi 7, which is due to open next month. https://www.stickboybkk.com/news/queens-park-plaza-set-close-early-2020/
  9. Yeh All Blacks v Italy is cancelled, as is England v France, but Scotland v Japan is still on pending review on Sunday morning. F1 qualifying could also be affected.
  10. Aye, but it wouldn't affect the All Blacks qualifying for the quarters and they would still top their group, whereas Scotland would be denied a reasonable chance to make the quarters.
  11. Scotland thrashed Russia 61 - 0 this morning. To reach the quarters they now need to beat hosts Japan (who beat Ireland in the first round) on Sunday. However the match could possibly be cancelled due to the anticipated weekend arrival of Super Typhoon Haggis, in which case Scotland would be out. How ironic would that be?!
  12. Michael Geoffrey Leitch is the Japanese captain! 🤔
  13. What happens if it's not windy?
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