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  1. The_Munchmaster

    Quick Question

    Typical Kong, every thread post a youtube video, no matter how irrelevant.
  2. The_Munchmaster

    Quick Question

    Nobody cares Kong, about what you've got, except you. The thread wasn't about you. You are a cunt, in many peoples eyes, including your past and present wives.
  3. The_Munchmaster

    What Have You Had Nicked (Stolen)

    Well, well, well (three holes in the ground) it seems that it is no longer possible to post something sensible on T360?! (KS lost interest long ago) Here was me thinking that a few examples of my losses might trigger a few memories from others about their losses, but no instead it triggered the venom of the board know it all, Khun Mekong, who I believe has a minor role in the upcoming Tarantino movie, The Hateful Eight. Btw, "fuck us Salford Lads" is an aged gay boy band with Kong on bass (he likes it up the ass). And no Kong, I don't hate you. But I do feel sorry for you, very sorry for you. You've spent most of you're time on this board lying about your life in a desperate attempt to gain sympathy from the board. You even lied about dying, about a doctor giving you 5 years to live (as if they would) when there was actually fuck all wrong with you?! In summary Kong you are a fucking CUNT. If only that doctor had been real because by now you would have been dead. :applause: :up: :up: :wanker: :wanker:
  4. The_Munchmaster

    Quick Question

    Where is there anywhere a suggestion that anyone is "flying under the radar" Kong? Nowhere!........so just another example of you being a CUNT.
  5. The_Munchmaster

    What Film (Movie) Have You Just Watched?

    Sicario (2015) IMDB - "An idealistic FBI agent is enlisted by an elected government task force to aid in the escalating war against drugs at the border area between the U.S. and Mexico." Starring - Benicio Del Toro, Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin Very, very good. Not the usual fare. :up:
  6. The_Munchmaster

    Record 10 Thais Qualify For Lpga Tour In 2016

    Very surprising that she's never made any attempt?! I suppose that plenty of farang come to Thailand and never eat any Thai food, mind you they only come for a few weeks, not 8 years?!
  7. The_Munchmaster

    Record 10 Thais Qualify For Lpga Tour In 2016

    I was surprised at the number of replies to this thread, but now I understand!
  8. The_Munchmaster

    What Have You Had Nicked (Stolen)

    I'd second that Coss, Thailand seems to be the common denominator!
  9. The_Munchmaster

    What Have You Had Nicked (Stolen)

    Indeed you could.
  10. The_Munchmaster

    What Have You Had Nicked (Stolen)

    Not at all, this is an indication of how good Canon cameras are, so best to stick to the brand?!
  11. The_Munchmaster

    What Have You Had Nicked (Stolen)

    "Sounds like you're a bit of a slow learner. With the exception of the camera in Rio you seem to have a habit of leaving valuables lying around." Not really , the money stolen from the Regency Park was in a locked safe, and most of the other items were taken from cupboards or drawers in my own homes or offices.
  12. The_Munchmaster

    What Have You Had Nicked (Stolen)

    Cavanami's recent thread about a safe with keypad reminded me about having $1,200 nicked from my room safe in the Regency Park Hotel a couple of years ago. This in turn got me thinking about all the stuff I've had nicked during the 24 years I've worked overseas. So here's a list of what I can remember. Canon SLR Camera, lenses and bag - Jakarta 1990 (maid duped and gave it to someone who said they knew me) US$ 1,500 - Bangkok 1992 (nicked from my office by maid, Police got most of it back though) Canon Compact Camera – Bangkok 1993 (nicked from my bedroom, either by maid or an overnight guest) Tag Heuer Watch - Bangkok 1994 (nicked from my bedroom, either by maid or an overnight guest) Canon SLR Camera - Bangkok 1997 (nicked from my office) HK Sevens Rugby Jersey - Bangkok 1997 (nicked from my office) Canon SLR Camera - Rio de Janeiro 2002 (robbed at knifepoint in broad daylight) £50 – Dubai 2012 (nicked from my apartment by agency maid) US$ 1,200 - Bangkok 2013 (nicked from room safe at Regency Park Hotel) Have I been unlucky or have others had some of their possessions pilfered over years of working / travelling in other countries?
  13. The_Munchmaster

    (Oh What A Feeling) Jihadists Prefer Toyotas

    $1 million doesn't sound unreasonable.
  14. The_Munchmaster

    A News Article About Islamic State

    Catapult the Caliphate!
  15. The_Munchmaster

    Safe With Electronic Keypad