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  1. The_Munchmaster

    The member known as DumbCunt

    Sad to hear, stayed a few nights at his place in Nong Kai in November 2014
  2. The_Munchmaster

    Scotland Thread

    I fecking knew it! 😉 "DNA evidence proves Marilyn Monroe descended from the Scottish Highlands Marilyn Monroe was descended from a clan from the Scottish Highlands, DNA testing has proved. The Some Like It Hot star’s family can be traced back to the village of Edinkillie, near Forres, in Moray, northeast Scotland. She is a descendant of the Munro clan. There has long been speculation over the Hollywood actress’s Scottish roots, but her lineage was unconfirmed until now. The LA native was born Norma Jeane Mortenson in 1926, but she took her screen name from her mum, Gladys Monroe. Two years ago, the Munro clan made an appeal for members to come forward to help to confirm Monroe’s ancestry. The clan meets in the Highlands next weekend to hear details of Monroe’s relatives. Monroe’s mum could trace her father’s line back to John Munro, a PoW exiled to the US amid the English Civil War in 1651. His descendant, Roelof Zeijdel, said: “I was most proud to discover my clan Munro heritage, but very amazed that DNA could show also I was related to this big star that everybody knows.” Monroe died in August 1962, aged 36."
  3. Has been for a long time, but very difficult to prevent it when so many of the police and other officials are so corrupt.
  4. The_Munchmaster

    New Years Resolution

    Sorry Coss, didn't know you'd had a stroke! Me, I'm more Commonwealth Games these days!
  5. The_Munchmaster

    New Years Resolution

    Good to hear 👍
  6. The_Munchmaster

    New Years Resolution

    So how's it working out Coss?
  7. The_Munchmaster

    No Bar Fines On Cowboy?!

    Thanks for that Radioman …………. I have many fond (but distant) memories of Thermae 🙂
  8. The_Munchmaster

    No Bar Fines On Cowboy?!

  9. The_Munchmaster

    No Bar Fines On Cowboy?!

    7 according to Tinternet?
  10. The_Munchmaster

    No Bar Fines On Cowboy?!

    He was told that the only bars allowing bar fines were Baccara and Country Road and he heard this in every bar he was in
  11. The_Munchmaster

    No Bar Fines On Cowboy?!

    Hi Flash, Hi Coss, wasn't really planning to post again but my mates story intrigued me. Spoke to him again on Saturday and he said that in four different bars he got the same story. Also the girls had to sell 25 drinks a night and the Mamasans were not keen on girls meeting customers after the bar had closed?!
  12. The_Munchmaster

    No Bar Fines On Cowboy?!

    A mate of mine, who has recently returned from a visit to LOS, tells me that, with a couple of exceptions, Soi Cowboy bars are not allowing customers to bar fine their girls! Hard to believe, but as I haven't been in LOS for over 4 years and haven't bar fined anyone for much longer than that I am clueless. Still, if correct, doesn't make much sense to me?
  13. The_Munchmaster

    Quick Question

    Typical Kong, every thread post a youtube video, no matter how irrelevant.
  14. The_Munchmaster

    Quick Question

    Nobody cares Kong, about what you've got, except you. The thread wasn't about you. You are a cunt, in many peoples eyes, including your past and present wives.
  15. The_Munchmaster

    What Have You Had Nicked (Stolen)

    Well, well, well (three holes in the ground) it seems that it is no longer possible to post something sensible on T360?! (KS lost interest long ago) Here was me thinking that a few examples of my losses might trigger a few memories from others about their losses, but no instead it triggered the venom of the board know it all, Khun Mekong, who I believe has a minor role in the upcoming Tarantino movie, The Hateful Eight. Btw, "fuck us Salford Lads" is an aged gay boy band with Kong on bass (he likes it up the ass). And no Kong, I don't hate you. But I do feel sorry for you, very sorry for you. You've spent most of you're time on this board lying about your life in a desperate attempt to gain sympathy from the board. You even lied about dying, about a doctor giving you 5 years to live (as if they would) when there was actually fuck all wrong with you?! In summary Kong you are a fucking CUNT. If only that doctor had been real because by now you would have been dead. :applause: :up: :up: :wanker: :wanker: