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  1. Anyone heard about Scum_baggio and Jasmine ? I just love their insights and opinions. I also miss Stickman. Met him once at old Woodstock at Nana - just to show that I was a real female, ehehehe, very stupid of me at that time to get over there by myself. Oh, at the same occasion I also met Pom Micheal. I haven't logged in for quite a long while (4-5 years?) But sometimes I miss the board and the rant they are making about Thai bgs and Thai society, 5555 I hope to contribute more on Thai Language Forum. GTG
  2. Actually, "Sin Suan Tuan" is pronounced as "Sin Suan Tua" without an "n". สินส่วนตัว Sin Somros (Joint Marital Assets)= สินสมรส GTG
  3. Yingluck has a new nick name now - "Yingluck 600 corpses".
  4. So, Steve, I guess you could have decided to be a bar boy, ehehehee
  5. Hi junglesoup, Really appreciate your update. Great to hear that your condition is ok. Hope everything is going great for you. GTG
  6. 37 girls ? THAT"S IT ? Ehehhe Have you heard any news from him since? Encourage him to get a blood work. Hope he's fine
  7. JS, Your post made me realise that my decision to be a GTG is correct and prompt in this world. Also, a full blood work before sexual intercourse for 3 months is nescessary for every couple, esp. potential marriage couples. Sadly most Thai women don't realise this and they don't get the info. So many of them ended up contracting HIV from their husbands.
  8. :thumbup: What can I say, Chris? You've made your point so well I would have just give you GTG
  9. THey are now have a technology where they make an infected sperm uninfected. Even in Thailand we have that technology. No problem to have babies anymore. Getting tested is a responsible thing to do to make proper adjustment for oneself. People are different thus they get differrent symptoms in various levels. So if your CD4 is lower you need to act fast. See ?
  10. There are always two sides of the coin. I just want to dig a little bit more about the other side. Oh, BTW, I just happened to see Elvis Prestley walking around Soi 7 last night. Ehehehe
  11. JS, THX for replying ! You're a keeper :thumbup: , ya know ! Do you have any younger brothers left for me? Cheers ! GTG
  12. Josh, I'm sure you have heard about a conspiracy theory about HIV is not a cause of AIDS at all. But it is believed or made to believe for political reasons among health professionals just to get the reserch fund flowing in, etc. I would love to read about it. Can you point me to the right direction ie. any source on the internet? What is your view on this matter? Maybe I should start a new thread. GTG
  13. I am deeply sorry to hear about your condition. You are very brave to share your presonal story among us here. May I ask you something? During that 17 months you didn't have sex with your girlfriend at all, if I read your post right? If so, a big of applause !!!!( You said, "I knew in my heart back then, but hadnt the courage to get tested, until now. 17months after. I havent consciously slept with anyone since...but my girlfriend will have to get tested...its all such a mess.") The sad thing after having read many pages of this thread is that NO ONE asked about your girfriend's test r
  14. It was shown only for the Festival. It is a British independent movie. The line from the bg, "Lob me short time one thousand, lob me lonf time two thousand" got a big laugh from the crowd including me. I thought the leading charactor would negociate it to 1500 LT. But he's a newbie so he paid the overpriced fee. Here's the detail. Butterfly Man Brief synopsis: After splitting up with his girlfriend whilst on holiday in Thailand, a young English backpacker, Adam, meets and falls in love with a beautiful Thai girl, Em, on an island paradise. His world falls apart when he n
  15. I saw it as part of Bangkok Film Festival. It's like a movie version of this board. A lot of the story line is similar to what I read from this board. I found is a bit shallow the way the movie showed the Backpacker falling in love with the girl. Or maybe it is the writer's intention that it is shallow. Many viewers bursted into laughter when the bgs spoke English. I wonder they might remind them of the real story they have expereinced. The ending was a bit funny too. All in all I'm glad I saw it.
  16. I echo THAIHOME info. I went there and stayed at a very secluded beach. Very quiet. You have to look for the place you like. They are plenty in Phuket.
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