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  1. This is for Steve... War Eagle http://www.outkickthecoverage.com/the-ten-dumbest-fan-bases-in-america-1-the-alabama-crimson-tide.php?fb_action_ids=10102730682662085&fb_action_types=og.likes&action_ob
  2. I have a suggestion for all the complainers who criticize the way we do things in the US, buy a ticket and go back to the shithole you came from.
  3. Another hair brain idea from the Thaksin government. I know i know he's not here, but he calls all the shots. Whose pocket will this line?
  4. God I wish we could fire the entire bunch,Democrats and Republicans. They are worthless as tits on a bull.
  5. Nothing to do with Rambo, but novelist Tom Clancy died today. Damn good author.
  6. It seems the general consensus is everybody coming out of high school needs at least a BS/BA. I do not agree. How many people have you seen drop out of college after a year or two? They have no marketable skills and wind up working flipping burgers for minimum wage. The chances of advancing up the pay scale without some type of skill training is pretty slim. You cannot live on minimum wage. No way. They wind up on the public dole or worse get in trouble selling weed or crack. I taught technical education, culinary arts, and those students that went on to graduate from a community college or tech school in culinary or pastry arts after finishing HS are for the most part making 45-70K a year. More than most four year grads, if they can get a job. The number of tech jobs that are unfilled is staggering. The reason... not many young people don't want a "blue collar" job. I guess these days it's embarrassing to say you're a chef, aircraft mechanic, welder, or machinist. That's America's backbone. Without those types of jobs the US folds. Look at the salaries of blue collar workers in 2013,it will surprise you. As far as major colleges are concerned, they have almost priced themselves out of the market. I think I remember you're a War Eagle. Compare what you paid and what the current student pays. It's crazy. So the question is.. do you go get a BS/BA and have 30-50K in student loan debt when you finish with the prospect to getting a good job questionable or go to community/technical school for two years, have a much smaller debt, and have a pretty easy time finding a decent paying job?
  7. Thanks Flash! We take citizenship as a given, but fail to realize what it means to someone not from the US. Joy thinks it's one of the highlights of her life. To come from a small village in Thailand to US citizenship IS a big deal to her. I wasn't joking about Steve in politics. Hell we need people in Washington with common sense and Steve fits the bill. The idiots running the country now HAVE to go!!
  8. Steve, you need to go into politics, you make more sense than most of the Democrats and Republicans in D.C. Both sides are to damn arrogant to even try and compromise on even the most basic issues. They are not legislators, they're pot stirrers. Always trying to make points for their side. The future of the US doesn't look promising until all the clowns in office now are voted out. As far as immigration is concerned, citizenship has to be earned, not given. My Thai wife will become a US citizen next month after years of waiting and considerable expense. For those that want citizenship, get at the back of the line and be prepared to spend hard earned money for the privilege. Also, if you want to come to work hard and earn you own money and support the US, you're welcome to come. For those that want to criticize the US and live off the public dole, stay the hell where you are now. You are not wanted.
  9. Dean, I'd take a look at Job Corps. They help young people that have for various reasons haven't succeeded in high school. They teach them a skill, get them a job,and help them get a high school diploma or GED. The good thing is that he would be away from the area where you live and the knuckleheads he hangs out with. I've had students who couldn't make in a regular classroom situation and after a couple of years in Job Corps, they came back with a completely different attitude.
  10. The two suspects have been identified as being legal permanent residents originally from Russia. Born in the Russian Caucasus and later lived in Kazakhstan before coming to the US.
  11. The latest casualty report is at least 2 dead, including a 8 year old boy, and 110+ injured. Many of the injured have missing limbs. Two other unexploded devices were found. The question now is this foreign or domestic terrorism.
  12. As of 6 PM eastern time , Boston police report 2 dead, 64 injured.
  13. The plane was delivered from Boeing about 45 days ago. If you want to read about the issues with Lion, read the discussion in Civil Aviation on Airliners.net. They are or were banned from flying in the EU due to safety issues. Think I would find a different airline if I were flying in SE Asia.
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