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  1. As long as the Thais are friendly about what they are doing and not aggressive or rude about it then I would not worry a whole lot. This could be just a passing phase. If attitudes on their part turn south then I would be concerned. I am sure our Thai ladies will pick up on if something is amiss and we need to be vigilant.


    Oddly enough, as retarded as the Philippines can be, I don't ever recall them doing anything like this.

  2. Back to the original topic, I have found that when you have a larger group of guys and gals to work with the "girls pick" works well. I am pretty sure I may have written a TR about this at one point but don't see it anymore.


    WE had something like 6 guys..ordered 7 girls. The guys voted initially and sent back the least attractive girl with bar money. Then we had speed dating of about one minute per girl. Then the girls were allowed to pick who they wanted to be with starting with the youngest girl. Everybody seemed to be pretty happy except for one guy who broke the rules. Karma is a bitch. :hubbahubba:

  3. I will agree with Coss on this one. The global economic downturn has affected lots of sites. This is not the only one that has seen reduced traffic. I would consider allowing TR's to post on the main page for awhile before moving them.


    You may not want to get cozy with FB...they have a habit of violating privacy. If I even got a hint that my privacy was affected I would beat feet.

  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ann_Pettifor


    In 2003 she correctly predicted the bursting of the credit bubble ("The Credit Crunch") in a book she edited for the New Economics Foundation The Real World Economic Outlook (Palgrave, 2003)


    Pettifor isn't alone in predicting GFC Mk II, but she seems considerably more pessimistic than many of the other doomsayers. Of course, she does have an agenda - she wants to see 3rd World debt 'restructured' (a euphemism for wiping the slate), but she does have a track record when it comes to identifying the root causes of various catastrophes - she studies Argentina in the early noughties and made the prediction that other countries would find themselves in the same position when their debts became unserviceable.




    Its easy to dismiss her as just another crackpot economist with an axe to grind, but many of the 'crackpots' have (sadly) been proven right over the last 5-6 years. In her interview on ABC Oz last night, Pettifor made some very altruistic (Utopian might be a better word..) suggestions:


    - governments need to lay down the law to the banking sector : the bailouts were their big chance and they blew it

    - heavy taxes on any form of speculative loan

    - no more bonuses for banking execs (yep, she really said that)

    - wipe the slate with countries like Greece to allow their economies to get back on their feet.


    'Utopian Socialism' ? Sure, but at least she had something to offer beyond the usual 'We're all going to hell, and I predicted it in my book 3 years ago !'. I mightn't be the sharpest tool in the shed, but carrying too much debt isnt a terribly obscure economic principle - if individuals can go bankrupt, why not entire countries ? What I find depressing about her solution is that its completely antithetical to the capitalist ideal of risk equalling reward and the cream supposedly rising to the top. What she wants would entail changing not only the culture within banking, but magically turning investors into philanthropists - instead of double-digit returns on my nestegg, I'd be revelling in the warm glow of knowing that the financial system was rock solid. Happy to hear otherwise, but I simply cant see that happening anytime soon - even after the Great Depression, how many countries embraced socialism ?




    Both systems have major issues but I would gladly choose a free market over an "ism" any day.

  5. While there is the odd interesting bit in Stickman's weekly, I have noticed that his work is not as "eloquent" as it had been a few years back and some parts seem a bit repetitive. The number of adverts is pretty annoying. I do not remember it being so bad. This time around it took me a few minutes to find the actual content amongst the ads. But like he says, there does not seem to be much of an alternative...yet.

  6. i'll wrie an update when i get there next week.

    i have no experience of pattaya pricing and little of bangkok prices but bangkok seemed on a par with phuket.

    obviously some places in either local will vary in what they charge.

    last year i was drinking mainly in a bar off suk and paid 100bt for a beer and i took the same girl 3 nights running for 2000bt.

    rarely delved into nana or cowboy but i did'nt really notice any vast increase in prices.


    in patong i was still paying 100bt for a beer and i paid a girl(she was with me for 9 nights) 1500bt per night/day for her company.

    yes many bars cost more and many cost less,it depends on the owner what they charge and if i did'nt like the pricing then i never returned.


    i have rarely used the motorbikes and tuk-tuks to get around as i have never stayed more then 10 minutes walk from bangla.

    but on occasions i did get a motorbike it was a fixed fee within patong and while expensive for a short trip not so bad if you face a long walk after a night out.

    but my gal had a motorbike and rarely drank so i just about always had a free lift anywhere during the day and during the night we either walked or on occasion got a motorbike.


    but phuket IS more expensive now due to the poor exchange rate between thailand and the uk.

    1000bt is now just over £20 while in earlier years i was getting almost £30 for every 1000bt but that's life.

    i know what is acceptable pricing and walk away if i think the restaurant pricing is too much because i know where i can get better prices at places i know,but it's nice to try new places once in a while.

    and if i'm asked for more than 2000bt by a girl then i just smile and walk away.

    but i have left the dangerous days of butterflying behind me and i tend to see 2-3 girls on a visit.

    i'm quite content to have someone for 3-4 days if she is good company and satisfies me in other ways.


    Buddy of mine went to Patong two years ago and he stated emphatically he hated it.

  7. Sad news - the little second hand bookshop down the road has closed down. Last Days. The little (4') old lady simply can't do it anymore and nobody wants the business... They had a sale - all the books you can fit into a bag for $5. The GL and I had a look and I stumbled across "South East Asia on a shoestring" (Lonely Planet's original yellow book) from 1979.


    Here's a few snapshots...


    Price: Australia and USA $5.95; UK 2.95; Singapore $12.95; India Rs 40


    From the Thailand section (39 small pages)

    Population - 35 million

    Visa - $US3.50, 3 photos, 2 months - Reentry visa 70B

    Exchange - 23B=$A1; 20B=$US1; 46B 1 UK Pound

    Getting there - LA 8000-9000B; Sydney 6000-6500B; London 5150-8300B; Hong Kong 2000-2250B; KL 1750B



    Patpong "fuck show" - 150B including a beer

    Body massage - 300-400B (Patpong or Suk)


    Grace Hotel gets a mention, as does "Thermal" (yes with an L), Soi Cowboy or the "PNT" Hotel.

    Meals around 10B


    Accommodation: Malaysia Hotel 120-140B

    Atlanta - from 60B single

    Starlight - 60B double

    Thai Song Greet - 45B

    Rich Hotel - 240B

    Miami - 190-210B

    Swan Hotel - 200B

    National Scout Hostel 20B



    Bonanza Lodge 30-60B

    Right Spot 100B (fan), 150B (air)

    Flipper Lodge 150/300B


    Bus to Pattaya 18B, Aircond coach 36/65B return



    Bangkok-Phuket flights 79B or try an air conditioned bus for 180-200B (WHYY???)


    Accommodation: 50-60B bungalows


    Samui accommodation 10-50B


    Was a good laugh flicking through the book, and there were a few warnings about VD and the like, taxis were a few baht (fixed prices), no mention of ST/LT rates of course.



  8. Anyone else getting the Aussie Govt Dept of Defence, Intelligence and Security banner ad on this one? Got to love google ads, as well as bell ringers.


    Loving the recycling aspect of the new board too! Was at a beer bar in Patters close to 10 years ago now, 3 or 4am and the bell just kept ringing.... I almost didn't make breakfast that morning.


    You typically get google ads based on your browsing history...agent Baron :surprised:

  9. The ones that try hard to get you or the ones that make you beg are the worst in the sack. The quiet ones with the hidden smile are the best.


    As for the muslims...it does not seem to matter where many of them originate from..the preponderance do seem to treat what they perceive as lower class poorly. I have seen some treat Bangladeshis, Filipinos, Pakis, Indians etc with some level of respect in public but behind closed doors their true attitude comes out.


    I had a Paki who would come by my office frequently for technical help and on occasion if I moved too quickly he would flinch as if expecting a blow to the head.


    In a place like the Philippines I will frequently see the wealthy and middle class treat maid and man servants like garbage, wealthy or not, muslim or not.


    The behavior is not the exclusive domain of the arabs/muslims but they certainly have the lions share. I am guessing the way their culture has been over the thousands of years that this servant/slave mentality perpetuates the behavior. I had even overheard part of a joke about how Saudi's would brag about how many "western slaves" they had in their employ. The more westerners that worked for you the more respect(wasta) or wealth you had.

  10. Even I recognise Lockyer's name. The best war correspondents are usually freelancers. And most of them end up killed or maimed sooner or later. It's a dangerous profession, if they do it right.


    I saw something of both kinds in RVN. We had Sean Flynn and Tim Page come to report on us during the 1969 siege of Dak To firebase. They broke the story - which the US Army had been concealing. Then we got the parachute types dropping in on us. They would arrive by the plane load, all dressed in camouflage fatigues which we didn't even have! They'd take a lot of photos, get a comment from a few GIS, then get the hell out of there as fast as they could. I doubt if some of them spent even an hour at Dak To.


    No cable TV feed in this house. Internet and print only...not that it is much better. If I want TV I have to go to the local fitness club and work out!!!

  11. This guy rambles too much and is not focused on his questions. If he intends on making a business/living out of the types of interviews, he needs to get his shit together. If he is going to include shots of the surrounding area, he really should not pan away in the middle of the interview. He needs to get those images at a separate time (or utilizing a second cameraman) and then dub them in the final product. He should have also been better mannered when taking the gratuitous ass shots. Again those extra images could have been dubbed into the final product in conjunction with a more formalized "photo session". Overall, I wanted to beat him with his microphone.

  12. There seems to be far more expats in CM than Udon.

    You can buy virtually anything your farang heart desires there and there is a selection of women covering a wide range of ethnic groups from almost pure white Chinese from the Koumintang mountain communities to their small dark hills tribe neighbours.

    The restaurants are first class and an ongoing argument (for years) in the local forum is where to get the best Mexican food.


    I did find a really awesome resto right on the water when I was there. Open air place with great prices, food and service.

  13. Yeah it's not bad but I'd live in Nong Khai if I had to live in the North East and go down to Udon for shopping etc.

    Given the choice of Udon or Chiang Mai I'd live in Chiang Mai...



    I would need to spend a few more weeks in Chiang Mai before I would make a stab at it. The few days I was there were not boring and the cooler air was a welcome relief from the South.

  14. Udon really is a good town to spend time in. Good restos, Has a mall. A booming night market. The nightlife is much better than expected. I have found some knockout ladies there. Laos is just across the river. Decent expat population.


    Spend a couple weeks at the Royal C Hotel adjacent to the mall. It should not take long to see the goodness.

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