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  1. OK, I still have two years left in this Farang hellhole, but you dont have to be a Rhodes Scholar to see that BKK is expensive if you cant discipline yourself to staying away from the Farang bars, and that is my exact fear. My initial 3 month stint was characterised by the intake of more alcohol than I had imbibed in the previous 3-5 years ....


    Given that I dont handle cold weather, I guess that rules out Udon and Chiang Mai. Hua Hin seems like a halfway-house between the madness of BKK and the monotony of somewhere like Chumphon, but I've never spent more than two nights there at any one time (!). I've also considered Rayong a possibility - far enough away from the Pattaya scene to save a few baht, but still large enough to (possibly) have some life after 5pm. I realise I need to learn Thai (no, really, this time I'll actually go to the classes ...) to survive in a town like that.


    Suggestions ?


    (I'm not going to nominate a budget - lets just say I wont be spending 100k baht a month. The upside of that kind of spending is that I wont have to spend too long experiencing the trials of old age ;) ).



    I do not remember Chiang Mai or Udon getting cold in the "winter". Cool maybe, but not cold. I had good times in both locales.

  2. I still think it comes down to interpretation and the attitude some bring to religion - its not so long ago that so-called Christians used their narrow interpretation of the Old Testament as an excuse to torture and murder people. Countless novelists have made a lot of money by applying a little 'artistic license' to Revelations and other parts of the Bible, and the result usually involves a massive body count. I dont think Christian fundamentalists hold women in particularly high regard, beyond their role as baby makers, but Islam is an unapologetically male-dominated religion, no question.


    I think the point made about Western-educated Arabs has validity, and one of the first things that a new regime inevitably does is to try to crush dissenting intellectuals. Nothing like keeping your population in a perpetual 'Dark Ages' state of mind to maintain a fuedal society.


    A perfect example of that would be groups like the Taliban...


    Mr. Mohammad, the leader of a local Taliban unit, has taken fancy to the 11 year old daughter of Mr. Faisal. He states his intent at possessing the daughter for his own but Mr. Faisal refuses. A week later Mr. Faisal, despite being the most pious Muslim in the village is brought up on false charges and faces death unless he relents.

  3. No, but they did all confirm that they were CATHOLIC ;)


    Many years ago, I made some inquiries through a Filipino matchmaking service in Oz, and many werent Catholic - they were some sort of fundamentalist mob like 'Church of Christ' or similar. All of their profiles read like a Christian version of the Al Qaeda recruiting page ..... 'I will burn in the light of Jesus Christ, and everything I do is for Him'. Gotta love the brainwashing missionaries - they must have thought the PI was an answer to their prayers after so many other parts of Asia fell to Islam.


    One of the biggest growing and fundamentalist church groups in the Philippines is Iglesia Ni Christo (INC). When you start to peel back the layers of this onion you begin to see the hypocrisy like all the others. I personally feel the Catholic church, others like the INC and the Muslims in the South are the greatest hindrance to peace and progress in the Philippines behind outright corruption.


    I cannot blame many of these pinay for having the attitudes that they have regarding men. Philippine men have been found as having one of the highest rates of vanity by a recent poll and that in turn is coupled with their macho/playboy attitudes. Even the ones considered "ugly tree" victims insist on playing the game even after they have a steady.


    We have had several Fil-am's working for us who were in management positions. At first glance they appeared to be one of the better behaved employees in asia. Once you scratched the surface you found they were the biggest players out of everyone.


    Next scene, working a contract in the Philippines. Girl that worked for me was a smoking hot filipina. I had western guys in and out of my office all day long hitting on her but it was always benign or in a humorous setting. I made it clear that at any time I could put the brakes on the attention. She remarked that the western men were no problem. She said in most cases they were harmless and knew when to stop. When it turned to Philippine men her attitude went south quickly. Before I left that job location I had to verbally reprimand several for not knowing their boundaries.

  4. Champions??? Where old BG's go do die. Obviously you like the more "mature" style of lady, Asia Fun!

    Unless it's changed, last time I was there the youngest girl was about 35, and the youngest punter was about 85 !!


    However, one man's stunner is another man's nightmare - YMMV.


    For me: (In terms of having a fun night out)

    1. Peppermint

    2. Sweethearts

    3. Happy

    4. Baby Dolls

    5. New Star


    In terms of best looking girls - and again, just my opinion

    1. Airport

    2. Iron Club

    3. Happy

    4. Alcatraz

    5. Baby Dolls


    Windmill and X-Zone and places like that are kind of too hardcore for me and I find them a bit degrading. I like watching hot chicks dancing and flirting. Not being fisted by some 70 year old fat slob.... yeeeech...


    Has Champions gone that far downhill since 07?

  5. This one looks all right. It works with both Stanford and UC Bezerkley. The Thaprachan campus is the real Thammasat - right next to Sanam Luang, where the uni has always been.





    This one is also well known - and works with Chulalongkorn U.


    << Sasin was established in a collaboration among Thailand’s leading university (Chulalongkorn University) and two of the world’s foremost business schools: the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern. >>




    It seems I may have a real excuse for a trip to LOS now to meet some faculty!!! :hubbahubba:

  6. There are a lot of universities that offer an MBA in an international programme (= all in English). I'd go for a name university, one you are sure a degree from will be recognised anywhere else! (There are a lot of private universities now, some of which I know are not.)


    p.s. I'll ask around and see which one is good.


    That would be great and would certainly get the plan one step closer to fruition! Yes, the key is an accredited university. I already have degrees in the US but was hoping for another country's uni to demonstrate the international aspect of my career and education. Push comes to shove though, a American uni will do.

  7. Great stuf.... welcome back


    Thanks Red, it is good to be back... Now if I can just get myself back in the Kingdom sooner than later. Philippines in December and LOS in April if all goes as planned.


    Currently eyeballing a idea to have me working half the year in some craphole and another 6 months in Thailand going to college. I need to get another Masters but in a business discipline this time. I saw there is an American University in BKK that might fit the bill. Does anyone know anything about it? I would be willing to entertain another western (Brit, Dutch etc) college in BKK if someone knows of one with a reputable program.

  8. welcome back shadows... if you are interested in finding out who you "were" - try doing a search of the posts you made if you can remember what they were about... Perusing the posts/replies of that time may jog the memory a bit if you see something which sounds familiar..



    I did actually...

  9. Until 2007 I would frequent Annajets just about every single trip and would try and start many of my evenings there when I had the luxury of time.


    The girls really are a mixed bag when it comes to looks, sexuality, experience and gender so exercise caution. Overall I always had a great time and it was a cheap way to get the groove on before I hit up the other clubs. The girls were not contracted or regular hires in most cases. It seemed that many were quasi-freelancers or just "friends" who would drop in from time to time to make a buck or a temporary boyfriend. If you stick around long enough you can snag some smoking hotties who have a pleasant level of experience and talent.


    The music was a mix of high energy techno and "top 40 other".


    I believe Peter is the husband of Anna. They run the place and a small motel just around the corner. At one point in time Anna did carry what resembled a riding crop that she would use on the girls if they got lazy or stupid. I got the vibe she was into the S&M and bondage thing. A close female friend of mine of non-thai descent visited the place and felt that it was not as energetic as it was in the past. Then again it could have been because her date on that trip was a bit of a boat anchor.


    As far as alters, midnight ceremonies, sacrifices of virgins or any other occultic nonsense, I did not witness any during mu dozens of visits.

  10. You probably see the arabs more in the early morning and evening hours as that ties in with their routine in the GCC countries. They typically wake up at the butt crack of dawn for morning prayer, have tea and play ass grab with their mates until the afternoon prayer. They then go home and siesta until the sun starts to go down (and cool off). At that point they head back out to pray, shop, eat and play more ass grab with their habibis...


    Most women do get treated horribly and recently there was a book written by a young Saudi male from Jeddah, in his late 20's that described the sexual dysfunction in that society brought on by the perversion of their religion. It would be easy to dismiss the contents as gay fantasy but having lived in Jeddah fairly recently, knowing the people and the area, I can say that the guy is probably pretty close to the truth.


    The good news is the younger generation is rebelling against the ultra-conservative mutawa by utilizing technology and finding creative ways of "dating" on the "weekends" starting Wednesday nights and ending Friday night. There was a talk show that featured young male and female intellectuals that discussed pretty openly issues such as females being allowed to drive etc.


    While the Saudi women are young, some of them are smoking hot, especially if they are a euro-arab mix. However, many do not age well and resemble orcas by their 30's and 40's.


    We would have some serious parties on the western compounds and the non-saudi GCC women were dying to find any way possible into our parties. Some of the hottest Lebanese, Egyptian, Moroccan, Turkish and others were in attendance. These women could not stand most of the men they were supposed to be with and I do not think there were enough adjectives that could adequately convey the hatred and contempt these women had towards them.

  11. There is an archan who dressed like that. All anyone has seen is the pupils of her eyes. How do they know if it's the same person who comes to teach every day?



    With it being Ramadan I would expect to see the numbers up. Many Arabs I worked with in the past would escape the Middle East and vacation elsewhere during Ramadan because "Allah" could not see them outside of the ME.


    When I stayed in Cambridge the hotel staff had the similar complaints but at least in England these guys seemed more likely to pay for damages. In the Philippines, many places dread these guys to include Malays of the Islamic persuasion. The staff members did state on occasion there would be a "good muslim" but it was the exception and not the rule. Many had finally gotten to the point they claimed "no occupancy" when a "islamic looking" asian or arab

    tried to check in.

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